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Last Chapter: Very softly, so that everyone, except Syaoran, had to lean in to catch her words Yelan whispered, "No Tomoyo-chan. Clow Reed didn't make these cards." Kero was about to ask who did than when she continued on, "Syaoran and I did."

This Chapter:

Tomoyo, Eriol, Sakura and Kero gaped at the siblings who had just spoken. Rubbing their eyes and whacking their ears, as if to make sure they had heard and seen correctly, they stared again. Kero was the first to snap out of it.

"What do you mean, 'Syaoran and I did?' It takes a lot of magic to just create cards you know!" Kero exclaimed frowning. 'It can't be possible,' he thought. 'The only person who could have possibly created a deck of cards that powerful would have been Clow Reed. How could two kids like this have created them? If someone were to create cards it would be Sakura and even then they wouldn't be too powerful because she and her magic are still growing!'

"We know it takes a lot too. It's not like we were planning to create them. They just... appeared," Yelan answered, annoyed at Kero for thinking they were so incapable.

"Cards don't just appear, Yelan. Maybe you don't understand what Keroberous (a/n: spelling?) was saying. He means that could you have transformed the cards into something different like Sakura did to the Sakura cards?" Eriol asked trying to make sense of it all. What he said was true. Cards don't just appear. There had to be a logical explanation.

"She knows what you're trying to say. The answer is no. We didn't transform them. We created them," Syaoran explained growing frustrated from their ignorance. Tomoyo looked at the trees where the two card forms were looking out from. She could tell they were listening even though their eyes were focused anywhere but them, because their ears were flicked, pointed and focused on their conversation entirely. That wasn't the reason she had looked though. She could have sworn they had shuddered when Syaoran said they hadn't transformed them.

"But, how?" Sakura asked the question they had all, excluding Yelan of course, been wondering.

"It's a long story," Yelan sighed. Looking at the sun or their watches they shrugged.

"We have time," Tomoyo said looking at her with a reassuring smile. Yelan looked at Syaoran silently asking if it was all right to tell the tale. When he gave her a small nod back, she returned it with a tiny, sad smile. Turning towards the others who were waiting silently she gave them a small, sad smile as well. Both the Li's eyes swam with emotion but they carried on and told them to sit down once more. The wind rustled slightly giving off a small breeze as they all took a seat and Yelan started talking.

"12 years ago, (a/n: They're in grade 6 right now and since Syaoran is a little bit older than Sakura then so is Yelan,) the Li household was a nervous wreck for the head mistress of the clan was in labor and about to give birth. Hours passed as the head master and his four daughters waited impatiently and nervously just outside.

"Finally one of the helpers came out and acknowledged them with a smile. 'Congratulations to you all! You have a baby brother-' she began but was cut off as the head master and their daughters gave off whoops of joy. Finally there was a male heir to the clan! Clearing her throat she began again, 'Please excuse my interruption of your joy but you also have a baby sister.' The celebrating stopped as they turned to the young helper.

"'She had twins?' the head master asked, referring to his wife. Once the helper nodded, the head master burst into joy once more. 'An even better reason to celebrate!' he exclaimed showing more emotion than he ever did within the hour than usual. Calming down eventually, he cautiously entered the room to find his wife looking down at two bundles in her arms with a warm smile. Taking a closer look he found two children sleeping peacefully in their mothers arms.

"The four daughters that had been following closely took a good look before shouting 'Kawaii' in the Japanese language, which had been the last class they had, had before the news of their mother. As soon as the word escaped from their lips the baby's awoke, crying loudly. When they started crying both the mother and father gave a small glare to silently scold them. With sheepish looks upon their young faces the 4 daughters exited quickly and quietly to avoid further trouble." Stopping, Yelan let Syaoran continue. He was about to start when Tomoyo started talking.

"Please excuse my interruption but how do you know what they said and everything. You speak like you were there!" she asked curiously. While Syaoran frowned slightly about being interrupted, Yelan answered the question.

