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Summary: During a play required for drama class, Danny and Sam fight sexual tension and denial when they're cast as the stars, Romeo and Juliet.

Ages: Danny/Sam/Tucker/Paulina/Dash/Rachel (OC): 16...Jazz: 19.

Sam's point of view...

Yet another day in my life without Danny in my arms. Of course I had a new outfit, but he didn't notice. He never does. I try wearing makeup which I hate to wear, I wear tighter shirts and jeans and shorter skirts but he doesn't seem to notice still. Damn, I hate it.

Fifth period is drama and theatre for Danny, Tucker, and I. It's not so bad except for our psycho teacher who makes us do stupid scenes and the fact that Paulina and Dash are in the class. I didn't even think that their brains could hold enough information to even get through one scene. Anyways, I met up with Danny in front of the auditorium where class met.

"Hey Danny!" I looked up at him, way up. He's gotten really tall and I've basically stayed the same height and changed the way I've dressed. He's still wearing versions of the white and red shirt and jeans.

"Hi Sam! Did you do the drama homework?" I stepped closer to him. He smelled like soap and mints. I wish I could smell his hair from down here, but I can't.

"Uh, you mean the thing where we had to make up a dance to a song that we wouldn't listen to and perform it? Uh, yeah. It was the homework after all." I sounded strange. He brushed his black bangs from his gorgeous blue eyes. Without noticing, I gave a small sound that sounded like a moan.

"Are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah, just a little...uh...Let's go to class." I opened up the door and walked inside where a few people were talking about things and practicing the stupid homework assignments.

"What song did you do for the thing and can I borrow the CD?" Danny asked putting his bag down on the edge of the stage.

"Uh, I chose 'Someone to Call my Lover' by Janet Jackson...So unless you want to dance to someone singing about trying to find a guy with a funky car in a bar, then you should find another CD quickly." I laughed as he smiled. I hope I don't pass out. Just in case, I put my hand on a chair. I pulled out the CD and put it on my CD player and handed it to Danny. "Here, listen."

Danny put the headphones on his head. He listened for a moment and gagged.

"God, how could you listen to that?" He handed the player back to me.

"I'm not sure...It's okay...Do you have a dance for it?" I put the CD player back in my you teach me? We still have like, 15 minutes." Danny asked. I blushed. Nearly everyone was in the room. Well, yeah, they weren't looking at us, but if I started dancing they would. I don't mind if I'm acting, but dancing is a whole different story on the embarrassment meter.

"'s not very good, but sure I guess." Damn it! What the heck are you talking about Sam?! Okay, I need to stop talking to myself... "But I can't play the music out loud though..." Smooth plan.

"Yes you can, there's a boom box right there." Damn it again. I sighed and put the CD inside of the player. I turned to the right number and found open space. Oh god, this is embarrassing. Everyone's looking at me. But wait, everyone includes Danny. At that moment when I was doing a twirl, I slipped on the hardwood floor and fell onto my ass. The room erupted into laughter as a bright red blush streaked across my face. Danny tried to help me up but I felt weak touching his hand and fell back on my butt. The laughter grew.

"Aww...Fenton's helping up his girlfriend..." Dash mocked. Of course we responded with our usual "I'm not his girlfriend/boyfriend!" yell. I wish I could yell that I was his girlfriend just to make Dash pissed, but then I'd be mocked forever. Mrs. Potter, the teacher, came in a clapped her hands just I scrambled up to my feet. Tucker came zooming in after her.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to do something." Tucker explained and put his bag down next to mine.

"That's okay Tucker. Okay, today, we're starting a new project! Wahoo!!!" Everyone groaned. "Anyways, we're going to do Romeo and Juliet! I have the scripts right here! I'm going to volunteer people to be certain parts according to what I think that they should be. Then you'll do a little test to see if it works and then we'll start practice. The performance open to the public will be on the 17th." Everyone started talking. I doubted that I'd be cast for anything good. Paulina would most likely be Juliet and Dash would be Romeo. They'd make-out at the end when they have to like, die and get flowers and I'd be sitting in the back as a corpse or something.

"Uh, who's going to be who Mrs. Potter?" Asked Paulina.

"Oh yes, here's the list. I'll read it," She read off a few names. Tucker was a guard. I assumed that I'd get like, servant girl, but I was wrong. "And for Romeo, Danny Fenton and for Juliet..." She flipped the page. Danny looked surprised. "Samantha Manson." The room erupted into laughter once again with Paulina's high hiccupy laugh above the rest.

Oh. Fuck.

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