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Watching Over You

Chapter 12: By My Side

The terrorists were collected and soon to be locked up. After letting Duo and Wufei free, Heero joined Relena as she went to explain what had happened. The peace leaders seemed to understand and agreed to continue talking about peace. While Relena was busy with the discussion, Heero slipped away.

"Aww, man!" Duo whined, "You always do that! Leave your girl hanging like that! One day she's gonna forget about you!" Heero smirked at Duo, but didn't say anything. Quatre, a little concerned, asked Heero how things went, but Heero didn't answer. The other ex-pilots realized he'd rather stay quiet, so decided on not bothering him.

It had been weeks since Heero's under cover mission and all was going well. The Preventers were heavy with work on rebuilding and constantly watching out for fires. And the Peace Party was rescheduled and had apparently been successful. Many nations, including two colonies, signed the Peace Pact. All was right and Heero always had a busy minute.

Relena sighed as she stared out her office window, her fingertips gently against the glass. Heero had left her, hadn't even bothered to say goodbye. The feeling of loneliness had already swallowed her up, and every second was one that felt wasted or far too long.

"Why Heero? Why do you have to always run from me?" She asked no one but herself in the quiet, twilight shadowed room. "I love you, can't you see that? Just... I wish you'd stay with me.. Make this empty void in my heart shatter and replace it with warmth and love..." She laughed, thinking herself a fool. "I am a fool, aren't I? This galaxy is filled with danger and people who still want war and here I am, dreaming of a perfect life..."

"I don't think you're a fool." Heero's voice broke the silence of the room, shortly after Relena's personal speech. She turned quickly on her heels and caught her eyes hooked to Heero's gently gaze.

"H-Heero, what are you doing here?" Relena stuttered, feeling embarrassed and surprised in one. He stepped forward and reached her in a matter of seconds-which felt like minutes for Relena.

He's going to lecture me, isn't he? On how I shouldn't be so selfish and not wantso many things...

"Heero-" She tried, but was cut off by the soft touch of his lips to hers. Her heart was pounding so loud she bet he could hear it. But, despite her eagerness to return his kiss, she couldn't. She was stunned-shocked.

"I love you, Relena... Please, always let me be by your side... Always..."

Her heart fluttered and everything in her went weak and tingly, never before had she been so happy, yet so confused, but her heart told her what to say. Maybe... I can have that perfect life... With Heero...

"Yes, of course, Heero... I would like that very much, to have you always by my side..."

The End/Owari