"Our mother gave us the memories through magic so we would know our story. Each of our 4 sisters has there own story as well but ours is the most adventurous." She told them with a hint of pride. Seeing as there were no further questions Syaoran began again.

"Little did the head mistress and master know, there was a figure that lurked in the shadows planning the twins death as well as their parents and sisters. The danger would have succeeded in ruling the Li clan, which was what they were after, but they forgot one little thing. The heir of the clan was a twin so his powers were shared and that together they were more of a danger than even the strongest Li head master in the past!

"4 years later the small baby twins had grown into playful children that were becoming masters of the martial arts, sword fighting and magic. Yet, they were still children and had the need to play just like others. The girl and the boy, who had been name after their parents, (a/n: I don't actually know Syaoran's dad's name but it's my fic right?) Yelan and Syaoran were very close and best friends. They did plenty of things together and could tell each other secrets. But even if they were that close they were very different. It was difficult to explain to others. They were the same and yet different. They were one but two, opposites but synonyms. They were like... ying and yang.

"Since they were so much like ying and yang that was what their nicknames became. You would often hear Syaoran being refereed to as Ying and Yelan as Yang. Walking around the Li mansion you would probably hear, 'Ying, Yang want to play?' or 'Ying and Yang are coming! Try to look your best.' Everyone called them by their nicknames, everyone except their father.

"Their father was proud of the twins and how strong they were growing. Alone with his wife he showered them with compliments but when he was visiting their training class he was criticizing like crazy. As fond as he was of his children he never once called them by their nicknames. Never got the chance that is." Looking down sadly Syaoran became silent and Yelan took over this emotional part.

"The head master of the Li clan was poisoned when Ying and Yang were 4. He died quickly but painfully from it. The day he passed away was the day that Ying changed. Ying's idol was gone and now he had the heavy responsibility of taking over. The elders' expectation rose and his training intensified greatly. To everyone he became cold, distant and unemotional on the outside, everyone but Yang.

"Yang helped him out through the time she knew that he needed it most and cracked through the hard mask he had put on. It seemed like only she could get him to laugh and smile like he used to do but even then it was a little empty from the loss of their father. Still she helped him out even though she had to do the exact same things as he did with only a sliver of it being easier. Together they help each other through the tough years.

"When they were ten, the danger that had lurked in the shadows the day that they were born had decided that they had the perfect plan and put it into action. The danger was the royal adviser. He was a smooth talker and was able to convince their mother that her daughter needed to be sent away so that her son could concentrate and she was a great distraction. After much persuading she finally agreed to send her daughter off but only to a nearby boarding school.

"Even though it wasn't what he had, had in mind the royal adviser, whose name was Shoo-Pang, decided it was the best he would get and took the chance. Convincing a guard to take Yang to a dump and shoot a bullet through her heart, by threatening his family, Shoo-Pang left to think up a good speech for Yang's funeral as well as getting the plans ready." Yelan finished and let Syaoran continue telling the story they had begun.

"Their mother went to find Yang soon after the royal adviser told the guard what to do. When she found Yang, and told her about the boarding school Ying went into a fit. Still their mother held strong to her decision and left her daughter with a hug and instructions to stay clean. When Yang left with the guard, Ying went into a sulking mood and refused to eat or leave the room and when Syaoran doesn't want to do something, he doesn't period. Well he might but it takes a lot of persuasion to get him to budge.

"Meanwhile the guard took Yang to a nearby dump and shoved her out, taking out his gun that the advisor had given him. Apologizing multiply the guard prepared to fire at the shocked and fearing girl. Before he could pull the trigger however Yang asked why he was going to shoot her if he didn't want too and why was she suddenly sent to boarding school.

