I need you now

Chapter one - a letter from a friend

It was the summer before Harry's 7th year at Hogwarts. It was 10:00 in the morning on Monday 3 days before harry was supposed to leave with the Hogwarts express.

He was sitting on his bed doing his potions homework to keep his mind off of his dead godfather Sirius. When his owl hedwig came in through his open window and dropped a letter on the essay he was writhing. So harry stopped what he was doing and picked up the letter to look at it. The letter was from his best friend Hermione so he opened the letter and it read

Dear Harry,

How is your summer going? I cant weight to see you on the train this year I have something that I want to ask you it's not bad so don't worry. Harry stop thanking about Sirius it will tare you apart in side and I don't want that to happen so just hod on. Harry have you heard from Ron? He has not talked to me for a while. Harry guess what I just got a letter from professor Dumbledore saying that I was to tell you that you and I are head boy and girl wont that be fun. That means that we will get to share a room together this is so exciting well my mom is calling me I got to go. See you on the train

Yours truly,


After Harry finished reading the letter he felt extreme happiness and could not weight to go back to school. The next 2 days passed by so fast that he did not have time to tank about is godfather.


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