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You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours – Chapter One It Has to be Today!

Somewhere near the center of Konoha

'Why can't they leave me alone!?' Sasuke thought as he stood on top of someone's roof after running for thirty minutes to get away from his fan club. His breathing was labored as he raised his fingertips to rub against his temple.

'I swear that those girls are tracking me every hour of the day' he thought as he began to jump from roof to roof towards his home.

As he approached his apartment, he notices a few gifts that were laid out on his doormat. Well, actually it was laid out on his and his neighbor's doormats. It was the same old thing day after day. He wakes up, brush his teeth, take a shower, leaves for training, gets annoyed by his teammates, eats, trains more, finishes trainings, runs away from his fan club and throws away their supposed home made gifts.

Those girls were very annoying. As if he doesn't know that they just bought the food and bears and pawned them off as home made presents.

'I can't go through with this anymore! Don't they have a life!' He screamed in his head.

He walks to his bedroom to get a change in clothing. The bathtub was calling to him and he couldn't resist its call.

"Maybe a nice warm bath can calm my nerves." He said to no one in particular.

He put the plug in the drain and turned on the water. As he was about to undress, he heard a slight giggle outside of his bathroom window.

We went to the window and looked outside to meet ten of his fan girls watching him undress!

"What the hell! Now you're peeking at me too!" he screamed. He pulled the drapes down after yelling out a few colorful words. Disappointed sighs could be heard outside and quiet sobs could be heard outside, but he didn't care.

'They were peeking on me! They're twelve for god sake! I swear it is like have a few hundred female Kakashi running around!' he thought while turning the knob of the tub shut and unplugging the drain. He didn't feel like taking a bath anymore.

Sasuke walked slowly to his bed with a very huge headache.

He slipped under his satin sheets, letting his body relax after such a hard days work.

'I have to do something about this. I can't just keep doing this for the rest of my life.' He thought, while his eyes were drooping. As he was about to fall asleep, he heard glass breaking and felt a very large rock hit his head.

"What the hell!" He screamed. He glared at the rock as though it was the source to all of his woes.

"What is this?" He said as he removed the letter from the rock.

"Sasuke. I like you very much. Please go out with me tomorrow. Sincerely, Minako." He read out loud. Veins appeared on his forehead as he realized that one of his fan girls not only was annoying him while she wasn't there, but also broke is window as well.

"Damn it! It has to be Today!" He yelled as he tries to think up a plan to make his problem go away.

Outside the Ichiraku Ramen Bar

'There he is again. He sure loves his ramen. Maybe I can used this information somehow.' Hinata thought as her white eyes gaze upon her golden knight.

She was hiding behind a tree, which hid her figure quite well. She watched Naruto for the pass ten minutes and couldn't bring herself to go up to him today.

'I wonder what he is thinking about?' She thought as she sees Naruto deep in thought.

Inside the Ichiraku Ramen Bar

'Ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen.' Naruto said over and over in his head.

"Hello, Naruto." Said a pink haired girl.

"SAKURA CHAN!" Yelled Naruto. She was the only thing that can divert Naruto's attention away from his precious ramen.

Outside the Ichiraku Ramen Bar

'It's Sakura san. Why is she hear?' Hinata thought sadly.

Almost everyone knew that Sakura didn't like Naruto in that way, yet the blond always seemed to forget that tid bit when concerning Sakura. People knew that Sakura only had eyes for this year's number one rookie yet Naruto and Lee still pursue her.

"Why does he like Sakura so much?" Hinata whispered to herself.

She sat on the ground watch her Naruto kun and Sakura laughing and talking. As he ordered another miso ramen for himself, he asked Sakura if she wanted one as well. Surprisingly, she agreed.

Hinata was amazed. It looked as though Naruto and Sakura were having a… a… a date!

'No, she is just hungry and Naruto kun is just paying for her out of the goodness of his heart.' She tried to convince herself.

As she watched on, she saw how Naruto's hair got in the way of his eyes. She wished that she was braved enough to approach him so that she could brush those strands behind his ear for him. She could practically see her hand doing just that… wait, that's not my hand!

Right in front of her, Hinata sees Sakura brush Naruto's hair away from his face. Sakura actually touched Naruto's face. She got to touch what Hinata had been wishing to touch.

The two of them laugh some more and they both talked about pass incidents where Naruto screwed up.

'I wish I could be that talkative. I wish I wasn't so shy. I wish I can change just a little.' Hinata thought.

She looks on and sees Sakura once again brush Naruto's hair away from his face.

'I can't take this anymore.' She thought as she walked back to the Hyuga mansion.

As she entered the gate, Neji stopped her.

"Why are you late, Hinata sama?" He asked nicely. Since the Chunnin exam, Neji has been nicer and overprotective of Hinata lately.

"I was just walking around is all, Neji niisan. Didn't I tell you not to call me that?" Hinata asked.

"Yes. I forget. You should go to bed now. It's pretty dark out." Neji exclaimed unemotionally while he walked back into the house.

'He might have changed but he is still cold now and then.' Hinata thought as she looked at Neji's back.

Hinata went inside the house and took a quick bath. She was planning to be more open and talkative tomorrow, or maybe go out with other guys to make Naruto jealous, but decided that it might be to risky since she didn't know how people would react to a "new" Hinata.

As she went inside her room, she heard a few voices outside her window. She gazed out on the street to see Sakura and Naruto walking very closely to each other. She then saw Lee walk over and declared his love for Sakura. Naruto fumed and kicked Lee aside. Hinata wanted for Naruto to do that for her.

"I need to change. Either I should forget about him or date another and make him jealous." She whispered as she continued to watch the three outside.

After kicking Lee, Naruto took off with Sakura in tow. They were holding hands!

Hinata was shocked.

'That's it! It has to be today!" She yelled as she, like Sasuke, tried to create a plan of her own.