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I Don't Want to be Like Cinderella

Chapter 2

Kagome whimpered as Kouga carried her the whole way. "Kougs, put me down!" She kicked and struggled.

Kouga smirked and finally put her down , dusting himself off. "Now, we're all alone."

Kagome rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "How many times do I have to tell you, Kouga. I am NOT your woman!"

Kouga smiled to himself and brushed past Kagome. He walked over to a near by cliff and sat down, dangling his legs from the edge. Kagome turned to watch him and sighed. Why couldn't she ever stay mad at someone? She walked over to him and sat down next to him, pulling her legs to her chest. She looked at Kouga who was staring off at nothing in particular. "Ya know, Kagome…I know you don't have the same feelings for me as I do for you…but I can tell for some odd reason you do feel that way about that mutt of yours."

Kagome raised an eyebrow then looked down at the ground below her. She picked up a rock and ran her fingers over it, placing it in her lap. "I admitted it to myself already that I do, but there's no way I can bring it up to him. The way he is, he'll deny any feelings he has for me…and plus there's the whole 'Kikyo's back from the dead' thing.."

Kouga looked over at her and watched her play with the rock. "Then why do you stay with him? You know I'll give you anything you need or ever want.."

Kagome gave Kouga a sad smile and placed her hand on his. "I know that Kouga and I'm really sorry."

Kouga nodded and looked down.

InuYasha huffed the whole way, irritating Miroku and Sango. InuYasha walked with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. Sango looked worried while thinking about Kagome, Miroku was walking behind InuYasha, smirking to himself. Shippou was being his normal energetic-self and was poking InuYasha, while riding in the basket of Kagome's bicycle. "InuYasha, when are we going to get Kagome back?"

InuYasha turned and hit Shippou on the head. "I don't know so stop asking." InuYasha growled to himself and kept walking while Shippou whimpered.

Miroku sped up a little to walk beside InuYasha. "InuYasha, Kagome is with Kouga…don't you think maybe he'll try something with her? You know, something you may want to do with her?"

InuYasha stopped in his tracks and looked at Miroku. "One, no I don't. And two, if he does, I'll kill him. I don't care what Kagome says."

InuYasha continued walking at a faster pace and Miroku turned and winked at Sango. "He wants her."

Sango rolled her eyes and walked past Miroku. "Yes, he does."

End chapter two! Ok, I know my chapters are short, but I literally have no idea where I'm going with this story. How I do this, is I make it up as I go along and I just ran out of ideas. So tell me what you think so far and I'll update sooner, I promise you! If I don't you can hunt me down and make me write. Hehe.