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Chapter 1 Fuzzy Bunny Slippers

Robin dried his hair off from his shower and gelled it so there was no non-spike to it. He sighed deeply and stared at himself in his bathroom mirror. Today was his "sweet sixteen" but he did not feel all that excited about it. He did not care about most birthdays most of the time.

He shrugged his shoulders while throwing his soft wet towel down the shoot to the laundry room below. He really hoped his friends would forget his birthday and not try to surprise him like they did the last two years they had been together. It always turned out bad.

Last year Starfire set the kitchen on fire by trying to bake the cake. Cyborg had spent his whole day at the mall looking for a gift for him, and Robin was stuck with Beast Boy and Raven. Beast Boy tried to be nice by letting Robin win the on the PS2, but Robin wanted him to at least try to win. Raven tried to keep everyone in line that day and bugged the fool out of Robin.

Robin opened his door, and as it swished open, two big green eyes appeared in front of him. Robin yelled in surprise and jumped back.

"Friend Robin," Starfire said with a perplexed expression. "Are you scared?"

Robin glared up at her while trying to keep his heart from beating so fast. "No, Star," he answered with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "You just...surprised me."

Starfire smiled real big and flew next to Robin as he headed down the stairs to the living room. He glanced over to her and sighed a bit in frustration over the matter. She said nothing, but kept hovering beside him with the huge smile on her face.

Robin walked into the kitchen to see Beast Boy making pancakes on the stove. Raven was at his side and quickly hid some cardboard box when she saw Robin come in. Beast Boy turned around from his baking and screamed when he saw Robin.

Robin raised an eyebrow at him and grumbled something under his breath while taking a seat at the kitchen table. He saw Raven glare daggers at Beast Boy and pointed to the burning pancake on the stove. Beast Boy gave a sheepish grin and went back to cooking.

"I got the paper for you, Robin," Cyborg exclaimed as he came busting into the kitchen in a run. He set it down in front of Robin with a giant smile on his face like Starfire's. Robin looked outside and saw that it was raining. He kind of felt thankful for Cyborg for getting it for him, but it was his birthday.

"Uh..." Robin started and thought it would be okay if he just went along with his birthday this year. "Thanks, Cyborg," Robin said and tried to give him a smile. "Are you doing anything today?"

"Well," Cyborg said while pretending to think about it. "We sort of want to go to the mall and hangout."

Robin glanced to Raven because he knew she would NEVER want to go to the mall. Most of the time she stayed home when they went there. She just turned away mumbling something under her breath. He knew they were going to get him some gift there.

"Sure," was Robin's simple answer as he opened his newspaper. Behind the paper he frowned and wished they could just leave him alone. He knew they were trying to leave him alone, but it was showing that they still wanted to have some party.

-The Mall-

"We rotate," Cyborg explained to his tiny group in the food court in the mall. Robin was off to the side with his arms crossed in front of his chest and looking a bit bored. "Starfire goes with Robin for a few hours and when she is done someone else can join him," Cyborg went on in a whisper.

Starfire nodded and asked, "When can I tell him about the party?"

"What part of 'surprise party' do you not understand, Star?" Beast Boy asked while glaring at her.

"I am just not used to these 'birthday parties' you speak of," Starfire answered.

"You just do not tell him anything about the party and just act normal, Starfire," Raven answered in her emotionless voice. She was starting to get agitated about her but kept that emotion to herself. "He does not like it when we do birthday stuff for some reason. But if we surprise him I think it will finally touch him."

"We did a birthday party for him last year," Beast Boy said with a bit of confusion. "Why should this one turn out any different?"

Raven gave him a death glare and let Cyborg explain. "This one will be better," he said. "We get him something real good and the cake will not be on fire this time. Plus, it is not like we can just ignore his sixteenth birthday."

So Starfire went with Robin and the others went off to find perfect gifts for Robin. They searched for a little while and were starting to get real bored. No one knew what Robin really liked.

"How 'bout some fuzzy pink bunny slippers?" Beast Boy asked as they went into a random store. He picked up the pair of slippers and they made a little squeaking sound as he shoved him into Raven's face. He laughed with Cyborg at the surprised look she had.

"No," she said flatly and waved them out of her face and they squeaked again. Beast Boy kept coming back with the fuzzy pinkness and she finally had had enough. With a strong hand she yanked the slippers down so she was face to face with Beast Boy and snapped, "Get the stupid squeaky things out of my face or I will shove them down your throat!"

Everyone in the store looked at her and everything was silent. After a few seconds Beast Boy gave a goofy smile to her and the slippers squeaked loudly. Raven yelled and grabbed the bunny slippers out of Beast Boy's hand and threw them to the floor. She then zapped them with her dark powers and watched as they burst into flames.

Raven was breathing hard as she just stared at the things with burning hatred in her cold eyes. Most people ran out of the store and Beast Boy and Cyborg just stood next to Raven dumbfounded about the act. The fire went out and the slippers were burnt to a black crisp and never to squeak again.

Raven snapped back into reality and cleared her throat while smoothing her hair down with a hand. She pulled her hood on and turned to the boys who just had their eyes still on the burnt bunnies. "Let's go to the next store," Raven said coldly to them.

"You...you killed the poor innocent bunnies," Beast Boy managed to get out of his mouth while Raven grabbed his arm to drag him out of the store. Cyborg followed and did not say a word. He had never seen Raven like this.

They finally got out of the store and the three were finally back to normal. If you could say having dark powers, being a cyborg, and having green skin was being normal. Raven pulled her hood off and walked next to Cyborg to keep Beast Boy as far away from her as possible.

Raven had no idea what had come over her in the store. Maybe it was just Beast Boy teasing, or the squeaking of the pink bunnies that drove her crazy. She then felt sorry they did not find anything for Robin and it was time to switch with Starfire.

They saw the two come near and waved to them. Robin looked like he was having a little bit of fun. He gave a warm smile to his team but Raven knew it was fake. It was going better than last year. He was miserable the other year.

"Cyborg can switch next," Beast Boy said, and before Raven could protest, the birthday boy and the only guy keeping her from going insane walked off in the opposite way her team was heading.

Raven wanted to strangle Beast Boy. Now she had to control the airhead and the lame joker who thought fuzzy bunny slippers would be a perfect gift for their leader. She sighed while rolling her eyes. She would switch with Cyborg next, if she did not go insane with the two.

Starfire giggled as she flew up to the pet shop in the mall. The little puppy inside looked at her with his huge blue eyes and gave a little bark of joy. "Hello mini dog of Earth," she greeted it while her other friends came up behind her.

"Sweet!" Beast Boy said as he saw the dog. "We can get a puppy for Robin."

"Yeah," Raven said sarcastically while folding her arms in front of her. "Robin loves dogs. After chasing that green dog for the whole day I think none of us could handle having a pet in Titans Tower."

"What green dog?" Beast Boy asked while still watching the puppy in the window chase his tail.

"The time you got zapped by that soto guy when he was looking for his alien dog," Raven answered with disgust. "We chased that dog for hours and Robin said if he saw another dog one more time he would pull his hair out."

Beast Boy gave a laugh at the thought. "Wait!" he said in thought. "I know the perfect thing for Robin!" He then raced for the stairs to the second floor. Starfire and Raven gave each other surprised looks and flew to catch up with the changeling.

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