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Sakura stood on the pavement of a road staring at the space ahead of her, yet not really seeing because of the dark, and her star wand at hand. To her right stood Syaoran Li, future leader of the all-mighty Li clan, in his family's traditional forest green fighting robes, wielding a moon like sword, which Sakura had never seen before with a half-sun, half-moon with a ying-yang design inside of the middle, near the bottom towards the handle. At her left was a girl that Sakura had never met before wearing rich red fighting kimono, which had the Li clan symbol on holding a staff. It had a sun shape near the top, but was still different than Eriol's since it was smaller and was a different shape design, and had the same half-sun, half-moon with the ying-yang design at the bottom.

There was something about this girl that comforted her and reminded her of someone. But who? She couldn't really make out the details just what her robes and staff looked like, and the fact that she was a girl.

Looking up at the sky Sakura noticed that it was black like it was nighttime but it wasn't natural. There was no moon or stars, just a creepy black where there was a big, darker black circle with an orangish, gold thin outline. Finally, Sakura focused at the space ahead of her. Now she could see what was standing there. A silhouette stood with angel's wings that glowed a beautiful, yet unearthly blue. It was soft and low, comforting to the eyes. The figure had long hair and long robes but other than that she could not make out who or what, it was.

"Soon Sakura, we shall meet," a woman's gentle voice spoke. "Have patience..."the voice said faded slowly. Sakura was panicking. Questions bubbled inside of her with the few words and the landscape she had been given. 'Why will I meet you soon? Why is the sky an unearthly black? Who is the girl beside me? Don't go! Please tell me!' Was all that Sakura could think as she tried to catch up with the quickly retreating figure.

"Sakura..." a voice whispered. Not the woman's but a different one. "Sakura..." It tried more urgently and closer this time.

"Sakura! Wake up or you'll be late for school!" the guardian beast of the former Clow book, a.k.a. kero-chan, shouted into his mistress's ear. The cards had all been turned into Sakura cards a couple of months ago, and Sakura's life was beginning to get back to normal. Other than Syaoran being at school, Touya and her father knowing about Kero-chan and Kero always waiting for her at her house she probably would've forgotten about the Clow cards and everything. ...Whom was she kidding? The chances of her magical journey and her forgetting were like 0.000000000000000000000000000001 in a zillion.

Speaking of which... Sakura jolted out of bed after Kero had just yelled in her ear for the fifth time and Touya had poured a bucket of ice cubes into her bed. Looking around exclaiming where the fire was, all she saw was a very frustrated looking brother and kero.

Seeing as there was no emergency she got ready to get back into bed when she finally realized it was soaking. "Mou, Oni-chan, Kero-chan why'd you wake me up so early?" Sakura asked, still half asleep. Without saying a word they both pointed to her ticking alarm clock which was still ringing like crazy. Looking over at it her eyes suddenly widened in alarm and she was then wide-awake. Within seconds a loud yell was heard for miles around saying, "HOOOE! I'M GONNA BE LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!"

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After a quick dash around the house, giving her oni-chan, and otou-san a kiss, yelling good-bye, grabbing breakfast and lunch and dashing to school as quick as she could she managed to get to school just seconds before the school bell rang. Not necessarily in that order, of course. As the ever-hated math class began Sakura began to think about the dream she had and who that girl and woman were. Alas, while thinking about her own problems she wasn't really listening to what her teacher was telling her. Unfortunately she isn't the multi-task type.

"Sakura Kinomoto, if you would like too turn your eyes to your book instead of the window perhaps you could pull-up your grades!" Terada-sensei's voice cut sharply through her previous thoughts about last-nights dream. Her face quickly turning a bright red Sakura quietly nodded while feeling the blood rush to her cheeks as all heads turned to her. Turning to her paper and textbook she tried her hardest to keep her mind focused without thinking of her mysterious dream...

Syaoran Li let out a small sigh. Something had obviously been bugging Sakura since this morning. It was obvious from the clouded look upon her face. He shook his head semi-violently to avoid attention to clear his thoughts, causing his chestnut hair to become even messier than it was before. Focusing, his worried filled amber eyes fell upon the beautiful auburn haired girl in front of him. It didn't take him a good look for him to know that her lively emerald eyes were clouded over from thought. He could already sense it. Sighing he couldn't help but think, 'It's times like this that I wish she was here.' He would find out what would was wrong in about... ... ...10 minutes from now.

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Ten minutes later the lunch bell rang loud and clear for all the students to hear and rush out into the quickly filling hallways. Each student talked about this and that most grateful to just be out of class for a break. But for a small group of kids it was a good time to talk about problems. Magic problems. Eriol Hiiragizawa walked over to Sakura's desk silently. His short blue hair stayed straight and his circular glasses reflected light. His usual mischievous smirk had been replaced with a small frown. Something big was going to happen, he just didn't know what.

Tomoyo Daidouji looked over at her best friend slightly shaken. Her Amethyst eyes were filled with worry. Something was wrong with her usually cheerful friend. It wasn't a normal problem either, or she would have already known. Her straight (a/n: could someone tell me her hair color please? I'm used to watching the American series so I learned by myself the different names and all. So like tell me please or more annoying a/n's will pop up! ) hair was let down freely as usual held back behind her ears by her headband.

"Sakura?" Syaoran asked carefully. "What's wrong?"

Syaoran's voice once again brought her back down to Earth, as she looked around to see the faces of her worried friends. Looking up again and biting her lip she mentally debated weather to tell them or not. 'They have a right to know. It has to do with magic' one side debated. 'Ya, but I don't want to drag them down into this...' the other side reasoned. 'Tell them! They could help you! I mean Syaoran was there right?' and that was all that needed to be said ... er, thought.

Sakura explained everything that she had seen from the sky to Syaoran (who blushed at this part of her telling) to the mysterious girl and woman. When she was done. She asked what they thought about. Neither Tomoyo nor Eriol knew what she had described and turned up nothing. Than they all turned towards Syaoran who hadn't uttered a word since Sakura had finished.

It was easy to tell something was going through his brain because his face was paler for a bit than returned to it's normal color.

"Listen Sakura. I know who that girl is..." Syaoran began. Sakura's heart was racing. He knew something about that girl. Listening intently she leaned forward.

"She's my-"Syaoran was cut off suddenly as the bell went off warning student that it was time to came back in. Sakura looked sad for a moment before glaring at the bell. 'Stupid bell,' she thought. 'This close to finding something...'

Teranda-sensei's voice came out as he entered the class. "Class I'd like you all to meet a new exchange student..." Sakura looked up lazily to see whom this new student was. Usually she'd be ready to pounce on them to make friends but she was still a little disappointed about not finding out much and being cut off by the bell.

"I'd like you all to treat her nice. Remember it isn't easy for someone to come into a new place," Teranda-sensei continued. "I'd like you all to welcome Yelan Young-meh!" On cue a girl about Syaoran's height walked in with amber eyes, and about shoulder length black hair with a familiar comforting aura surrounding her...

Sakura snapped to attention. It was her. The girl from her dream. She knew it. That aura could only belong to her. Behind her Syaoran let out a small gasp. It wasn't the bad type. It was a surprised one. This registered as weird in the back of Sakura's mind. 'He never gets surprised' she thought, but it was immediately forgotten in the thoughts about this Yelan girl.

Yelan walked to the middle of the room and bowed deeply. "It is a great honor to meet you all." She gave a small smile as she bowed and thought, 'It takes a lot more than that to get rid of me Syaoran. A lot more.'

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