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She felt like she was on fire, inflamed from within to such a degree that it felt almost as if the very blood that resided in her body was lava.

Seras eye's fluttered open and shut as she stayed in a comatose state between wakeful and slumber. Her bed clothes as well as any material that had contact with her with damp with her sweat.

Whimpering aloud at the pain she turned onto her side, curling up into a tight ball hoping the burning sensation running throughout her body would leave, it hurt so badly. Her heavy breathing was the only thing filling the silence in her coffin-bed besides her occasional whimpers of agony. Pain, so much of it that she could barely deal with it, let only concentrate beyond the basics. The heat running threw her body was only getting worse. Biting her lip, she drew blood as an especially searing blaze of heat struck her, only to bite down harder as only stronger wave hit her and she tried to keep within the screams which desired desperately to be released.

So consumed with the burning pain her body was going threw she didn't sense the intrusion of a another being inside her coffin only slightly aware when a large clawed hand fisted within her hair, tilting her head back before a cooled substance dripped over her mouth, a few drops missing and sliding down the sides of her mouth as if blooded tears.

As the liquid hit the back of her throat, Seras eyes snapped wide open, hands greedily snatching out at the being beside herself hand that was holding what she wanted desperately. Pulling the bag and hand with it harshly to her face, she latched her mouth onto the bag, digging her sharp canines into it before savagely drinking the liquid it held in large gulps, choking once or twice when she tried to take to big amount so quickly causing some to spill out between her lips, flowing down the side of her face and dripping a few drops upon her sheets.

So absorbed in the pleasure her feeding brought on she missed the dark laughter of the being beside her at hurried actions.

Once the there was no more fluid that could be drunken anymore, she released her death grip upon it. Her eyes glazed over, still lost in the rapture the substance had caused, completely overruling the searing heat that had been flowing within her body only minutes before.

Dimly she felt her head being turned to the side by the hand still clutching her hair, sighing softly when she felt something soft and wet cleaning up the trails of blood that had seeped out. By the time whatever had been cleaning the right side of her face moved onto the left, Seras had become slightly more aware of her surroundings.

Her eyes blinked rapidly as she tried to focus clearer as she heard the familiar sinister chuckles of her master. Seras took a sharp intake of breath when she felt what she now knew to be her master's tongue move from the side of her face to her lips. Drawing in a shuddering breath of air when she felt his tongue leisurely slither across her bottom lip, licking the lingering blood off before suckling upon the flesh, withdrawing blood from the tiny holes she had created with her fangs whilst holding back her screams of suffering.

Sera's jumped slightly, startled when he suddenly pierced her soft lip with his fangs before releasing it from between his lips and sliding his tongue against the tender flesh before covering her lips completely with his own.

Confusion was only slightly touching the surface of what she felt right now. It felt as if her emotions had been hit with a semi-truck and were splattered around everywhere in complete and utter disorder. Hearing her master's impatient growl when she made no move to respond brought a fresh wave of terror along with a rush of the heat she had experienced before, spurring her on to tensely respond back to his ministrations.

At first she found the whole experience awkward, having little to none kissing experience besides the quick peck or two that had happened in her younger days before she had given her full dedication to her training in the force. After a few moments, her confidence heightened as she began to get used to the rubbing and suckling against her lips, goading her into becoming more bolder with her reactions and nipping in return.

Seras eyes lazily drooped. This was… different, to say the least. Her master was acting very, very strange, he was being almost gentle… patient. Gentle was something that didn't exactly mix with her master's personality. Cruel, sinister, rude; those explanative words were the basics of his personality, not gentle; not towards her or anyone or thing she'd met so far at least.

When he pried her lips apart and slid his tongue painfully slow against her own, her body shudder as the burning heat returned, unlike before though, the waves of heat rolling threw her body left a pleasurable ting zinging threw her nerve endings, centring at her core, causing what could only be called a bittersweet pleasurable throbbing to occur with every stroke of his tongue against hers intensify the sensations recking havoc on her senses.

She had to blink a few times to clear the fog that had taken over her mind when the touch of his lips upon hers disappeared, moving down her chin to the point where it met the beginning of her neck, gently scraping his fangs down along her pulse at first before repeating the action harsher, causing two red welts to form and a thin of her blood to surfacing which Alucard slowly slid his tongue over, a deep rumbling growl like laugh spewing forth from within his chest mockingly as she whimpered at the ministration.

She gasped for breath when he repeated scraping his fangs along her pulse again, deeper this time only to release a long shuddering outtake of air from her lungs as he almost lovingly licking away the drawn blood, caressing the incisions as he went.

So enthralled by the swirling heat now raging threw her being she didn't notice at first that her master's tongue and fang had disappeared from her neck. It was only when the cool air touched her damp skin that she opened her eyes, panting heavily while she quickly looked around for her would be master.

Seras laid back slowly once understanding he had left and that only she resided now in the coffin-bed. Her eyes stared unseeingly at the ceiling of the bed as she struggled to calm the burning hum still lacing its way threw her body. She took a deep calming breath; her mind racing threw all that had occurred from the pained searing heat to the bittersweet heat lingering in her body from her master's uncharacteristic actions towards her. Bringing her hand to her mouth, she traced her bottom lip in remembrance, feeling the puffiness left from his attention before shifting her fingers along her skin, gently touching the upraised flesh on her neck, eyes glazing over as the touch of her fingers brought a fresh wave of heat to throb threw her again before quickly removing her hand as if burnt.

Shaking her head from side to side, she turned back onto her side once more, pressing her face against the cushiony material of her pillow, squeezing her eyes closed to block out what had happened, pushing it all away as if into a box and locking it, deciding to try and make more sense of it when she awoke at nightfall. Sighing one last time she let the tiredness finally catch up, her breathing evening out as it dragged her down into the pitch black silence of sleep, unaware of the malicious gaze from the softly glowing red eyes just behind her.

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