Forgotten Memories, Painful Past

Chapter Ten

Sweet Remembrance

Serviath struggled to stay awake during Defense, nodding off once or twice. He hadn't talked to his sister in two weeks. She was furious about his reaction to her comments. But surely she was wrong? His mum and that filthy git? Never! He was pale and slimy and probably from a long line of muggles. His mother deserved far better. He often wondered why she'd refused to marry Anisim. She'd said because she loved their father, but then refused to speak any further on the matter. That was one thing he could give her, for a woman, his mum was stubborn as they come.

Yawning, he followed his fellow classmates out. He had potions next. Splendid. Two periods of glaring angrily at Snape. The filthy, greasy, lecherous man would never touch his mum. To think! He had to fight back a sneer of disgust as he entered the classroom early. His mum was in there! Serviath watched the two conversing in his office. Their conversation was inaudible, but it appeared that they were getting along.

This alone was a shock. They'd been fighting for the title of 'Evil Dictator of Hogwarts' since the school year began. Granted, Snape was the defending champion. Serviath had the undeniable urge to walk over and punch the man. Settling for a mere glare, he headed to his seat and opened a book.

His mum exited the room shortly after, a soft smile on her lips. Serviath glared outright at the professor for the rest of the period.


"What were you thinking?" she approached her brother with a glare. "You idiot!"

Damn his mother for this. Eva got her fiery temper from her, indubitably. "I'm sorry, I just..."

Eva stood eye to eye with him, on her toes. "You just what? Lost your mind? Went completely mad? You're going to ruin everything. Just, stay away from me and mum and behave like a proper Gryffindor."

He sighed, "Sorry..."

"You'd damn well better be." She gave him one last glare before rushing off in a huff. It wasn't his fault... He had to talk with Mum, and when she was busy, he'd sought her out. How was he to know everyone in this school talked about everything? Sighing resignedly, he headed for the Gryffindor Common. He owed Seamus a game of wizard's chess.


"Come in," her voice echoed politely. She was surprised to see Mr. Potter close the door behind him. "How can I help you, Mr. Potter?"

Harry frowned, "Well... To be honest, I'm not sure if you can..." He approached, sitting in a chair she'd pulled out.

Professor Sullivan smiled, "I can sure try, Mr. Potter."

"It's my scar," he said plainly. "It's been hurting something awful since classes started again. I don't know why, and I don't want to bother Dumbledore."

Her green eyes twinkled in interest, "Does it hurt right now, Mr. Potter?"

He shrugged, "A bit, I suppose."

The Defense teacher nodded, "All I can tell you, Harry, is that there are more Death Eaters on the premises this semester. Do not be alarmed, Dumbledore is fully aware. I am also fairly certain the Dark Lord is planing another attack of some kind, though the details still elude me."

Harry watched her suspiciously a moment, "Have you learned this from Dumbledore?"

"I cannot say anymore, Harry. I'm sorry." She frowned softly.

He sighed, "Can you at least tell him if you find a chance? I waited three weeks to say anything because I thought it might've been merely a phase."

Professor Sullivan stood. "Of course, Harry. Now hurry up to the Common, you don't want Miss Norris catching you, eh?"

"Yes, Professor." Harry frowned as he stood and trotted out of the room.

Leaning against her desk, she rested her forehead in her hand. These children would be the death of her. Literally.

Glancing at the clock, she cursed in her native tongue. She had meant to pay Severus a visit. It would have to wait. Stretching lazily, she headed to bed.


Hermione giggled, "Stop that!" She grinned and headed towards defense.

Ron continued to mock Professor Sullivan. "Ten points from Gryffindor for giggling!"

Harry chuckled. "That's terrible. She really is a nice person."

Serviath stormed past them, his face red with anger. Hermione looked to Ron, "What's up with him?"

The two boys shrugged, heading in to the classroom with minor grins on their faces.


Raine Sullivan stretched sleepily. Classes had gone well but she hardly had the energy to attend dinner. She was exhausted. Standing, she muttered the password to open her private chambers when she heard something outside her room. Voices, male one... She surreptitiously slid her door open. Snape and Mr. Cornwell? Snape was angry, she could hear it in his voice. The ministry pawn seemed frightened of him. He damned well better be. She tried to listen but could hardly hear a thing.

"Are we clear?" Severus's voice was firm and demanding.

Mr. Cornwell stammered, "Yes- Yes of course, Professor Snape. She won't be bothered again."

Severus stood there forebodingly until the more portly man hurried off. She was tempted to call his name, but he turned towards her room anyway. Hurrying back to her desk, she pulled out an ungraded assignment and pretended to be looking it over.

Knock. Knock.

"Come in," she said absentmindedly, writing an 'O' on the top of Miss Weasley's essay about boggarts. 'Substantial improvement!' she scribbled hastily before looking up. "Severus..."

