Watching Over You

Chapter 1: It All Started With A Threat

"More threats?" Duo asked, as Sally took a seat. "Yep, and this one's toward Relena again... But, they studied our last attack and are prepared for our moves." Duo sighed and collapsed at the table, his chair rocked back a bit, "Great, just great."

Quatre set his cup of tea down and frowned, "We have to protect Relena..." "Yeah, but if they get of sense of the Preventers, they might-" Sally stopped short, not sure how to put the delicate and dangerous situation, "Who knows what..." She finished, giving a look of insecurity.

"What can we do?" Quatre asked, worry in his words, but after Trowa's speech, felt a little more hope. "One of us could go under cover." Trowa announced, catching interest of the other Preventers.

"Why is it like you to say something like that, Trowa?" Duo huffed, but a little humor bounced in his tone. Trowa shrugged, "Well?"

"Who would go undercover-" Duo's question was cut off by Heero's prompt response, "I will. I'll go undercover." Sally chewed on her bottom lip, then replied, "Undercover how? It'd have to be a good disguise so the enemy nor Relena can recognize you..."

Trowa smile grew, giving chills up the Preventers' spines, "I can help with the disguise. Come on Heero."

Without giving a look to the rest of his comrades in the room, Heero followed the pilot. Duo shuddered and Sally laughed mentally once the two were gone.

"I wonder what kind of disguise Heero'll be wearing?" Quatre thought out loud. Duo shrugged, "It'll have to be good if he doesn't want to get caught."

Wufei pulled himself away from the wall and uncrossed his arms, "I'm going to see if Noin and Milliardo have contacted us..." But before the leaving the room, he said, "And one of you should let Miss Une know what we're doing." Then he was gone. Sally flashed and jumped out of her seat, "Gosh, I almost forgot to ask for approval! Heheh..." She left the room, feeling like an airhead.

Quatre gave a light laugh and shook his head, "This'll be fun, huh, Duo?" Duo smiled his famous wide grin, "Definitely."

"Miss Une," Sally started formally, "I have told the Preventers about the threat and they came up with an idea of how to get past it and protect Relena Peacecraft." Lady Une looked up from her papers and smiled, "How?"

"Going undercover."

"Undercover?" Lady Une's tone was unsure. Sally put on a fake smile after the doubtful response and nodded, "Heero will be the one to go." Lady Une's smile grew to an almost playful grin, "Alright then, who all is going to take a part in this?" Sally took a moment to think and then gave the honest truth, "We're not sure yet. That all depends on how well Heero can trick everyone and get in." Lady Une nodded, "Okay, contact me when he's in." Sally grinned and signaled out with a, "Ma'am."

"This'll certainly prove interesting." Lady Une thought and smiled.

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