Chapter 3: Surge

Scott stayed in the lab, until Ororo threatened to blow him out.

"Go get some rest, Scott," she had said, "It will all be better in the morning."

But how could he simply go rest like it was another plain day? Jean was clinging to life by her fingernails and they expected him to rest? Scott walked silently down the passage to the room him and Jean shared.

He opened the door and allowed it to swing open. For a moment, he stood in the doorway, staring at the dark room before him. It was messy. He had left in such a hurry that morning and had simply thought that they would clean it when they returned. They. He and Jean. But now she was lying there, and he was alone. He reached over to switch on the light and stepped into the room.

He looked around. Everything reminded him of Jean. Her scent hung in the air and haunted him. Her stilettos were lying untidily by her cupboard, in the same place she had left them the night before. Scott looked away quickly. He decided that a shower would do him good and gathered up his pyjamas, heading into their bathroom. He turned on the hot water and undressed, slipping under the flow. It soothed his aching muscles and warmed the coldness of the bathroom. But still nothing could ease the pain that was stabbing away at his heart. He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel off the rail. He looked at it. It was Jean's. They usually used each other's towels, yet somehow, it seemed wrong now. He quickly hung it up and took his own. Once he had pulled on his pyjamas, he began to dry his hair with the towel. He glanced at the mirror over the sink and looked away. Scott suddenly did a double take. He frowned and looked back at the mirror. It was blank, but he could have sworn it was Jean's face that he saw there seconds ago. He sighed and walked out of the bathroom.

Scott pulled back the covers of their bed and climbed in. It felt empty. Cold and empty. He switched off the light and lay in darkness for a few moments. Soon, he found himself lying on Jean's side of the bed. Yet, he still felt desolate. He began to cry silently.

God Jean. Why won't you come back to me? He thought, hoping that she would hear and respond. But nothing happened. Scott felt empty. Empty, alone and cold as he slowly drifted into a restless. Sleep.

Scott was woken the next morning by a furious banging on his bedroom door.

"Comin'!" Scott grunted and stumbled a bit before getting to the door and yanking it open. But there was nobody on the other side. Still half-asleep, Scott slammed the door, mumbled something about the students and got back into bed. He was just falling asleep, when he heard the sound again. He swore and put his pillow over his head. But the knocker persisted. Scott eventually had enough and went to open the door. Once again, there was nobody there.

"That's not funny!" he yelled down the corridor before slamming his door. He went to sit down on his bed.

"Damn students! Can't they give a suffering guy some peace?" he snapped.

Tell me about it! I know they care… but I wish they would stop visiting so I can…get some rest said a familiar voice in Scott's head.

Yeah, pains! Scott thought back. Suddenly he did a double take.

Jean? Is it really you? Scott couldn't believe it.

Yes sweetie… it is! It's… wonderful to talk to you again!

I missed you so much. The Prof said you might not recover. You are going to get better - aren't you? Scott had so many questions to ask.

Yes, I am, but it's going to…take …time Jean's voice grew weak and began to fade.

Jean! What's wrong? Asked Scott frantically.

Nothing …don't' worry! I'm…just…tired., Jean slipped from Scott's mind.

"Dammit!" swore Scott. He jumped out of bed, threw on an old t-shirt that Jean had given him and raced down to the Medic Bay.

Ororo was checking Jean's vitals when he arrived. She looked up and a solemn expression crossed her face. "I'm sorry Scott, there hasn't been any change…"

"Yes! Yes there has! Jean woke me up this morning! She said she's ok!" Scott yelled.

"That's impossible, the Professor tried to get into her mind ten minutes ago but it was still sealed off." Ororo argued.

"That's because she was talking to me!" Scott said with a grin. He sat down beside Jean's bed and gently caressed her face.

"But why would she talk to you, and refuse the Professor?" asked Ororo.

Scott's happiness levels sank a little, "I don't know, but I do know this; Jean is gonna get better. She will come back to us!"

He heard a small knock on the door and turned to see Logan and the three girls. They stepped into the room.

"How is she?" asked Logan, hoping not to upset Scott.

"Great! Getting better with each second that passes!" Scott said brightly.

"Thank Heavens!" The three girls let out relived sighs. They took seats beside Scott and he began to tell them what had happened that morning.

Suddenly, when he was halfway through his story, the heart machine began to beep frantically.

Scott jumped up from his chair and Ororo ran across the room from where she had been flipping through a magazine.

"What's happening?" yelled Scott. Logan and the girls got up quickly and moved away to give Storm some space.

"Her heart rate's falling!" Storm yelled back frantically.

"What? That's impossible!" Scott cried.

Storm said nothing, pushing him into a chair and going to work on Jean. She turned to Logan

"Get the Professor – quick!"

Scott sat staring at Jean disbelievingly. 'She lied to me', he thought, 'she said she was getting better but things have just gotten worse!' His head fell forward into his hands and he shut his eyes.

JEAN! Where are you! Don't do this! Scott thought furiously, praying she could hear him. Still, his mind was empty of her voice. He could sense her presence, as before, and concentrated on it. What was Jean feeling? Scott thought harder, putting all his strength into the strange feeling coming from Jean.

Suddenly, it began to clear. His heart began to rush as Jean's emotions filled his body. Scott's stomach began to turn and his breathing quickened. His body grew hot and his muscles stung. It felt as if a rock had been dropped on his heart; his chest was heavy and thick emotional pain was piercing his heart. It wasn't numbness that Jean was feeling – it was everything but. The emotions raced through Scott like a tidal wave. Anger, Fear, Love, Anticipation, Despair, Heartache.

Jean? his call was strained.

