I need you now

Chapter three: Let the fun begin

When they arrived at Hogsmeade station Harry got his stuff, got off the train and headed to the closest carriage to him that would take him to Hogwarts. When he got on the carriage he waited for Ron and Hermione to join him. When they got on the carriage with him Harry started to talk to Ron about why Prof. Lupin came back. Harry had an idea. Lupin came back to check up on Harry to see how he was doing now that voldormort has come back or that was just one of his theories why he came back. But still Harry had to admit that Lupin coming back was just a little strange after he said he was not coming back so something had to be up or Lupin would not be back. But then Harry was brought out of his thoughts by the most unusual sound it was Hermione being quit. So when Harry questioned her to see why she was so quiet she said that she was just thanking about stuff. When Harry asked her what stuff she just said that she would tell him later on when they were in their room because she could not discuss it there in front of Ron. Harry at this point was curious but said to Hermione " ok I will wait". So from that point on the trio of friends was quiet even when they walked into the great hall of Hogwarts.

The Headmaster brought the trio of friends out of their thoughts when he said let the sorting begin then another familiar voice said " now when I call your name you will come fourth I will palace the sorting hat on your head and you will be sorted into your houses". This voice belonged to non-other then the Gryffindors head of household professor McGonagall. When the last person was sorted into Gryffindor Dumbledore stood up and gave his speech "first let me welcome you all back to another exciting year at Hogwarts and second let me introduce to you your new defense against the dark arts teachers. One of the teachers was here previously as a teacher his name is Professor Lupin and the other is Prof. Jill petter she is from the united states." When she stood up harry just stared at her and noticed that she looked just like his mother after she set down harry could just not believe how much she looked like his mom. The same green eyes as his moms and the read heir. He was once again brought out of his thoughts by a tap on his shoulder. By his friend Hermione, When she tapped him on the shoulder he looked up and noticed that Dumbledore had started to speak again " let me introduce you to the head prefects harry potter and Hermione granger and harry potter. Dumbledore motioned them to come to the front as they proceed to the front, the school applauded for them after about 2 minutes the clapping stopped and then Dumbledore addressed the students again now give harry and Hermione your undivided attention while they tell us who the prefects are for each house. Dumbledore then turns to harry and asks harry will you do the honors. Harry nods his head yes then Dumbledore handed the list to harry and the list read


Ron Weasley

Sean Saunders


Draco Malfoy

Cho Chang


Kay Johnson

Lee marshal


Luna Lovegood

Liana marshal

After had finished reading off the list they all came up and Hermione gave them their badges they all sat back down at their seats and then Dumbledore finished his speech. Then he clapped his hands together and then the big feast of fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and apple juice appeared in front of them and as that happened you could here all the first years gasp at the site of everything that came in front of them. So after about 20 minutes the dinner plates were cleared and the desserts came.

After dinner Harry and Hermione escorted the new Gryffindors to the common room and told them where to go. After all the kids were in their dormitories Prof. McGonagall escorted harry and Hermione to their room when they got their Prof. McGonagall turned to harry and said " I honor of someone that you lost we as a school have cousin an appropriate password for yours and Heroine's room.' Prof. McGonagall then turned to the door and said Padfoot then the heavy wooden door opened up to let the three of then in. The room had two beds maid up with crimson and gold. Prof. McGonagall then turned to Hermione and Harry and said, " I will leave you guys so you can settle in. Then she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. After she left harry set down on the bed to the right of the room and Hermione took the left. When Hermione went to the restroom harry started to unpack his trunk. After he had finished unpacking he went to the bathroom to see what was taking Hermione so long. He knocked on the bathroom door and then he hard the lock click and Hermione came out in a gold bathrobe (it looked like that she had just gotten out of the shower) she then turned to harry and said "there were two sets of towels and bathrobes. I took the gold ones if you don't mind." Harry said that it was ok. So then harry moved aside so Hermione could get through. Then he stepped into the bathroom and just looked around. The bathroom was huge. In the room there was a big Jacuzzi tub 2 sinks a stand up shower. He just stood there and took every thing in and then he just started to thank about his godfather and how much that he missed him. and how that Hogwarts could have used his godfathers nickname for the password to his and Heroine's room. With that last thought harry just fell to his knees and started to cry. Meanwhile back in the room Hermione was reading a witch teen magazine when she heard a familiar but strange sound. It was harry crying she had not heard the sound of harry crying since their third year at Hogwarts when harry thought the Sirius killed his parents. So Hermione got off her bed and went into the bathroom to find harry on the floor curled up in a ball crying. Hermione bent down next to him and tried to ask him what is the matter and all he could say is how could they use his nickname as the password. At this Hermione did not know what to say so she just stayed there and held harry while he cried his whole body shook. After about 20 minutes he finally started to calm down. Hermione helped him get off of the bathroom floor and walked with him back to the room. She then set with him on his bed and asked again what was the matter. He said I was just thanking how much I missed my godfather. So what brought this up it has been 3 years since his death Hermione said. The thing that brought this up is the fact that our password is my godfathers nickname. Well harry I don't know what to do at this time to help you but maybe you should talk to someone about how you are feeling just to get it off your chest. Well just thank about harry ok and get some rest you will need it for the first day of school.

After Hermione went to her bed and fell asleep. Harry lay there for a while thanking about everything that has happened to him. And finally fell into a deep and troubled sleep

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