Chapter 13

BETA: DA Woods

He walked out confidently with a winning smile on his face and with a sense of cool around him. He did not over do it though, but neither did he act like he had just eaten a sour lemon. He smiled coyly when he looked out over the sea of faces. He was very pleased with the fact that the glass stage spun around slowly, so he would be able to see everyone in the crowds. He recognized a lot of faces and he waved to some guys from his new school that he had gotten to know. He then turned to Izzy, his son.

"Thank you Izzy" he simply said and Izzy nodded enthusiastically. Since he was so little he tended to over do some thing a little bit but that was OK. Izzy was actually more mature than anyone at his age, and he was very cute too. The girls simply loved him and they guys thought he was pretty cool. Usually young kind were a right pain in the butt, Izzy wasn't. He was different, just like his very famous father.

"Hello everyone" Harry shouted. When the guys and he had designed the show they had decided that they would open with a simple talk instead of music. Since this was no usual rock concert they did not feel it was necessary to open with one of the biggest rock hits. A good talk was good enough. Besides, they knew most people in the crowd and they did not feel the need to impress anyone. It was more impressive to open a show with a talk, it showed how cool they were about it. They had the guts to do something most people would not dare in case people got impatient. The crowds did not, they were in high spirit, well, Hogwarts was as confused as ever. But that did not matter.

"I am lightening for you who did not already know and missed Izzy's introduction of me. I have one word for you all before we kick this off… AHEM… MUSIC!" he shouted and the crows roared.

He laughed at them.

"No seriously, we won't get this thing started just yet. You see" he said and walked around at the stage, looking like he was about to tell his life story"I have been requested to talk a little bit about myself before we begin. I do not know if it is because they are all curious about me.. Or if it is because they are all nerve wrecks back there" he said and gestured backstage and everyone laughed. He rolled up his sleeves of his black shirt and sat down on one of the speakers at the very front so everyone saw and heard him.

"There is not much to say about me really. I am Lightening Potter, I am also called Phoenix sometimes, do not ask me why because I have no idea. And just between you and me" he said and gestured with his thumb and forefinger, "I think it is a little bit corny, but do not tell anyone" he whispered.

A few girls began to wave around with a big banner saying "Make me yours"

"Nice one," he commented and winked to them teasingly "Where was I before I got sidetracked by those lovely ladies… hmmm" he joked.

"Oh, right" he exclaimed and got everyone's full attention (no that he hadn't already had… but still) "I am sixteen years old and I am from England. I love the US, it is my real home. There are houses at my school just like in Hogwarts. I am in Rock. Otherwise I am a Gryffindor. What else? Oh, I am madly in love with Hogwarts potion Professor Severus Snape…" laugher rang around and some made disgusted noises and he could make out Neville long bottom shivering. The stage lights found Severus Snape in the crowd. He looked like he had tasted something foul.

He stood up and walked around to the other side so they could see him from the front, even through the stage spun around. It took time for it to move around 360 degrees since they would get dizzy on stage if it went any faster.

"I almost forgot to tell you! I am Harry Potter" he said suddenly "Tyflon, please come join us!"

The lights moved away from Snape and found the "Harry potter" in the audience. Tyflon made his way up and over to Harry with a little bit of help from Shade Quizzy's assistants.

A murmur had broken out in the crowd.

"The Pollyjuice potion should wear off any second now…" Harry murmured in the microphone.

And it did. Tyflon was quite the opposite from Harry himself. Tyflon was blonde with blue eyes.

"Thank you for everything mate" Harry said to him. Tyflon nodded.

"Our first song is dedicated to Severus Snape! Poison everybody" Harry yelled.

Nico joined him and together they begun the very first song of their show.

Harry ran over to Severus but he stayed out of reach. He did not want to be strangled by the Professor that disliked him so much.

"One look could kill, my pain, you're thrilled" he sang and looked Snape in the eyes. It just bloody fitted! He had never met anyone with such expressive eyes that Snape possessed. Perhaps it was the black color that did it. Or maybe the stone face... Still. Amazing.

Severus seemed a bit surprised to hear those words come out of his mouth, especially since they were directed to him. Harry risked to look over at Ron Weasley who was forming "bloody hell" with his lips. Same old Ron alright! In return Harry gave him a cheeky smile.

They finished the song. And everyone seemed to like it.

So far so good, Harry thought.

"I don't know how much you guys actually do know about Lightening, but we have learned quite a lot about him since he came to us" Nico said in the pause, "He is clever, self confident, cool, honest while in some ways sneaky," Nico said and they laughed again. Harry laughed too and wondered where this was going.

"He is also funny, powerful and I dare say he is the ladies favorite" Tamlin added with a cute little pout, as if he were jealous of Harry, which he was not. This time especially the girls screamed and Harry were grateful for his earplugs.

"But the point is that we have seen how loving he is towards son and girlfriend. Together the five of us in Shades Quizzy, in cooperation with Izzy, have written a song dedicated to Lightening. It is called love from emerald eyes…"

Harry was very surprised and flattered and he did not bother to hide it. They had not planned this at all! He listened to the words of the song and realized that they fit him very well. It was beautiful and he listened in awe as his friends sang to him together with Izzy. Izzy even had a solo part and he were adoring. He thanked every powers for making him meet his son. They finished the song and Harry clapped his hands together with the rest. It had not been a rock song, but no one cared.

"Wow… I am speechless" he said, "That was beautiful, thank you so much!"

"Why, you are quite welcome," Dave said, imitating an old man. They went back to their place and Nico took the command.

"Get ready everyone because the next song is called I WANNA ROCK" he howled and Harry laughed. He wondered if Lupin would sound like that if he ever let himself out of his quiet demeanor. Harry made eye contact with Severus again and he could not hide a naughty grin forming.

"Ay! He is going to pop the question" said Dave much later into the show when Harry went down on one knee. The crowd had been warmed up throughout and was with them on every beat. Whoever said that Americans never let go and was very down to earth during concerts would have spit out their drinks if they ever saw them now. This whole thing was a part of the show.

"Amy, I know I should ask you this… but it would be wrong. I can not hide what I am truly feeling so…" he said and faced away from Amy. She was in on this plan so she did not think it was strange. Instead he turned to Severus Snape, who once again found himself in the spotlights.

"So…" he said, "Instead I am asking you Severus Seret Snape…" he dragged out on it to build up the tension "Would you please shave my big hairy ass?"

Everyone broke down and howled in laugher, not because of the childish words, but because of whom they were spoken too. Harry had told everyone about Severus Snape so the American school understood all the pranks they were pulling at Snape for payback. Even Minerva McGonagall could not hold back a smile, no matter how impropriate it was.

"What do you say darling" Harry asked Snape. To his horror Snape stood up with an evil glint in his eyes.

I am sooo going to regret this, Harry thought as Snape drew nearer.