Scott? her voice was pained what are you doing?

Jean! Don't let this happen- you can't die! I need you.

I know love

Then why are you letting this happen to you!

Jean did not reply.

Jean! Don't do this! Don't shut me out! Scott shouted, both mentally and physically. you've used our link to use my power before, do it now!

Still Jean did not reply, but Scott didn't care. He would not let her die. Slowly, he began to force strength through their link. If she wasn't going to do something, he would.

"Jean! Don't do this! Don't shut me out!" Scott shouted. His voice was filled with pain. Ororo pulled herself away from Jean to look at Scott. Sweat was running down his face and his body was shaking. His face was contorted with concentration. Ororo's eyes rushed frantically from Scott to Jean, whose body, too, had begun to shake.

Panic rose in the woman – who did she go to? What could she actually do? Ororo stood between her friends, frantic and unsure of what to do. At that moment, the Professor entered the room.

Relief rushed through the young woman.

"Professor! I don't know what happened!" she cried. "Jean's heart rate started falling but now all the machines are going crazy. Her whole body is overheating, she's hyperventilating and her heart rate is heading for burnout!" She turned to Scott. "And Scott too – he yelled something. I think he's trying to talk to Jean."

"Calm down, Ororo," the Professor said, touching her hand. "I don't think there is anything that we – or medical science can do. This is between Scott and Jean." Suddenly, the lights in the room began to flash and the medical instruments began to rattle on their trays.

"Professor?" Ororo's voice shook.

it's okay. Keep calm Storm the Professor's voice came in her head.

The rattling and flashing began to build to a crescendo and Ororo frantically cast her eyes and Scott and Jean. Jean had begun to sweat as well and her face scrunched up in pain. A thought swept into Storm's mind and she cast her eyes to the Professor.

"Professor?" he sensed her thought.

"It tried. I can't get into either of their minds."

Suddenly, Jean let loose a piercing scream and the walls began to shake.

"Professor!" Ororo shouted. "We have to get out of here!"

Her eyes darted back to Jean, who was clutching the sides of her head. Suddenly, a deep red wave of energy swept out from Jean. It struck Ororo and she felt her heart begin to race as emotions sped through her. She felt angry, sad, joyful, despairing, ecstatic and hopeless all at once. She fell to her knees beside the Professor's wheelchair, clutching her heart. Mournful tears raced down her cheeks and still joy danced in her heart.

Suddenly, Ororo felt a hand on her shoulder and slowly, the emotions began to fade. She opened her eyes to find absolute stillness. The entire house was quiet except for the slow beating of Jean's heart monitor. She cast her eyes up at the Professor. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, but he looked calm. He opened his eyes and returned her gaze.

Are you okay?

She nodded and slowly got to her feet, looking around. Nothing appeared to be damaged, and Scott remained where he had been. Ororo approached him slowly, putting a tentative hand on his shoulder.


Suddenly, his head darted up. "Jean?"

His eyes scanned Ororo for a second before darting to the hospital bed.


Hauling himself to his feet, Scott stumbled over to his wife. His hands clasped hers and he pressed his forehead to hers. "Jean," he said softly.

"Scott," Ororo said gently, "I don't think…"

She stopped. What could she say?

She didn't have to say anything.

"Scott?" a soft voice came.

Scott pulled back to look at Jean. Her eyes were blinking slowly as she tried to clear the confusion from her mind.

"Hey you," she said, reaching up to Scott's face with her free hand.

"Jean! Thank God!" Scott fell on to the bed and pulled Jean into his arms.

Ororo looked on in wonder as the two clutched each other. Jean brought her legs up and Scott covered her whole body protectively, as his hands flowed through her hair.

Ororo looked over to the Professor for guidance. He nodded and she went forward. "Scott? Jean?"

The two paused for a moment, then turned to her. They were both pale, their skin pasty.

"Are you okay? What happened?"

Jean smiled softly. "Yes, we're fine."

"What happened? This whole place was shaking." Ororo asked, placing a hand on Jean's forehead. Her temperature was back to normal.

"I needed some guidance and Scott gave it to me." Jean paused, "I – I got lost. And suddenly a thousand emotions were rushing through me at once. Sometimes they were weak, but other times they took over. All I could do was feel them all at once. Just when I thought they were going to drown me, I heard Scott's voice." She smiled down at Scott, whose head was now resting on the pillow besides hers.

The Professor came forward. "It's good to have you back. You gave us quite a scare there Jean." He said warmly. "If you don't mind, I'd like to do some tests and ask you some questions later?"

Jean yawned widely. "Sure."

The Professor smiled. "Best you get some rest now. It seems you've had a very taxing morning."

He winked and left the room.

Ororo looked to Scott, who was snoring softly. "I should wake him so you can rest," she said to Jean.

"No, please." Jean said, "He's the reason I'm okay. He sent me so much strength: he deserves to sleep. Besides, I want him here with me."

"Okay, sleep well. I'll be here if you need anything." Ororo smiled at her friend, masking the confusion and worry still lingering in her heart. "You sure you're okay?"

"Still a little dizzy, but I'm fine. Thanks. Are you okay?

"I'm fine. I got a wave of those emotions: tough stuff. My heart's still a little shaky."

"Sorry," Jean said sheepishly, "I didn't realise."

"Don't worry. I'm fine – just had my PMS for the month." Ororo winked and went over to the sink to get a glass of water. When she returned, Jean was asleep, wrapped in Scott's protective arms.

She settled down into a nearby chair and glanced at her watch. She would have to teach soon but the thought of leaving the two alone was unsettling. Still, they looked peaceful and content so she forced herself to relax and focus on her magazine.

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