He frowned, "I need to speak with you, Katya." He closed the door firmly, only worsening the dread that came over her. He slowly approached, hands clasped behind his back. "This is about Serviath."

Raine raised an eyebrow, "What is it? Has he done something?" That boy was a bit of a troublemaker at his old school, but she thought they'd worked things out.

"Not at all," he said reassuringly. His tone was still rather distant. When was he going to admit that they were his kids as well?

She put the papers away and leaned back in her chair, "Then what is it?"

He pursed his lips, "The boy seems undeniably angry at me and I've done nothing to incite such anger. He spends most of the class glaring at me rather than finishing his potions. Do they know, Katya?"

"No," she said firmly, shaking her head.

Professor Snape leaned against one of the tables in the front row. "Then why?"

Raine searched his eyes for some emotion. Nothing... How typical. Did Severus actually care what his children thought of him? Was he acknowledging that they were his? Doubtfully. "I have no idea."

He sighed, "Fair enough." After a moment's pause, he turned to leave. "I bid you good evening, Katya."

She watched him depart, frowning. Why was Serviath glaring at him? With a loud yawn, she decided it was a matter best contemplated only after a good night's rest. Dropping her black rimmed glasses on to her desk, she headed to her room. Raine never got the chance to change her clothes, the warmth and comfort of her bed engulfed her immediately.


Severus frowned, taking another swig out of his brandy bottle. He shouldn't care about Serviath's petty inexplicable grudge. He was entirely too sober. Taking another long drink, he sighed quietly. The Potions Master was now settling in with the thought that he was a father, and abhorring it. He was mostly afraid, though he decided it was not the proper way for him to feel and granted himself another burning throatful of brandy.

Would they even want me to be there father? He doubted either of them would want to know; principally because they would henceforth have to face the fact that Severus Snape, their Potions professor, had not only snogged their mother, but shagged her as well. And thoroughly at that... Shaking his head, he took another gulp. Better. Things were starting to blur now, but he also felt less concerned. It was nice. Severus sighed. Would I even know what to do as a father? He knew one thing. He knew he'd never be like his father.

After eighteen years, his father's abuse still had its obscured scars. At least I can take comfort in knowing that I would never behave in such a way. While I have the proclivity to be easily incensed, I rarely act upon it. I prefer it that way, truthfully. No mess. No emotion. Nothing. He needed another drink to reassure himself. God, that brandy burned.

Leaning back against the headboard of his bed, he sighed. Perhaps I was never meant to have feelings? Katya truly seemed to refute that fact... Then again, that woman could charm the devil himself... I hate her for it. But I don't. Another long gulp of brandy made him feel better about that. Sod Katya. Sod the twins. Sod Hogwarts and sod life. He nodded softly, reaffirming himself. Well, perhaps not life. I have to continue to torment Potter, Weasley and Granger. Ah, Miss Granger... That topic was much less complicated. That's why he had to continue to live, to keep that little Gryffindor in line. She reminds me much of myself, except she is nice and social and has hair like a electrocuted weasel. Chuckling softly, he ran a hand through his thick black hair. He took another swig from the now less than half-full bottle. Severus had forgotten to talk to Katya about the little defense club. Sighing, he capped the bottle and stood. Perhaps he should also thank her for the potions. No. She may have fathered his only living heirs, but he would show her no gratitude. He was Severus Snape and he was grateful to no one.


Raine groaned groggily. "What?" Upon realizing her response to the knocking had been hardly coherent, she sat up. Murmuring the password, she reached for her wand.


What was Severus going here? She flinched under the invading light. Yawning again, she stretched her arms out and padded across the room, still in her clothes. "Can I help you?"

Severus frowned, "I didn't mean to wake you."

"Sev, it's three in the morning, why would I still be awake?" She looked at him, running a hand through her hair.

He shrugged, "I was. I just thought..." Frowning, he turned. "I'll come back later." Severus practically walked in to a wall, sliding around it slowly.

Raine approached him, examining him meticulously. "Severus Snape, are you sloshed?"

Severus had a crooked grin on his lips. "Sloshed, dear? I have heard that term since... The 70s?"

Giving him a reproving glance, she laughed softly. "You are!" She smirked, realizing that look she'd interpreted as a smirk was the closest he would allow himself to come to a smile. "And you did it without me!"

"Seems someone was sleeping," He was definitely smirking now.

Raine shook her head a moment, "Now what was it you wanted?"

Severus frowned. "For Salazar's sake..." Why couldn't he remember? Did it have to do with Serviath? No... They'd already discussed that. Voldemort then? Nope. Drawing a blank... "Sod it," he cursed sharply. That's it! The light bulb sparking in his thought process was practically visible, "The defense club. I know some Slytherin students who are completely trustworthy. Could they join?"

She bit her lip in deep deliberation, "I would have to run their names by Eva. Sometimes there are even things that a legilimency-abusing, snoopy Potions teacher cannot know."

Raine was delighted that she'd earned another crooked grin from him. "Would you care for some brandy?"

