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Cole Turner winced as his 16-year-old son threw the box labeled "fragile" into the U-Haul. The contents shattered, but the boy was deaf to the sound as music blared from the boy's i-pod. It was no secret that the boy was unhappy with the move as he made it his personal mission to remind Cole about his displeasure every single chance he got. In fact, he only just began packing earlier that morning, even though he was informed about the move three weeks ago.

"What the fuck is in San Francisco anyways?" Phillip questioned as he purposely bumped into his father with yet another box marked "fragile."

"My job is in San Francisco," Cole stated placing the box he was carrying gently into the van. "And don't you dare try throwing that box!"

Phillip said nothing as he flung the box into the back of the van, a satisfied smirk forming on his face at the sound of shattering plates. "Or what? You'll leave me here?" Phillip snarked, moving past his father to retrieve more boxes.

Cole let out a harsh sigh, forcing himself to withhold the temptation to throw a fireball at his son. At sixteen the boy was the hardest headed teenager on the face of the earth; Cole was sure of it. Unlike the entire underworld and even the heavens above, the boy did not fear Cole in the least bit. In fact, he tried Cole's patience every single waking minute of the damn day. Whenever Cole told him to not do something, Phillip went out of his way to make sure he did do it. A big part of Cole just wanted to tell Phillip who he was, who he really was, if only to keep the boy in his place, but an even bigger part of Cole, his human part, wanted to protect the boy from the unnecessary evils of life.

It had taken years to instill his position in the underworld, to convince the demons that his having a son would not hinder him from fulfilling his goal – the overturning of the elder world thus tipping the precious balance in evil's favor. It was hard collecting powers and training demons to work together for the goal, but it seemed that the work was paying off. After years of sending petty demons after the Charmed ones as to not raise their suspicions it was finally time to place the plan into action. The only problem was that it required Cole and Phillip to pick up their lives in Nevada and move back to San Francisco.

Phillip knew nothing of the pending war, and it was Cole's goal to keep Phillip in the dark for as long as possible. Cole had bounded Phillip's powers at birth and frequently made sure that the boy's powers stayed bounded. It had been an issue a time or two in the past when Phillip's powers would grow past the limits of the spell binding them, but it was never an extreme issue, and Phillip never noticed. The boy was strong, probably stronger than anyone could ever imagine, but he was just a boy. When he was younger demons would try kidnapping him, but they never succeeded. As time progressed, and Cole's importance and influence grew demons understood that Phillip was to be left alone. So, Cole was able to raise his child as human, and the sweet loving boy had grown into a sixteen year old bundle of horror.

"Fuck your job, this is stupid!" Phillip cried out.

Cole sighed dropping a box into the van before bringing his hand up to his forehead in attempt to rub out the migraine that was forming.

"Can you please watch your language?" Cole stated. "Listen, kid, I know you're not happy with this. I'm not too happy with this either, believe me, but can't we just make the best out of the situation we're given?"

"How about soccer?" Phillip stated shaking his head. "How about the team? How the heck am I supposed to make varsity in the middle of the season?"

"I'm sure there's always next year. You're being dramatic," Cole pointed out.

"No, dad, dramatic would be me filing for legal emancipation, or slitting my carotid arteries in a form of active rebellion. I am acting perfectly within my rightful limits considering you're RUINING MY LIFE!" Phillip lashed out stomping away.

"Well aren't you just a bundle of joy!" Cole yelled out after his son.

The sound of someone shimmering behind him caused Cole to twirl around, fireball in hand, ready to defend himself. A part of him was thankful that he could release some of his anger on the idiot who thought that shimmering so close to his son was a good idea, however that joy quickly diminished when he set his eyes upon Kershaw, his most faithful and ridiculously loyal demon servant.

"My Liege," Kershaw greeted, immediately dropping his head in respect.

"You know better than to shimmer in when my son is so close, Kershaw," Cole said pushing past the much smaller demon to make his way back into the house to grab more boxes.

"Yes, yes, I know," Kershaw stumbled out, walking behind Cole. "I just wanted to inform you, the elders are starting to get suspicious of the quietness, as are the Charmed ones."

"Uncle Kershaw," Phillip greeted coolly as he passed both men.

When Phillip was younger Cole had made Kershaw Phillip's bodyguard, bestowing upon the lower level demon powers which would be useful against any sort of attack orchestrated. One day in day care Phillip had gotten sick and Cole hadn't been able to pick him up; much to Cole's annoyance, Kershaw wasn't able to either. Apparently, only immediately family members could pick the boy up. After that, Cole had forged papers and documents which stated Kershaw was actually his adopted brother and therefore Phillip's legal guardian if anything were to happen to him or if he was otherwise unavailable. While it did nothing but raise questions in the underworld, it was a big help on earth as it reassured all of Phillip's teachers that he indeed had a somewhat "stable home environment."

"Phillip," Kershaw greeted. "I just came by to talk to your dad about his job…"

"Could really care less Uncle K. The company moving you too?"

"Yes, they believed I would best be of service to them in the upcoming months if I were to be situated closer to base," Kershaw explained.

Phillip nodded used to the weirdness that was his Uncle Kershaw and walked away from the men leaving Cole to roll his eyes at the demon. "Could you please at least act a little more human?"

"I have only begun exercising my human half when Phillip was born, my liege, I am still young. Forgive me," Kershaw apologized.

Cole huffed out, but said nothing, choosing instead to hand the demon one of the heavier box to bring to the van. He lifted one as well and together they made their way down the stairs.

"Send Barbas to mess with Piper's brats. Tomorrow's Friday the thirteenth anyways, they shouldn't question Barbas's appearance too much," Cole ordered. "That should keep them satisfied. Oh, and send one or two darklighters as well for them to vanquish."

