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You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours – Chapter Sixteen – Giving Up Isn't So Bad

'It's been two weeks already and I still can't split those two apart.' Kiba thought as he stares at Hinata and Sasuke training with one another.

Kiba sighs heavily as he pets Akamaru. Everyone was done sparring and has taken a break but the two in front of him kept on going as if they had an unlimited supply of chakra.

He looks to his right where Sakura sat next to him who sat next to Naruto and to his left sat Shino whom was watching Kurenai scolding Kakashi for reading his adult book in front of the young shinobis. They all seem to be happy in their own little way, but Kiba felt…lonely.

He felt that everyone around him were together. He notice how Ino and Naruto have gotten close and he also notice the same thing for Sakura and Shikamaru, but the four clearly stated that they weren't girlfriends and boyfriends, but Kiba felt that they were lying.

Even his teacher seems to have gotten chummy with Kakashi. Although they weren't together, they sure acted like they do.

Kiba looks down towards Akamaru and notices how he was staring at him in understanding. He should have listen to his buddy when Akamaru told him to leave the two alone. As Akamaru put it, "They are made for each other."

Kiba loves Hinata very much, but he knew that he wasn't in love with her. She was just a very precious person to him and when someone is precious to you, you would do whatever you can to make them happy. He thought that Hinata would be happier with him since everyone knew that Sasuke Uchiha is a cold and arrogant person, but of course he wasn't there when almost everyone else saw how the young Uchiha treated the Hyuuga heiress during his "courtship."

He knew now that Uchiha, Sasuke truly does love Hyuuga, Hinata. He knew that Sasuke would only soften towards someone he loves deeply and he was only soft around Hinata. Seeing this, Kiba honestly didn't want to get in their way any longer.

The only problem now is the loneliness. Hinata usually kept the loneliness away with her sweet and shy personality, but now that her boyfriend entered the scene, he had only Akamaru left to keep him company. The problem with Akamaru is that he sleeps half the day away in the hood of his jacket so that left him technically alone the rest of the half.

Staring around him, he sees almost everyone laughing.

'Would they just shut up already!' He thought as he frowns in anger.

Everyone then turns their head towards the right side of the training ground when they heard a small rustling. Four figures emerge and began to walk over towards them.

"My eternal rival, it is time for us to settle our score!" Gai yells out as he gives everyone a blinding smile.

"Go get him, Gai sensei!" Lee yells out.

"Not now." Kakashi says calmly as he continues to read his perverted book.

"What? But we must so that the world can see how youthful and resilient I am compared to you!" Gai yells out as he does his usual Gai pose.

"…no." Kakashi replies.

'You win this time with your super cool attitude, my eternal rival.' Gai thought as he cries in frustration.

"Are they always like this?" Kiba asks to everyone.

"Yes, but I have to admit that today is one of their better days." TenTen states as she shakes her head at the two grown ups.

Kiba nods as he watches the two adults bicker while Lee cheers Gai on. Looking to his right, he sees Neji standing between Sasuke and Hinata. He smiles as he sees Sasuke glare at Neji.

'Neji probably went between those two just to piss of Sasuke.' Kiba thought as he grins.

"What are you grinning about?" TenTen ask as she gave Kiba a confuse face.

"Your teammate over there." Kiba says as he points towards Neji.

TenTen looks over and smiles.

"Oh, him. Yeah, he is very over protective Hinata. Even though he approves of Sasuke's relationship with her, he still irritates Sasuke every chance he gets. Those two guys are awfully alike if you ask me." TenTen exclaims as she smiles as she sees Neji rile Sasuke up.

"Ah." Kiba replies as he closes his eyes to rest.

"…so…I heard from Neji that you have been bothering Sasuke and Hinata lately." TenTen says as she looks up towards the sky.

Kiba opens his eyes and stares at her.

"Yeah, but that all over and done with. I'm not going to get in their way anymore. It's impossible to break those two apart." Kiba replies as he sighs.

"Ah, anyone with half a brain should have known that breaking them apart is like mixing water with oil, absolutely impossible." TenTen states as she laughs at Kiba's glare.

"Hey, don't take that the wrong way. I didn't mean that you have half a brain. We all know that Naruto is the one with half a brain." TenTen says as she waves her hands in defense.

"Hey! I heard that!" Naruto yells out as he glares at TenTen.

"Well I said it loud enough for people to hear!" TenTen replies as she waves off Naruto's glare.

"Hey, don't irritate him. That's my job." Kiba says as he gives a little laugh.

"And no one does it better…well besides Sasuke bastard." Naruto replies as he turns his face away to talk to Sakura.

"So…what are you going to do now that Hinata is taken?" TenTen ask while staring at said girl.

"I guess I'll do what I always do, train, eat and sleep." Kiba exclaims as he pets Akamaru.

