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A/NAfter learning to "control" her powers, Rogue is hoping for a summer fling. Remy LeBeau finally decides it's time to find 'the one' and settle down. While vacationing, what will happen when they cross each other's path? Lovely summary, huh? Ooh, there's a moral to this too. By the end, you'll get it.

I believe Rogue can learn to control her powers. In the second X-Men movie, remember when she kissed the guy who was not Remy? That proves she can prolong (not control all the way) the absorption process. At least, I think it does. Ah, you'll see what I mean as this fic progresses.

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"So, what happened to that belle red head you were talkin' to last night?" Henri LeBeau asked his younger adopted brother, Remy, as the said brother walked into the kitchen, his hair messy and his eyes full of sleep.

"Let me tell you." Remy mumbled, getting a mug out from the cupboard, a smirk formed on his lips, "She wasn't a natural red head."

Henri just sighed and turned his attention over to his three-year-old son, Nicolas, whom he was trying to feed breakfast to. "Your Oncle Remy really likes them femmes."

Remy just grunted, pouring steaming hot coffee into his mug. "Like Nicolas ain't goin' to be a heartbreaker." Holding his mug in one hand, he walked over and patted the top of his nephew's head.

"There's a difference between havin' a twenty-four hour fling wit' a different fille everyday an' bein' a 'heartbreaker.'" The older Cajun stated firmly, staring down at the plate of scrambled eggs covered in ketchup he was holding.

"There is?"

Henri sighed once more, setting down the small plate in front of his son. "Other than Belladonna, what is the longest time you've gone out with th' same femme?"

Thoughtfully scratching his chin while taking a sip from his drink, Remy responded with a shrug, "Few days." He grumbled while taking another sip. Clearing his throat, he proudly stated, "Actually, I dated this wonderful fille wit' purple hair fo' two weeks."

"An' why did you break up wit' that wonderful fille?" Henri inquired with a cocked brow as Nicolas dug his small chubby hands into his breakfast.

Remy leaned against the counter, the brass handles on the drawers dug into his lower back, "She wanted a serious relationship." He mumbled, his voice low. "Told 'er I wasn't ready an' didn't want to be confined to one woman."

"You're an idiot."

"Dieu Henri, I love you too." Remy snapped sarcastically, setting his half empty mug on the counter. "Sorry I haven't found th' 'one' yet, like you."

Henri sighed, avoiding eye contact with his younger brother, whose red eyes were now glowing noticeably even in the bright lighting of the room. "You can't jump so easily from femme to femme. Settle down fo' once. You're twenty-six years old. Get to know more in a girl than the color of 'er—"

"Young ears." Remy interrupted after clearing his throat. He nodded down, gesturing Nicolas who had parts of egg and ketchup all over his hands, arms and face. "Your fils inherited your table manners I see."

Henri sighed at the sight of his son, "We're not done with this conversation yet."

"I think we are." Remy said, his voice now even more firm than before. "Drop th' issue 'cause everythin' you're sayin' is goin' through one ear an' out th' other."

"That's because of all th' empty space in there." Henri commented, smirking as he gathered his son up in his arms. "Someone needs to learn responsibility, don't they pal?"

"Someone needs to learn to mind their own business." Remy snapped at his brother as he walked out of the kitchen. The Cajun sighed, running a hand through his tousled hair. "Maybe the cranky old man is right.." He made a face, undecided.


"This was a bad idea." Rogue mumbled, making a face at her reflection in the full-length mirror. She wore a black bikini that definitely showed off her long slender, yet athletic, legs.

The blue curtain suddenly swished aside and Kitty Pryde peered in, grinning at the sight. "Not bad at all, Rogue. With a little tan you could so pull that off."

Self consciously, Rogue slowly twirled around, her eyes locked on the mirror. She bit down on her lower lip, coming to a stop. "It does look pretty good.." She trailed off, a look of guilt flashed in her eyes. "I just can't. Too much skin." She rubbed her arms, suddenly feeling cold.

"Don't worry about that." Kitty said, her voice low, "You've been great at controlling your powers. You deserve to let loose and spoil yourself."

