Wicked world by henriette.

Do you want me to tell you a secret? Not that it is my secret alone, you probably already know it. But I'll tell you even though you might.

It's a wicked world we live in, it's beautiful, yes, but wicked like a Black Mamba. So beautiful and sensual, but one wrong move from you and it will bite, hard.

Sometimes I want to cry, and scream out my misery. But can you scream out all your misery when all you feel and know is misery? Do you then scream out your soul? Is it even possible?

I believed in 'happily ever after' once upon a time, but that was before I started seeing life the way it really is. I opened my eyes and mind that first time, and looked around at the wicked world before me. So cruel, yet so enchantingly beautiful.

Did you know that your heart is possibly the most fragile thing in existence? It is, but I protect mine. I've given it a layer of thick cold ice and built tall walls of stone to surround it, adorned with sharp rose thorns to pierce those who try to breach it.

Do you protect your heart? You should, it's so easy to break, for it is as brittle as a thin layer of glass. One glance and the sharp rose thorns wither. One touch and the tall walls crumble. One word and the thick cold ice melt.

Then my heart is open for all to view, vulnerable and fragile. And it's so easy to break, so easy to destroy. One look, one touch, one word and it could shatter into a thousand pieces. And then I am left alone to piece it together again.

But every time it breaks one piece is left behind and it feels like the heart will never be whole again. But those missing pieces can be found, it can make the heart whole once more. It can come as a lover, gentle and giving, or as a dog, faithful and brave. It may come as a friend, cheerful and comforting, or mayhap a gift, meaningful and lovely. And when it comes you just want to hang on to it, and clutch it to your heart, never to let it go. But it slips, sifting through your fingers like a thousand grains of sand. You try, oh you try so hard, but there's nothing you can say or do, for it always goes, slipping past your fingers, away from your grasp and reach.

Have you ever felt like you didn't fit in? I have, and it's as though I'm a broken piece of the puzzle. The one with the broken corner, the one that doesn't fit in with the rest of the pieces. I wanted it so much, just to fit in, to be like the others. And I tried to fix the broken corner, try to make it fit in, but all I manage to do is break the others around it. I destroyed the beautiful picture and the others pieces wants me gone, they don't want you to destroy their lovely picture. "You're a disease, you're contaminating us! Go, and leave us be!"

I also believed in fate once, and goodness as well. But I was young then, so blind with innocence. Have you ever been young? Have you ever been a child?

I wish I still was young, young and ignorant of the tainted world. I was happy then, and everything was so easy. No corruption, no manipulation, no lies, no lies at all!

I believed in those lies before, those sweet and lovely lies, so easy to believe in, so easy to hold to your heart. It was comforting, warm and welcome. It protected me.

But I grew up, and opened my eyes and what I saw was heartbreaking. But it doesn't matter anymore; I no longer have a heart. One less weakness, one less painful remainder of my heart-rending past.

It's a wicked world we live in, it's beautiful, yes, but wicked like a Black Mamba. So beautiful and sensual, but one wrong move from you and it will bite, hard. So very hard.