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Hunting Dogs


"Are you sure you sense a jewel shard, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked, exasperated. "We've been wandering around this neighborhood for two hours and there's nothing here."

"I can still sense it," Kagome insisted. "It's moving faster now, I think. Let's try following that alley."

It was true that they'd been looking for the shard since nine o'clock that night, but Kagome couldn't give up. Another shard in the modern era could touch off another "flesh-eating mask" incident. And she wasn't prepared to risk that. They had to keep looking. She gripped Inuyasha's shoulders harder as he jumped to the next rooftop. The shard was moving away from them, and fast too.


"Damn, what kind of witch is this?" Sakaki growled into his little microphone. His shoes skidded on the concrete as he took the corner into the alley. "He moves like a cat or something. I lost him at the southeast corner."

"I'm starting to miss the orbo," Dojima complained for the tenth time that night.

"Stop saying that," Karasuma hissed from the next block over. "You saw where the orbo came from."

"I'm not sure I care anymore," Dojima shot back. Both her hands trembled on her gun as she inched along a filthy brick wall.

"Are you guys just gonna yak all night?" Michael asked over the com system. "You're supposed to be hunting."

"Why don't you come out here and join us, Michael?" Sakaki teased.

"I'm a lover, not a fighter," Michael retorted.

"Sakaki, what's your position?" Amon barked into his com, grabbing everyone's attention.

"I'm coming down the center alley, heading your way."

"Are you sure he went that way?" Karasuma asked. "Michael, do you see him?"

"I'm not sure of anything with this one," Michael answered. "The database says that Mune can only use limited camouflage. That's how he was able to pull off those bank robberies. He walked into the banks and blended with the wall until they closed. Once he was locked in, he used some high tech gear to crack the safes. The database doesn't say anything about the new powers he's displaying. I can't even pick him up on the infrared scan."

"It's rare for a witch to have more than one power," Amon observed. "Be careful, this is no ordinary witch."

Robin stayed close behind Amon and listened to Sakaki's footsteps getting closer. It was as good a time as any to mention it.

"Amon, do you think this witch is using something to enhance his powers?"

"Like what? A drug?" he asked, keeping his eyes on the alley opening.

"Maybe. And maybe not."

"You mean… The Fragment of Wisdom?" Amon's eyes narrowed slightly at the memory.

"Is that why Solomon asked us back?"

"That's impossible. Sastra destroyed it. You were there."

"So were you."

Amon turned to look over his shoulder at Robin for a moment. He seemed about to say something when Sakaki came out of the alley.

"I can't believe I lost him," he fumed.

"Calm down," Amon told him as he turned away from Robin.

"If he's using his power, you should still be able to see the light distortion it creates," Michael chimed in.

"Easy for you to say," Dojima groaned over the com.

Three gunshots rang out from somewhere close by and Karasuma's voice came over the coms.

"I got a visual. He's going east. Closing on your position, Amon. I'm in pursuit."

"Stay with him but hold your fire. We're coming to meet you."

Amon and Sakaki took off running up the side street, their guns held up by their shoulders. Robin kept pace behind them. It would be her job to spring the trap.


"No doubt about it, they're definitely chasing the jewel shard." Kagome leaned out from the edge of the roof and watched the three run off.

"You mean OUR jewel shard," Inuyasha reminded her. "We should run ahead and grab it first."

"No, wait. They don't seem to know anything about the jewel. We can just let them do the work and steal it back later. And besides, these people aren't normal cops. I want to see what they can do."

"You're right about them not being normal. I can smell the demon on those two."

"What do you mean? They're not demons. They're human."

"We'll see about that. Cummon, Kagome. We'd better hurry if we're gonna catch the action."

Kagome stood and hopped up on Inuyasha's back.

"The leader reminds me of someone," she commented as they started off.

"Yeah, me too," Inuyasha answered.


"Yurika, where are you?" Karasuma asked into her com as she ran.

"I'm coming, ok," Dojima whined.

Amon and Sakaki skidded to a stop as Karasuma swept around the corner from the next block, heading straight for them. And a few yards ahead of her, a vague shape caught everyone's eye. It looked more like water than a human being, the changing colors behind it creating a ripple effect.

"Is that the witch?" Sakaki asked, wide-eyed.

"It must be one of his new powers," Amon said and aimed his gun at the thing as it charged down the street towards them. He fired two shots straight at the target, but the witch leapt into the air. The two bullets buried themselves in the stone wall behind him. Karasuma stopped running and watched in amazement.

"He just dodged bullets," Sakaki raved as the witch landed.

"Robin," Amon snapped, as if her name itself was a command.

She stepped forward without hesitation, the fire flashing in her eyes. The witch threw himself deftly away from the flame that burst in front of him. He made a break for the shelter of an alley across the street, but Dojima jumped out to block him.

"I said I was coming," she sniffed as she raised her gun.

While the target was standing still, Robin took her shot. This time, the fire surrounded him and consumed him completely. As the ashes fell, the tiny gleam of something shiny caught Robin's eye. She moved closer and knelt down beside the scorch mark on the tar. She lifted the little piece of pink stone from the ground.

"That's strange. My power usually destroys everything."

"What is it?" Dojima asked as she put away her gun.

Sakaki and Karasuma came up behind Robin and peered over her shoulders.

"It looks like a piece of a pearl," Sakaki suggested.

"It couldn't be," Karasuma reasoned. "A pearl would have been destroyed by the fire."

"What do you think, Amon," Sakaki asked, turning around.

"We'll take it with us and send it to the lab," Amon said.


Inuyasha stood up on the rooftop as the group walked off.

"See, I told you they were demons," he said.

"I'm still not sure," Kagome said, standing up as well.

"Weren't you paying attention? That fire didn't come from nowhere. That's a demon power. Fox or cat maybe."

"Do they look like demons to you? They're obviously human."

"Then why do the leader and the fire-starter smell like demons? Try explaining that."

"I don't know. But there aren't any demons in this era. So they couldn't be… Wait a minute. There were tons of demons in the Feudal Era. Where did they all go?"

"Changed into them," Inuyasha sneered, pointing over his shoulder at the hunters.

"Change? You mean, like evolution."

"What's evolution?"

"It's a natural process that changes one animal into another. Usually, it takes thousands of years. But maybe we were both right."

"About what?"

"About those people being demons. Maybe there aren't any full demons around anymore, but their blood isn't gone yet."

"So you're saying that those people are…"

"Part demon."

"And they have a jewel shard."

"They'll take the shard home to their base. We have to follow them."