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A few months later...

Sam's point of view...

Finally, I'm fully healed. This is about as good as I've felt in a long time. Especially since I've finally gotten over the humongous case of sexual frustration I had, have gotten over the whole Zach thing.

Anyways, I went over to Danny's to see him. His butt is out of the little brace, but he says it's still a little sore.

I rang to doorbell and waited. Danny opened the door.

"Hey Danny!"

"Hey Sam!" He smiled and pulled me into a long kiss and then invited me in.

"Do you notice anything different?" I asked him.

" arm! It's better!" He cried.

"Yeah...So, what are we going to the concert next Friday?" I asked, gently fixing his hair.

"Um...I'm not sure...I forgot about the tickets." He blushed.

"Oh...that's okay...Oh well, we can just hang out then."

"Cool...Hey Sam...did I tell you how much you mean to me?" He laced his fingers with mine.

"Only about a million times...and I never get tired of it..." I smiled and kissed him again. This time, we didn't unlatch.

"Gosh, get a room!" Jazz yelled at us. But we didn't listen. We never do.

All I'm hoping is that this lasts for a long, long time...

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