"How boring. With a personality like yours, I would think that you would do something wild and crazy everyday." TenTen says as she stares at him.

"Looks can be deceiving." Kiba says as he continues to pet Akamaru.

TenTen stares at Kiba and notices a change in his feature. Even though she didn't know him that well, she did know for a fact that Inuzuka, Kiba held a look of confidence and…playfulness, but today he didn't look happy at all.

"You know, there are plenty of fishes in the sea." TenTen says as she lies down on the green grass.

Kiba looks down at her and blinks. Turning his gaze away from her, his eyes lock on to Sasuke whose face is a mere inch away from Neji's as they glare at one another. He sees Hinata standing beside them as she laughs at their way of showing their friendship for one another.

"Yeah, I know, but it's hard to find someone when they all either like Sasuke or Neji. Even if the two of them are taken, I feel that their fan club will still be there leaving guys like me alone." Kiba says as he sighs.

"You do know that not everyone likes those two that way, Hinata for example. She liked Naruto instead of Sasuke. It was just fate that she ended up with Sasuke." TenTen states as she closes her eyes from the sun.

"I know, but so far all the girls I know are still infatuated with Sasuke and Neji or are already taken by someone else." Kiba replies as he sees Neji's uncomfortable looking face as he stares at Sasuke giving his cousin a quick and light kiss on the lips.

Neji then nudges Sasuke off Hinata as he pushes her behind him.

"You just need to look harder." TenTen says as she hears her sensei still arguing with his rival.

"Name another person besides Hinata that isn't in those two's fan club." Kiba says as he points at Neji and Sasuke.

They watch as Sasuke pulls Hinata back towards him with a piss off Neji pulling her back.

"…well…um…there was…the girl from…um…" TenTen says as she frowns from thinking.

"There, you see, even you don't know of anyone." Kiba exclaims as he sees Sasuke and Neji getting into a fighting stance while Hinata slowly backs away towards Naruto and Sakura who were now sitting beside their senseis.

"That's not true…um…oh yeah, I'm one." TenTen states as she smiles at him.

"You don't really count." Kiba says as he pets Akamaru.

TenTen sits up and stares at Kiba.

"Why not?" She ask.

"Well, you don't go after those two because you are dead set on becoming the next Tsunade." Kiba states as he watches Neji kick Sasuke back.

"So what? Even if I didn't want to get strong, I would still not go after those guys." TenTen says as she sees Sasuke flip Neji over his head.

"Why not? I thought all the girls like those two." Kiba ask as he stares at Neji who punch Sasuke in the stomach.

"Most of them just like them for their looks. Hinata and I look for someone with better qualities then that." TenTen replies as she sees Sasuke body turn into a piece of wood.

"That still doesn't help me, you know." Kiba says as he rubs the ache on his neck.

"Why not? What's wrong with me?" TenTen ask as she stares at him while looking offended.

"There's nothing wrong with you. I just know you're not looking for anyone. Besides, you wouldn't go out with me anyway." Kiba says as he sees Neji block one of Sasuke's punches.

"What makes you think that?" TenTen asks as she sees Sasuke flip over Neji to punch him on his shoulder.

"I don't know." Kiba replies as he sees Neji trip Sasuke.

"Geez, you are so down on yourself today. It's not like you at all." TenTen exclaims as she shakes her head at him.

"I'm not feeling like myself today. Even if you did give me a girl's name that doesn't like those two, I don't think I'll have the nerve to ask them out. Pathetic right? From the way things are going, she would probably have to ask me out." He says as he sighs.

TenTen stares at him with an unreadable face. She continues to stare at him as he pets Akamaru. She watches Kiba talk to Akamaru as he grins from what the small dog said.

"Alright you wannabe ninjas, training time is over!" Kakashi yells out as he pockets his book.

Sasuke and Neji stop fighting and stare at their sensei.

"What! I thought you said that after our break, we would train again." Naruto yells out as he crosses his arms.

"I lied." Kakashi says as he gives them a bored look.

"But sensei, you said that we were going to practice with Kurenai-sensei and Kakashi-senseis team." Lee says as he stares at his sensei.

"I'm sorry Lee, but it seems that Kakashi has something better to do then to teach his students about the springtime of youth." Gai says as tears run down his face.

"Now that's not true. I just have to do some important errands and I don't have time to stay here. All of you can leave now and do whatever you want." Kakashi says as he walks away.

"In other words, you don't have to go home but you got to get the hell out of here." Kiba says as he stands up.

He watches as everyone leaves the training ground. As he was about to leave himself, a hand stops him.

"Hey Kiba, you want to have lunch with me?" TenTen asks as she smiles.

All Kiba could do is stare at her with a surprise look on his face.


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