"Not lowering his gun he figured it wouldn't hurt to tell her if she was going to die anyway. He explained how the adviser had convinced her mother to send her away, then told him to take her out and kill you by threatening his family. After explaining he once again prepared to pull the trigger when he was stopped by Yang herself. Apologizing, she hit a pressure point and knocked him out cold. Bowing respectively to her unconscious victim she destroyed the gun with a good blow leaving it in an unfixable state. Catching a taxi she made her way back to the Li mansion determined to figure out why someone wanted her dead.

"When she got back she moved silently like a cat to Ying's room which was one of the few people she knew she could trust entirely. Telling him everything she learned and what happened they both decided to take this to their mother. They walked in quietly noting the unworldly silence that loomed over the entire mansion. All senses were perked and ready while their hands stayed in a fighting mode ready for anything.

"What they least expected was for the fight to happen in the hall where their mother sat. Once they entered they were appalled. 8 strong brutal looking men stood surrounding their sisters and mother guns raised, while their captives sat bound to chairs by ropes that could not be undone by their mothers magic. The royal adviser was watching with a power-hungry look nearby, while servants cowered in the corner.

"They all looked up surprised as the huge doors flung open and the twins stood there, angry looks upon their innocent faces. 'Shoo-Pang' Ying started angrily, 'what is the meaning of this? You nearly killed my sisters, Yang, and mother.' Shoo-Pang looked momentarily surprised when he saw Yang alive and well.

"'You! That, that girl was supposed to be dead. I gave specific orders for that stupid guard to kill her! If you want something done you have to do it yourself I suppose.' Getting ready to use magic he reached for some nearby scrolls. 'These were supposed to be used to burn the horror stricken faces of your family but I guess I have to use them on you first. You have the honor of burning alive painfully just like your father went through the painful process of choking when he died from my poison!' he laughed maliciously. The room fell silent as the truth was let out. 'Yes it was all me! I was going to have the throne next after my horrible-excuse-of-a-leader, cousin. I was going to finally have my dream come true and rule the most powerful clan in all of China. Anything I wanted at my fingertips. Then you two had to come along, 'Shoo-Pang paused to point accusingly at Yang and Ying. 'All those hopes shattered when that boy and girl took their first breath. Fortunately life can be taken away easily and with you two gone, China shall bow at my feet and kiss the ground that I touch." Laughing maniacally he got his scrolls and began chanting.

"As the fire grew at the scroll tips to emphasize it's meaning, Yang began to cry. She cried for her father, cried about being forced to do so many things because her father had an untimely death, cried for how her brother went to bed with fresh, numerous cuts and bruises each day, cried because of the truth of the poisoning, cried for her brother who was always taught that emotions were weaknesses, cried for her sisters and mother who were scared to death about being shot, and cried for herself, finally allowing the sadness she kept inside out. As each tear touched the ground, Ying began to let the tears he had kept inside forever out too. Crying for everything they were worth, they let silent rivers flow down their young faces. Not every tear was sad though, some were angry at Shoo-Pang for doing what he did.

"Neither of the Li twins even noticed that a deck of cards was forming as their combined tears gently touched the ground, they were too busy crying. Everyone else in the room did though. They watched as the tears of the heir and his sister formed a book and cards, along with two necklaces each bearing a half-moon, half-sun with a ying and yang symbol inside, on it. One necklace was a perfect round shere while the other was solely the design shaped in the form of a very unusual shaped key." Syaoran stopped and Yelan, once again took over.

"Only when a bright green and red light caught there attention did they notice the now complete book and necklaces at their feet did the twins stop and look down in wonder. Before they could reach down and grab the book, however, did Shoo-Pang use his magic to get the book and attempt to open it. 'This must be the legendary Clow book!' he exclaimed gleefully. 'With the power of this book I could rule the world!'

"When he tried to pry open the book though, he dropped it as the flesh on his hands sizzled and burned. 'Obviously you are not meant to have it,' Yang told him coldly. Retrieving the book she gently opened it with the key shaped necklace lying on the floor. Once the key had turned there was a series of whirring sounds as if a heavy-duty lock had just been opened and the gears were tumbling to unlock it.

