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Set in uh, season three, after Baby Connor, but no stupid false(?) prophecies! : ) SLASH!

The episode Forgiven, but so not, : )

Wesley walked into the Hyperion, holding Connor. "Hey Wes, how was the park?" Angel asked, coming over to take Connor, and kiss Wesley on the cheek. "It was very nice. I think he really enjoyed it." Wesley smiled and Angel mirrored the move. "That's good," he said.

"So, any cases today?" Wesley asked, removing his jacket as Angel placed Connor in his basinet. "Nope, everyone is sort of taking today off. Gunn and Fred are at the Laker's game, and well, Corde and Groo still sight seeing in Mexico." Angel said, stroking Connor's cheek.

Wesley smiled as he heard Fred's name. He could not believe just a few weeks ago he would have ruined his and Gunn's friendship for a silly crush. Sure she was beautiful, and the perfume she wore made Wesley feel quite nice, but she wasn't one thing. She wasn't Angel.

Wes recalled Angel having the same revelation with Cordelia. He was just so lonely, they both were. And Angel seeing Cordelia with someone back in Pylea, it had made him feel the need to do something about it. Wesley wanted to laugh at how foolish they had both been. Not realizing, that right under their noses was the path to happiness. Now, that very word plus Angel made the populous feel pretty unnerved, but it really was rather easy to bind Angel's soul.

Wesley thought to that moment. When he had helped Angel with the ritual. They had both felt it, an energy going through their whole bodies. Singing in their veins, bringing them closer together, till that fateful moment, when they kissed. Wesley had memorized that kiss, lived in it. Those malty eyes reflecting in his piercing blue ones. And yes it sounded corny, but it truly was love, albeit not at first sight. It had taken all this time to finally see. And they both reveled in it.

Wesley watched as Angel walked back out the door. "So, no one's here?" he asked. "Yeah, and Connor's sound asleep." Angel said. "Gee, wonder how we could pass the time?" Wesley said, a wicked glint in his eyes. "Yeah" Angel said again, though a whole new meaning was breathed into the word. Funny, how Angel doesn't even breathe, yet he makes words live, Wesley thought.

Angel walked over to the English man. Casually placing his hands on his shoulders. Wesley slipped his arms around Angel's waist. They looked into each other's eyes, and then kissed, ever so lightly, but that was merely the physical view. Wesley's mind was flaring, his tongue felt on fire, though Angel was cold to the touch, maybe room temperature at best.

His hands reached out to undo the top buttons of Angel's shirt. "Wes, Wes-ley!" Angel panted. "I like the sound of that." Wesley laughed. "We, we, can't do it" Angel said. Wesley insanity stopped looking ashamed. "Why not?" he asked, sounding hurt.

"Because," Angel teased his earlobe with his teeth. "We're in the lobby." He laughed and Wesley blushed. Angel liked it when Wesley blushed, it made him SO warm. He purred into Wesley's touch. Nuzzling his face with his head. Wesley sighed at the silky softness of Angel's hair.

Angel then broke contact, and walked upstairs, leaving Wesley to stand in the lobby. "Wes? You coming?" he asked. And Wesley just smiled.

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