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Chapter 10 Cake Problems

"And why are we stopping off at the grocery store?" Robin asked Cyborg as the T-car was parked in the Minimart parking lot.

"Because," Beast Boy answered for the Cyborg, "We didn't buy you a cake and I blew up the pie because it was having a light show in the microwave, and so I watched it for a while and the whole thing blew up, burnt half the kitchen, and then soaked the whole kitchen because of the sprinkler system. Is that a good answer?"

"WHAT?" both Robin and Raven yelled at once.

"BB blew up the microwave," Cyborg answered with a sigh. "Live with it. We're here to get you a pie; I mean cake, for your birthday. Okay?"

"No," Robin told them. "We are going straight back home! My birthday bad luck is on steroids this year! It will most likely burn down the whole freaking store!"

"Cool!" Beast Boy yelled. Everyone glared at him till his smile faded and he sunk back into his seat.

"Robin, you're over exaggerating once again," Raven told him. "Yes, I admit that you have bad luck on your birthday, but going into a grocery store for five minutes is not going to do anything. Let's go and be done with this." With that said, she grabbed Starfire's and Beast Boy's arms and yanked them out of the car and marched to the door of the building. Cyborg and Robin didn't protest and quickly ran to catch up.

"Don't touch anything," Robin told them while nervously walking into the store. Too late. He saw Beast Boy fly down an aisle on the back of a grocery cart with Starfire in the thing. Suddenly the cart spun out of control for some random reason. The two Titans screamed in fright as they crashed into a lobster tank. Cyborg, Raven, and Robin all cringed while hearing the smash of glass and the screams of innocent shoppers that didn't expect a flood in the store.

The three Titans sighed as they pulled the cart off their team mates and helped Starfire and Beast Boy out of the tank. Starfire started to scream hysterically once she saw that a lobster had managed to clamp down on her long red hair with a claw and wasn't about to let his prize go.

"Let me get that for you, Star," Robin told her as he grabbed her arm and started to try and get the lobster off with a few tugs. Raven used her powers to put the rest of the lobsters in the tank beside the broken one. Cyborg was saying how sorry he was to the manager and told him that they would pay for a new tank.

"Oww! Friend Robin, that hurts!" Starfire told him as he tugged more forcefully.

"The stupid animal won't come off, Star," Robin grunted. He gave up with a frustrated sigh and said with a small laugh, "You'll have to keep it there for a while." There was a pause as the alien girl registered this information in her head. She then started to sob. Robin winced because he didn't think she would actually cry.

"Way to go, Boy Wonder," Raven said to him while folding her hands in front of her. "I know how to get it off of you, Starfire," she told the girl. Starfire stopped crying and nodded to her. "Hold her down, Robin," she told the leader. The teen narrowed his eyes at her but didn't protest. He grabbed Starfire's shoulders and squeezed his eyes shut to prepare the scream sure to come. "This might hurt," Raven told her friend with an evil smile.

The lobster turned black and suddenly was flung away from the alien girl. With it came whatever it was holding onto at the time. A chunk of Starfire's hair was ripped out of her head forcefully and she screamed loudly. "My…my hair," she said with her eyes wide with shock. Beast Boy couldn't help but burst out laughing at the circle on her head with no hair. Cyborg quickly knocked the changeling on the back of his head to shut him up.

"Well, it's gone now," Robin told the girl to try and cheer her up somehow. Water flooded Starfire's eyes. "Please don't cry, Star," Robin said weakly as he patted her shoulder. "I'll open your gift first when we get home, okay?" Starfire nodded with a sniffle.

"IF we get home," Beast Boy quickly added before walking off with the others. Robin glared at him, but Beast Boy wasn't paying attention anymore.

They all walked over to the mini bakery in the store. "Pick one out, Robin," Cyborg said with a smile. Robin shrugged his shoulders and looked at the different cakes in the display case. Maybe a nice cake could cheer his team and himself up at home.

"How 'bout this one?" Robin asked while pointing to a chocolate frosting cake.

"Star has annoying hiccups when she eats chocolate," Beast Boy said with a shake of his head.

"This one?" Robin asked. He pointed to one with vanilla frosting.

"I get a rash eating vanilla," Raven muttered.

Robin pointed to another.

"I gag if I eat coconut anything," Cyborg said.

He pointed to another.

"Dude, the rainbow cakes make me have DIAREAI!" Beast Boy shouted at Robin. "Don't you remember?"

"We like to forget that one," Cyborg said while curling up his nose.

"Could you say that a little louder?" Raven asked. Everyone in the store was looking at the teens in disgust. The Titans smiled innocently at them and waved.

Once they weren't the stars of the store, Robin sighed. His eyes lit up as he saw an ice cream cake with little frosting. It was perfect for all of them! "This one!" he pointed out with a triumphant smile.

"Sorry, Robin, it's too expensive," Cyborg said.

"Well, how much money do we have with us?" Robin asked.

"Five bucks," Cyborg answered.

"Cyborg, all these cakes are 20 dollars!" Robin said loudly.

"So?" Cyborg asked, not seeing his point.

"Forget it!" Robin snapped back. He turned to the person taking care of the bakery and asked, "Do you have any cakes here for less than five bucks?"

"Wait here," he said while going back into the store. He came back with a cupcake with a small lit candle in it. "There you go, kid." He handed the cupcake to Robin and grabbed the five dollars from Cyborg with a smile.

"It's a…a…cupcake" Robin said while looking at it with disappointment.

"Hey, the word cake is in it," Beast Boy said with a chuckle.

Robin gave a sigh. "Oh well, it's something," he said.

"Make a wish!" Starfire said while jumping up and down.

Robin looked over to her and then swiftly blew out the candle. "Dig in," he told his team while holding up the cupcake. They all took some and ate the tiny thing while walking out of the store.

"What did you wish for?" Raven asked Robin with a smirk before they got into the car.

"I wished we make it back to the Tower alive," Robin muttered back.

"Let's hope that dumb wish thing works," Raven said.

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