"When the book finally opened numerous cards flew out half of them stopping in front of Syaoran and the other half in front of Yelan. They all bore pictures of teenagers with pointy ears in fighting robes, some with tails. On the bottom the name was written and along the border was the words 'Ying' and 'Yang.' After comparing the cards they saw that the half Ying had were boys and the half that Yang had were girls.

"When Shoo-Pang sensed the power and saw the number of the cards he immediately wanted them for himself. Reaching out to grab one floating nearby, a bright white light came out on contact and the card activated. 'How shall I serve thee master,' a girl teenager with long red hair, fiery ears and red eyes asked. Shoo-Pang thought that he had activated the card and now he was the only one it would serve.

"Gleefully he commanded it to rid the mansion of the Li's, all except himself, so he could control China. Fire, as she was called, walked towards the twins who were standing in fighting stances with a little fear showing on their faces. Because of their assumption they became incredibly shocked when Fire bowed and asked once more asked how she could serve her master. Angry Shoo-Pang asked once again told her to kill them. This time Fire didn't even regard him and instead spoke to the confused faces of the twins.

"'I am fire from the ying/yang cards. You are my master and mistress. I, along with my friends,' she said indicating the cards in front of them. 'Shall serve only you. The power and magic from your tears created us all.' (a/n: Ok it's a little corny but o well.) Standing there shocked for a bit Syaoran and Yelan looked at each other before speaking once more.

"'So we created all these cards, the book and the two necklaces from our combined tears which were filled with magic?' When Fire nodded they continued. 'We can use these cards to aid us in danger then?' Once again Fire nodded. 'But how do we activate the other cards?' Yelan asked confused.

"Fire smiled and said, 'Those necklaces are a sword and staff. To get them into those states you need to focus all your energy into changing them and then, and only then will they change. Once master has his sword and mistress has her staff all you have to do is hold the card, strike it with a bit of magic and give out our order.' They nodded and she carried on. 'We all have personalities just like you so don't worry about making a dark set like Clow Reed had too. Each human balances the scale with his or her personality. When we were made from your tears we each received a bit of good and bad.' Fire explained predicting any future questions.

"'Ok' the twins answered before turning to Shoo-Pang who was listening to fire along with the rest of the room. 'Well Shoo-Pang, you have done a great deal of horrible things and I think that our friends here,' Syaoran said pointing to the cards, 'are angry with your decision.' Transforming the staff and wand, as well as calling out various cards, they spoke again with a smirk or angry look on their face this time, 'Now it's time we show you why people don't mess with the Li's.'

"The fight had been quick and easy giving a small example of the power that the cards held. Pretty soon the head mistress and her daughters were free of the rope and the brutal men were tied up securely. The only one left was Shoo-Pang, who was losing badly. Realizing the danger he was in he used the last bit of strength he had and prepared to use a vanishing spell.

"'I'll be back' he said venomously. 'But before I take my leave I'll get rid of one of the brats first!' With that he chanted a few things and Yang disappeared. 'Good luck finding her! She'll probably be dead before you even find her and don't bother tracking me for her. She's not with me!' laughing evilly (a/n: he laughs a lot doesn't he?) he too vanished in a cloud of smoke." That was the last I ever saw of Yelan, until school today that is, Syaoran said finishing the story.

"Where did he send you Yelan?" Tomoyo asked as the story ended.

"Canada," Yelan said with a shrug. "It's actually pretty nice there. I found a foster home that took me in until I raised enough money to fly back to China, which was pretty recently. Than after a few days of rest and relaxation I flew to Japan to surprise my brother."

"You succeeded too. I nearly rubbed my eyes and had the terrible urge to reach out and touch your arm to make sure you were real," Syaoran said with a laugh.

"Sooo... Your cards can talk?" Sakura asked all of a sudden. Everyone was resisted the urge to fall over anime style when a couple of voices spoke up saying,

"We sure can."

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