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Turn Evil Into Good Part 14

Good wins

"Sydney, can you please bring the salad with you?" Parker called out loudly.

"Sure," came the short reply.

"Andrew Roke, take your hands off of the cake," Parker's voice could be heard again only moments later.

"But, Mom," the boy whined.

"No, Andrew, Melina is right. The cake is for only after dinner," Jarod said sternly.

"I didn't think you would one day acknowledge that dessert is for only after the meal," Parker grinned at her husband.

Jarod's eyes narrowed playfully and he advanced his wife. "I do know that there are more things for after dinner... but sometimes it's just more fun to have them before a meal," he wiggled his eyebrows and scooped Parker up in his arms who started giggling at that.

"Jarod, come on, let me down. We have some more things to do before everything gets started," she shrieked.

Jarod obediently sat her down but kept her from dancing out of reach to sneak a kiss.

"Hey, you two. Where shall I put the salad?" Sydney roused them from the kiss.

Parker grinned against Jarod's lips and gave him one more, quick kiss. Then she turned to Sydney and took the bowl out of his hands.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Jarod announced and jogged into the house to let their guests in.

Everyone had been invited and no one had declined which was not astounding considering the date.

Today was a special day for all of them. It was exactly one year ago that the Centre had reopened its doors under the new leadership. Exactly a year ago, Parker, Jarod and Ethan had started working on moving the Centre into legal business and making a 180 degree turn from evil to good.

Over the course of that year, a lot had changed in the once so intimidating building.

While the Centre had once meant nothing but evil and a threat to everyone who tried to mess with it and also for those who tried to stay away from it, it was now a place highly respected by everyone.

It had taken the public a lot of time but Parker, Jarod and Ethan had finally managed to convince even the last and most vicious opponents of their honesty.

By now, the Centre was creditable again and potential business partners fought against each other to start business with the Centre which was one of the leading research companies in pharmacology, chemistry, biology and psych studies.

Their research was highly appreciated and they worked together with several universities and offered them the chance to train the young researchers, supporting the next generation that way.

The best of each class would get offered a job at the Centre or one of their subsidiary companies. That way, Parker, Jarod and Ethan made sure that they got the best researchers so that the Centre would remain in one of the leading positions of research in their field of operating.

Though the last year had been stressful at first with their constant struggle to get the Centre credited in the public, the work had paid off in the end.

No one regretted having made the decision to take the Centre legit.

Their little group had grown together and supported each other in their quest. Though Jarod, Parker and Ethan were the three legal leaders of the Centre with equal rights, the whole family including Sydney, Broots and Sam were participating in making grave decisions.

The Centre had grown into kind on a family business. Of course, Jay had been in the business from nearly the first day on. He also had a leading position, directly supporting Jarod, Ethan and Parker. Charles and Emily, suspicious at first, had soon after reopening the Centre given up their grudge against the old building and helped putting things right there and Margaret, once welcomed and included into their community had loosened up and helped as well.

The first highlight after Margaret's reappearance had been the ceremony of Parker's and Jarod's marriage.

Held in the circle of family, the ceremony had been small and full of feeling. The vows hadn't been merely an obligatory part of the ceremony but a heartfelt acknowledgement to the other one.

Shortly afterwards, the adoption of Andrew had been made legal and he was now officially Parker's and Jarod's son.

Shortly after that, the trials against the former heads of the Centre, namely Raines and Lyle and others from the subsidiary companies, had been discussed back and forth in the public and thrown the new leaders of the Centre into another time of stress and uncertainty.

The trial had begun after everything had finally settled down and the first contracts had been signed for real. Parker, Jarod, Ethan and the rest of the family had been anxious that the beginning trial would set off a new salve against the Centre but in the end it had been the trial that brought the final breakthrough for the new Centre.

Reporters had still been doubtful but each and everyone had been allowed to get a tour through the Centre and convince themselves of the honesty of the company.

So after finding that there was nothing to hide anymore at the Centre, the articles had been of appreciation and that brought a wave of new clients.

When Ethan stepped out of the house into the garden, the rest of Jarod's family close at his heels, Parker shook out of her reverie and walked over to hug her half-brother and welcome the family.

The gathering took place at Jarod's and Melina's home, Parker's old house. Jarod's family had at first inhabited the big townhouse but then Ethan and Emily had moved out.

The town house had been too big for only Charles, Margaret and Jay to live in and so they had purchased a smaller house, close to Jarod's and Melina's residence. By now, Jay had also left Charles and Margaret's household and lived for himself.

Shortly after Jarod's family, Broots and Debbie appeared. Broots was having a leading roll in the technology part of the Centre. He tended the requests from the researchers for new computer programs to work with, the intern network and also the security system.

Angelo stepped up behind Parker and touched her arm, making her turn towards him.

"Daughter is in thought. Is happy," he grinned and then turned around and left to sneak up on Jarod.

Parker smiled.

Angelo's condition had improved over the last year due to a new treatment Jarod and Jay had formulated. Though it hadn't been as successfully as the 'twins' had hoped, Angelo's skills and ways of communicating had gotten better with it. He was staying with Sydney but he didn't need round-o-clock attention anymore and so he often strayed around freely.

Sam was the last to arrive and he was as warmly welcomed as the others.

Soon, the garden was filled with the whole family and conversations and laughter could be heard.

The festivity had been sat up in the garden for it was a warm day and so Parker sat at the table with Jarod besides her.

She sighed and Jarod shot her a glance. When he saw her gaze resting on the little gathering, he smiled and bent towards her. He drew her into an embrace into which she relaxed easily.

Parker looked up at him to find him staring at her. She stretched up to gather his lips in a kiss and Jarod, sensing her intention, met her halfway.

For a few moments, they forgot the people around them that were the most important people to them and just concentrated on their feelings towards each other.

A little less than one and a half years back they had lived in constant anxiety and fear. They had been alone and both had nearly given up all hope of changing that and when they looked up now to see the small group gathered around them, they both had to smile.

Not only had they finally found each other but they had also gotten a bunch of friends and people that loved and supported them.

All they had now, everything they had achieved in the last one and a half years had started with just a letter and their nearly unbreakable will to change the Centre and turn it from evil into good.

The End!!!

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