Bad Future

First of all, the title of this story is inspired by Sonic CD. You can travel into the future, and if you have collected all of the time stones, you enter the good future, which is filled with flowers and no enemies etc, but if you haven't you enter the bad future which is the opposite: industrial, filled with machines etc.

I know I should be working on Chaos is Power, but inspiration struck.

Chapter 1: Escape

Miles "Tails" Prower the two tailed fox sat in a jail cell with the only other animals he had seen in months. They where Amy Rose the pink hedgehog, and Cream the Rabbit. All three had matured greatly in the past year of captivity. Tails wore a green vest, and baggy jeans. Amy wore a white tank top and cameo pants. Cream was dressed like Amy, but her tank top was orange. All three of their clothes where tattered.

"Hello, my friends." A mocking voice said as the door to the cell opened.

"Hello Dr. Eggman" Tails replied grudgingly.

"IT'S OVERLORD ROBOTNIK!" He shouted angrily. He was wearing a variation of the outfit from the ARK incident, but it had a red, flowing cape, and instead of a pair of goggles on his head, he had a golden crown. Plus, he was flanked by what looked like robotic suites of armor, they where his guard robots. "Eh-hem" he cleared his throat. "I have become tired with keeping you here, your friends have tried so many pathetic attempts to rescue you, that I have become bored of it, although that is how I finally killed Tikal."

"WHAT!?" Amy and Cream screamed.

"I'LL KILL YOU! YOU BASTARD!!!" Tails yelled, lunging and the mad doctor. His fist was one inch away from Robotnik's face, when the guard robots grabbed him.

"This is going to feel SO good." Dr. Eggman laughed, holding a gun to Tails' heart. "Time to die."

"Not today!" A familiar voice yelled. Knuckles the Echidna jumped forward, destroying both guard robots.

"You're not going to get away with this!" Eggman yelled, running off.

"Hey, guys" Knuckles said smiling, his face lined with age, and he even had a small gray goatee. "You've all grown a lot since I last saw you."

"So have you." Amy replied, smiling.

"Knuckles! Look!" Cream yelled, pointing at two guard robots in each of four hallways, advancing.

"Let's go!" Amy said, her infamous Piko-Piko Hammer appearing in her hand.

"Yeah!" Cream yelled, getting in her fighter's stance.

"Ready!" Knuckles and Tails replied, standing back-to-back.

"SURRENDER OR YOU WILL BE TERMANATED!!!" All six guard robots shouted in unison.

"Yeah right!" Amy retorted, knocking off two of the robotic guard's heads with her hammer. "That felt SO good!"

"Hi-yah!" Cream yelled, performing a flying kick into a guard's chest, punching a huge hole, exposing a control panel, which she dug her foot into, causing it to short circuit.

The final three rushed at Tails and Knuckles, but the furries were ready. Knux performed an uppercut knocking off one of the guard's heads and Tails used his tails like a propeller, slicing the remaining machines in two.

"Follow me!" Knuckles shouted urgently, gesturing to an exit.

All four friends ran through a huge machine city, with alarms blaring from every building. Two more guard robots jumped in their way, but Cream destroyed them before they could do any damage.

"Whoa," Knuckles began in awe "I didn't know you could fight like that!"

"Well, without Cheese, I had to learn to defend myself. You can thank Tails and Amy for that."

After a long time, they ran into a huge building where a gigantic battle was taking place. There where 30 to 40 furries, but they where greatly outnumbered by the guard robots, plus, the machines had advanced technology, while the animals only had primitive weapons and a few stolen plasma rifles.

"The captives have been freed!" Knuckles announced. "Time to take our leave! Follow me!" He ran off.

After a while of running after Knuckles, they came to a room 50 feet tall, with all of the walls filled with giant containers.

"What is this place?" Amy asked, amazed.

"This must be where Eggman keeps the fuel for his machines." Tails concluded.

"Correct." A red hedgehog answered. "Now, everyone! Follow me."

Tails looked at Knuckles unsurely.

"Follow him" Knuckles said. "I'll cover the rear."

As they left the building, they came upon a huge clearing at the edge of a forest. They ran into the forest and climbed a hill where they could see the city, which spread as far as the eye could see.

"This place sure has gotten bigger since we were captured." Amy observed. "Right Knuckles? WHERE'S KNUCKLES!?"

No one answered.

"KNUCKLES!!!!!" Cream screamed.

"There's no way to escape Knuckles." Ivo Robotnik said smirking.

"Escape was never the plan." Knux said, returning the smirk, lunging at one of the fuel canisters.

'KA-BOOM!' The building they had been in just a little while ago exploded in a ball of flame, engulfing many other buildings.

"KNUCKLES!!!!!!!!!" Tails, Amy and Cream all shouted.

"It was his plan from the beginning" The red hedgehog explained "He sacrificed himself to destroy the leader of the machines: Doctor Ivo Robotnik."

"But Eggman has used decoys before!" Tails yelled. "What if-"

With that he flew down to the wreckage, and searched through the debis until he came upon Eggman's severed head. But wires where coming out of it, and it was metallic.

"Mwahaha!" Eggman's voice came from loudspeakers hidden in the decoy's mouth. "There's ANOTHER dead friend of yours Tails! Mwahaha!"

"DAMMIT!" Tails screamed, throwing the decoy's head into a remaining piece of a wall.

He felt a hand on his shoulder; it was the red hedgehog. "I know how you feel." He said. "Knuckles was like a father to me."

"Shut up! You don't' know how I feel! " Tails screamed in a rage! "We used to defeat him so easily" He said in a small voice. "But he finally managed to stop us. Sonic... Shadow... Emerl... Rouge...Espio...Vector...Charmy... Mighty...Cheese...Chaos...Gamma...Omega...Even Big. AND NOW TIKAL AND KNUCKLES!" A single tear ran down his cheek. "I miss then all so much. I remember when this all started that fateful day..."

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