"I thought you'd never ask," she laughed. Following him down to his room, she procured a bottle of scotch on the way out of her classroom.

Severus raised an eyebrow, "Dare I ask?"

Raine smirked, "Even Ravenclaws can have their own secrets."

"Touché."The two clanked glasses, drowning their current hectic thoughts and fears in a potent pool of scotch and brandy.


"Mum?" Eva closed the door behind her. The room was empty. Knocking on the door to her private chambers, she also received no response. With a sigh, she decided to ask her head of house, quaintly enough, he was also the one Eva suspected her mother of being smitten with.

Not even the glaring sunrays of a spring morning could seep their way down in to this dungeon. Shivering slightly, she opened the door to the potions classroom. It, too, was empty. "Professor?" She heard a loud groan.

Tentatively pushing the door to his office open, she found who she was looking for. "Are you two drunk?"

Professor Snape was sitting in his chair, head resting to the side, against her mother's. Professor Sullivan was sitting sideways across his lap, also half asleep. "Were," her mother corrected, "We were drunk."

Severus chuckled softly at this. The chuckles even slurred together as he resigned to a heavy sigh. "This is by far the worst hangover I've ever had."

Eva watched her mum turn to her potions professor. "You woke up with me, is that so horrendous? Not to mention… I know you've had worse hangovers. Remember when Sirius got a hold of those bottles of moonshine?"

She observed in horror as her professor cringed. "That I do."

Raising an eyebrow and tapping her foot, she waited for the two to recover. "You both do realize you have to report for breakfast in one hour... Mum?"

Raine turned to her daughter, "We'll be fine, honey. We're wizards, we can take care of it."

"Why hasn't anyone made a charm for that yet?" her potions master asked contemplatively.

She laughed, "There's a potion for it."

Eva paled in horror, they were beyond drunk. "Professor Snape, I hardly think this is appropriate."

His eyes narrowed on her, "I don't give a damn what you think is appropriate, young lady. I am an adult, I am your superior. Don't make me deduct points from my own house."

Her mother grinned evilly, "Ten points from Slytherin for insubordination."

Eva sighed, "I'll speak with you later, mum."

Severus was glaring at Katya. "You didn't have to do that."

"Yes I did," she laughed softly and sighed. "We really need two of those potions. D'you have them?"

He nodded, sliding her out of his lap so he could get up. Raine leaned against him wearily, unsteady on her feet. "Come on, stand up."

She grinned, "I'm fine." The moment he left her side, she stumbled. Falling against him, she clung 'round his waist. He turned, glaring over his shoulder at her.

"I don't ever remember you being this drunk," he muttered, setting her in to the chair.

Raine sighed, "Maybe if you weren't such a lightweight..."

Severus procured two of the potions from his private, magically-sealed, cabinet. Handing her one, he tossed the other one upward with a cringe. Not only was this potion one of the most vile-tasting, it also went down with a kick that made even tequila seem weak. Groaning in disgust, he turned back to find Katya standing autonomously. "Better?"

Brushing her unkempt and knotted hair from her face, she plastered on a smile. "Fine enough."

He watched her a moment, pretending he was worried about her balance. In truth, he began to notice the creases in her forehead and bags below her eyes. No laugh lines though... You have to laugh to create laugh lines. Severus sighed, "You should go."

Raine nodded softly. "Thank you for the lovely evening." Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she slid out of the office and closed the heavy classroom door behind her.

Groaning in dismay, he collapsed back in his chair. What a night... It had been the first time the two had gotten along. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. The memories of Hogwarts had been pleasant and painful but they had dwelled on the former. Strange how many – and yet how few – things had changed.

He knew he had to get up and prepare to make a suitable entrance for breakfast, but the task seemed insurmountable from his chair. Closing his eyes a moment, he resigned to show up late.


Raine held back a depressed sigh when she arrived at the Great Hall and found Severus absent. Making quiet banter with Professor Sinistra, she kept an eye on the door.

"Good morning, Miss Sullivan." Minerva smiled softly at her.

Turning to her old professor, Raine managed a smile in return. "Good morning, Minerva." It had taken a good month and a half of practice to master calling her old professor by her first name.

Minerva nodded, "How was your evening?"

Raine was momentarily distracted by the entrance of another adult in to the Hall. It was merely Mr. Cornwell. Turning back to Minerva, she struggled to remember what she'd just been asked. "Uh- Interesting." She smiled, leave it at that. "Yours?"

She pursed her lips, "Well enough."

Green eyes probed the Transfiguration teacher a moment longer before smiling cordially at Mr. Cornwell. The man made her skin crawl, he was disgusting. Finishing her meal, she quickly rose and made her way back to her office. She sat down in her seat, closing her eyes and sighing heavily. Had last night been a good idea? Poor Severus, she had to speak with Serviath soon. She pursed her lips and set back to grading, class would start in thirty minutes.

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