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A/N: This story began after Claidi realized that Jelly was Argul in Wolf Queen,and so here's when they were having dinner with Twilight, Fengrey and Winter.

So here I am in my very stiff skirt, trying to walk without tripping over this stupid thing. I am supposed to be dinning with the "Raven family" as I call them. When I got to the dinning room, I saw that I was the last to come.

Quietly, I mumbled, "Sorry, I'm late." Then I couldn't help but to steal a look at Argul. Oh, he was ever so handsome! And I could see him looking back at me, with a slight smile, and his eyes twinkling like a star.

I had to turn away as to not attract attention, and I walked slowly to my seat, which is right across from Argul. I sat.

Twilight stood up and was just about to speak when –


The door opened and two people stood at the door.

At first I thought that I was dreaming for I knew that no one on earth is ever that beautiful. Then when I heard the "Raven family" all gasp, and I knew that they were real.

There was a boy and a girl. They both looked my age. The boy had, black hair, but green eyes. His skin was rather dark, but there was something about him that I just can't take my eyes off of him. God! Here I am, about to fall in love AGAIN and my fiancée is just across the table from me!

I can't say the girl was any more different. She also had black hair, but her eyes were blue, somehow. She was also very beautiful, but I couldn't help but stare at her hair. It was long and silky.

But somehow I keep on thinking that I knew her. It's stupid I know. I'm sure I'd have remembered her if I saw her.

I couldn't make out their expressions. The boy looked annoyed, and the girl was just staring at Argul.

Oh great, I thought. Just when our marriage was finally about to take place, this girl who looks like a god was going to take him away and all the trouble that we went through will be for nothing.

How lovely!

I looked at Argul. He was also just staring at her with a puzzled expression.

Just then, the boy spoke.

His voice was so soft, and warming even though all he said was, "Well, I see that I'm just in time for the feast," in a rather pretending-to-be-happy way.

"The Raven Family" was all silent, even Winter.

What's going on?? Who are they, and what they heck do they want?
Then finally the boy spoke again, in the same soft voice, "Well, I'm glad to know that everyone still recognize me."

Finally Winter said, "Hi," in a soft voice.

Just then Twilight said sharply, "Don't you dare speak to him! He's no relative of mine."

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