The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute seemed to gleam of his glasses as he dropped his cigeratte to the ground walking towards the woman waiting at the gate that lead to the unkept and gothic architecture that seemed to mock all beauty and light, in defiance of the sun. He walked side by side with her to the main building where they stood under the daytime light that couldn't seem to pentrate the buildings apprence as her words broke their silence.

"Is it true that this house on the hill is haunted.." She smiled with polite posture and held her palm pilot receiving transmissions back and forth from her business partners who desired to purchase it along side with her.

The realator gave a empty facial expression, his eyes focusing on her in a calm but cold manner not losing focus at any point with his hands folded in front of him and holding his booklet with info and contracts on the house.

"Well you know people and their rumors..".

Sounds came from the palm pilot of transmissions back and forth from her partners as the image of the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute was sent by email. The lanuage of modern day technology interrupting the realators words.

"Please call me Mrs. Sinaket..".

"Very well Mrs. Sinaket if I may say myself rumors are so very nasty and give this beautiful architecture no justice.." The realator said making notes in his booklet and smiling with a grim passion.

She made notes and sent them by email that she was impressed and her partners had already decided it was a done deal. The realator and her spoke for a period of time on conditions and price as they walked throught he side entrance shaking hands.

"Mrs. Sinaket if I may ask why are you and your partners so interested in Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute.." She walked around as he asked this question in curiousity admiring the beautiful designed entrance.

"We plan to make it into a Psychiatric Institute like the old days with modern touches.."She closed the palm pilot and smiled watching the realator speak his words as the doors closed to the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute.

The realator looked into the glass shattered across the floor revealing the image of Doctor Richard Vannacutt.

"Oh good we always need new life in the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute..".