Title: Heat Rampage.

Rating: NC 17

Summary: When Seras goes into heat, Alucard finds to his great amusement, himself the star of all her loving sexual attention.

Couple: AxS

Multi Part: Yes?

OHC: #15, 58, 82, 103, 191, 218, 234, 303, 319 & 349.

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'You can do this,' Seras thought, egging herself on. 'Just knock and tell him, no biggie.'

Closing her eyes she slowly started to raise her hand, 'I can do this, I can, I-..I-...I can't!' only to once again drop her hand to her side.

Taking a big breathe of air to tame her nerves, she raised her hand again to the door. 'I can do this, all I have to do is knock and tell him, simple, very simple. Okay NOT so simple.' she whimpered.

'Knock and say, knock and say, easy, knock, just knock!' she continued chanting to herself, taking another large breath of air and pulling her wrist back and finally knocking on the door.

"Come in," Alucard called from within the room.

Hesitantly Seras opened the door in front of her, giving her master a quick smile as she entered and closed the door behind her.

"Is something wrong, Police girl?" he enquired, tilting his head to the side slightly in question.

"I, uh... have this problem, Master." Seras replied to her Master, fidgeting with her hands behind her back.

"And the problem is?"

Giggling nervously she continued on, "I'm, well... this is so embarrassing! I um... well what you could say, hungry."

"What do you mean 'you're hungry'? If you wanted more blood you could have just asked Walter instead of bothering me," he drawled out slowly to her, frowning slightly.

Scrunching her face up at the thought of drinking blood she sighed, "Not that type of hungry, Master."

"Then what," Alucard questioned, "are you hungry for?"

"Well, you see for the last three or so weeks, I've..." Seras sentence trailed off as she looked up for the first time that evening at her Master face, eyes zeroing in on his lips, unconsciously licking her own when thoughts of ravishing his filled her mind.

"You've what, Police girl?" he asked, frowning at his fledging when a predatory look entered her eyes.

Mentally shaking herself from her previous thoughts, Seras gave another small giggle.

"Sorry, I'm having a bit of trouble focusing, Master." she apologized, cheeks reddening.

"Well, anyways, what I was saying is that the last couple weeks, I've been having this hunger, but it's not for blood, Master."

Sighing softly, her cheeks reddened even more. 'I'm never going to live this down, he's going to burst out laughing at me and get a bigger ego then he already has! Moreover, I'll look like a tomato for the rest of my undead life from embarrassment.

"It's... you. And I'm telling you because I feel like I'm going insane with want! I've tried to ignore it but it's only getting worse and I'm starting to feel like I'm going to burn up if I don't touch you soon!" she explained, tears beginning to pool in her eyes. "What's wrong with me, Master?"

When Alucard didn't say anything and just stared at her with a blank expression, she sighed.


"Go to your rooms, Seras Victoria; Now." Alucard ordered harshly, disappearing.

"Some help you were, Master," Seras muttered under her breath, sighing before turning around and leaving his chambers.

"What do you want?" Integra questioned Alucard when he suddenly appeared before her desk.

"You have to keep Seras Victoria in her chambers for a while."

Looking up from what she had been working on, she lent back in her chair, raising an eyebrow at her pet. "Why exactly are you asking me to do that, Alucard?" she questioned.

"Every few years, female vampires, go into heat. That's why, Master." Alucard said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Seras' in heat?" frowned Integra, picking a cigar out from the box on her desk and lighting it before looking back up towards him.

"Yes, she is."

"And how do you know this?" she questioned, taking a large puff on the cigar.

"Because she just told me she's going to burn up if she doesn't touch me soon," answered Alucard, chuckling slightly when his Master coughed the smoke she had just inhaled.

"How long will this last," Integra continued after she had finished coughing, glaring at her pet.

Shrugging his shoulders, he grinned. "Two months, perhaps even four. It's different for each time and vampire."

"Is there anything that will stop it?"

"If she becomes with child, other then that, nothing," Alucard replied, grin growing slyer.

"Fine, I will confine her to her chambers," Integra decided, giving her pet a sidelong glance. "And you, Alucard, will be watching her. If she becomes a problem, I will destroy her."

"Thank you, Master," grinned Alucard as he made his way towards the office's doors.

"Why do I have the feeling, your going to enjoy this?" Integra called to the vampire as he opened the door, putting out her cigar.

"Because it will be of much amusement to watch Seras Victoria try to control herself." chuckled Alucard, walking out of the office.

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