Rogue ran her hand down her abdomen, glancing nervously in the mirror. "Don't you think it's a little.. revealin'?" The top had a heart cut and tied in the back and displayed a hint of cleavage.

"Come on Rogue, you're going to be in San Diego for nearly the whole summer. Just think—you could have a fling with some hot guy there." A grin formed on the brunette's face, "Go crazy and have a great time. It's your vacation from mutant-ville. No one knows you there."

It had been Charles Xavier's idea for the stressed Rogue to go on the much-needed vacation. Rogue had hesitated, not wanting to go alone. That's when Kitty stepped in, saying she'd join Rogue down there in two weeks, after she took her finals for her classes in college.

Rogue suddenly smiled at herself, and loosened up her tensed body. "I think you're right, Kitty. I'm goin' to make sure this will be the best summer I ever had."

"So you're getting the suit?"

Feeling excited for this vacation for the first time, Rogue nodded, "I'm getting' th' bathing suit." 'An' with this bathing suit comes along a whole new Rogue. Watch out San Diego.'


"Do you think I could ever settle down with someone?"

Later that day, Remy leaned against the white doorframe in the kitchen, watching his father read the afternoon paper and eat his ham and cheese hoagie. Jean-Luc chuckled, gently setting down the paper.

"Someday, I suppose. You ain't exactly th' kind to settle down with a girl too long—just long enough to settle down in her bed."

Remy felt sick at the comment, not liking how people saw him. "You've been talkin' to Henri, haven't you?"

Jean-Luc chucked once again, this time more softly. "Son, you remind me of me when I was your age an' younger. You're just afraid of commitment."

"Remy LeBeau? Afraid of—commitment?" Remy wheezed in disbelief. "Never."

"Denial. They have a six step program fo' that."

Remy wrinkled up his nose, "You're not funny. I ain't afraid of no commitment. I just haven't found thee girl yet."

"And with your reputation 'round here, you're not." Mercy, his sister-in-law, teased walking past him, ready to wash the dishes from breakfast. Her large, round stomach reminded him that in about three months, a new LeBeau would join the family. A longing feeling for his own family tugged at his heart, knowing Henri was a year older than him when Nicolas was born.

"He's just goin' to end up old an' lonely." Henri teased, walking into the kitchen, his arms set over his chest. Remy just shot him a look. "I'm kiddin'. You'll know when you find your soul mate. You jus' got to take off your sunglasses. Find a fille who will like you even with your mutant powers."

"Leave your brother alone." Mercy frowned slightly, starting the water in the sink. She placed her hand under the water, waiting for it to get warm enough. When the water started to get hot, she squirted soup into the dish filled sink. "Anyone who picked by him is a lucky girl."

Henri just cleared his throat, suddenly feeling guilty about the mutant comment. Remy didn't seem bothered by it, but he looked deep in thought. Shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans, he took out two tickets. "I asked you 'bout th' red head earlier 'cause I thought you might want to take her.." He trailed off, handing his brother the two tickets. "Mercy an' I bought 'em befo' we found out she was pregnant. She doesn't feel up fo' the trip so you take 'em."

"Why would I want to go to San Diego? What is in San Diego?" Remy asked, glancing down at the tickets, not feeling up to traveling across North America.

"A belle beach." Mercy answered, glancing behind her shoulder at them.

"An' femmes who don't know you." Henri added, roughly setting his hand on Remy's shoulder, "Things are goin' slow 'round here. Why don't you go down?"

"An' this counts fo' my vacation days?"

"But of course." Jean-Luc spoke up, with a grunt, his eyes still skimming the paper in front of him, "Without you, we'll have to bring two extra men to any heists."

"Poor baby. How will you deal?" Remy asked, his voice bitter yet sarcastic. Mercy just bit down on her lower lip and turned her attention back to the dishes. "I think I will go to Sand Dingo." He decided, exhaling deeply, wanting to get away from his family for a while. The Cajun wanted to show them all that he could settle down with a girl. He would indeed show them all.

As the chatter started up again, he nervously glanced down at the tickets, knowing he'd only use one. To get what he wanted he would have to change his ways a little. Boy, would he.


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