Spiderman and B lack cat

"Peter wake up"

The echoing voice of Dr Conner's Peter Parkers boss was ringing through Pete's ears. Peter hadn't had much sleep lately what with fighting crime nearly all the time and being a freelance photographer where he had to take pictures of himself to sell to a person he thought he was a crook Peter had thought so many times about giving up being Spiderman so many times and given it up but it hadn't worked very well. Peter was in the middle of helping Dr Conner's work out a experiment.

"Peter you a danger to your self if you keep falling asleep in this labs you need to get some rest or I may have to give you a vacation without pay"

Dr Conner's called it a day in his lab and Peter picked up his coat and left out the front door.

"Help somebody pleas help me"

Peter heard the voice just as he had walked out of the lab he ran down the nearest back alley and changed into his Spiderman Costume and swung over to the crime scene well at least what he thought was the crime scene. Standing in the middle of the alley was some woman dressed up as a cat.

"Who are you" said Spiderman

"The names black cat and I am here to help you"

"Help me with what I don't need help"

"Well there a load of crooks raiding the factory downtown and you don't know where so follow me and we cant stop them together" Black cat said

Black cat jumped into the there and started flying through the city. Spiderman Swung after her. After a few Minuets they arrived at the Factory and low and behold Cat was right there was load of crooks loading what looked like jewels into a van. Spiderman swung down and kicked the first crook in the head and he fell to the ground

"Spiderman's here" said the second crook

Cat jumped down and punched the second crook out . Out the door came about 10 other crooks. After a few minuets of rough fighting all the crooks were tied up and the Jewels were back where they belonged.