"I shall prepare headquarters for your arrival," Kershaw stated placing the box in the van. "And I shall relay your orders immediately."

"Thanks, Kershaw."

Kershaw nodded and shimmered away before Phillip could return from inside the house. Cole went through the house one last time to make sure there were no forgotten boxes. By the time he was back out, Phillip was already sitting in the passenger seat, his palm resting firmly on the horn.

Cole blinked and the blaring horn died down, much to Phillip's confusion and disappointment. Cole once again suppressed the urge to use magic against his son as he settled into the driver's seat.

"Would you like to put on your seatbelt?" Cole asked as he snapped his in place. "It saves lives."

"Yeah, well, like I said, you ruined mine. If I die sooner then I wouldn't mind," Phillip muttered.

"What's wrong with you, is it your time of the month or something? Last time I checked, Phillip, only girls get those," Cole snapped at his son. "So grow a damn pair, and put your damn seatbelt on before I put it on for you!"

"How long is the drive again?" Phillip asked putting on his seatbelt.

"Too damn long…" Cole growled out peeling out of the driveway.


"So, I have a new charge apparently," Leo said offhandedly trying to alleviate the silence that graced the dinner table.

All occupants at the table rolled their eyes, unable to hide their disinterest in the topic. It seemed that lately Leo was being given a new charge in addition to his other ones every single day. In fact, it had been the first day that entire week that Leo had been able to make family dinner.

"What else is new?" Wyatt asked grumpily.

"Does that mean you're going to be gone even more now?" Chris complained.

"Boys," Piper warned. "Leo, what's going on? This is the fourth charge you've been given in two weeks."

"Actually," Coop piped up from the other side of the table.

Coop quickly finished cutting up his youngest girl's slice of meat before fully turning towards the other adults at the table. "It's interesting; I've been taken off a lot of my charges. The elders were saying that love cannot get in the way…"

"The way of what?" Chris asked intrigued, taking the words out of his aunt's mouth.

"Something big is brewing in the underworld. The elders aren't sure what it is, and they've figured out a way to block any good magical beings from going down there," Leo explained.

"How come you didn't tell me, dad? I'm sure I could get through," Wyatt whined.

"I didn't tell you because you're fifteen and you just failed your English midterm. You need to focus on school," Leo said disapprovingly.

"How come you didn't tell us?" Paige questioned.

"I was sure the elders told you about it since you are running magic school," Leo sighed, suddenly wishing he hadn't brought up the topic at the dinner table.

"So who is this new charge? Don't tell me you're going to drag us tool shopping again," Henry asked bringing the conversation back to its origin.

"Nope, unfortunately," Leo said sadly, ignoring the sounds of relieved sighs that escaped his two brother-in-laws. "He's just a kid, just a couple months older than Wyatt actually. The boy's powers are bounded, but they are sure that his magic is going to be much too strong to be contained."

"Couldn't we just bind the boy's powers, wouldn't that be easiest?" Piper suggested.

"No, the power of three is not strong enough to bind his powers," Leo said shaking his head.

"Well, the only person who has that much power is Wyatt," Phoebe pointed out concerned.

"The boy could be swayed to evil and it cannot happen. The elders want me to keep a close eye on him, to lead him to good…or to give you three the go ahead to kill him while his powers are still bounded. It's really a delicate situation," Leo explained.

"This is not good dinner conversation," Penny, Phoebe and Coop's oldest pointed out.

Chris scoffed, "Since when did we ever have appropriate dinner conversations in this house?"

"How about you five go to the living room and play," Henry suggested turning to the five youngest children.

All five pouted and complained but Coop nodded in agreement, gently ordering his children to take their desserts to the living room. Penny, Chris, and Wyatt all waited patiently for the children to leave before they moved from their seat. Coop, Phoebe, Paige, and Henry all moved closer to Leo and Piper who were sitting at the head of the table. As the three oldest, Wyatt, Chris, and Penny had the most power of any of the cousins; and while Chris arguably had more power since he was conceived by an elder and a Charmed one, Wyatt clearly was the prophesized one and had the greatest control over the three.

"Ok, Leo, I am not going to kill a child," Phoebe spat out harshly, mindful of her volume so the kids would not hear.

"I don't want you to either, but the elders wanted me to tell you that it may have to happen," Leo pointed out.

"Why now? Why wait this long?" Paige questioned.

"A powerful magic has been cloaking him from the elders. Up until a couple of months ago no one up there even knew this child existed. He isn't supposed to exist. He was vanquished, or at least everyone thought he was," Leo said starting to tread carefully. "He's supposed to start high school at the boy's school on Monday."

"Will the boy's be in danger?" Piper asked worriedly.

"We can take care of ourselves, mom," Wyatt whined.

"He doesn't even know about his magic. I doubt it, at least for now," Leo pointed out. "There's more."

"More? How could there be more?" Paige quipped.

"The elders don't think you vanquished the source."

"We did! We…I watched Cole explode," Phoebe sputtered out.

"The boy could either be the greatest form of good the world's ever seen, or the greatest form of evil."

"How come future Chris didn't warn us about this one?" Piper wondered outloud.

Chris shrank back uncomfortably in his chair. He was aware that he had gone back to the past in another life, but it was not a topic anyone wanted to speak about and he was more than happy to oblige. He didn't like to think his brother could be anything less than the perfect brother he was in the current timeline.

"Maybe Chris changed something while he was here and this wasn't supposed to originally happen," Coop suggested.

"The boy's name is Phillip," Leo added. "The elders believe that he's your child, Phoebe…"

All eyes turned to Phoebe who suddenly paled. Coop watched as the color drained from her face.

"Mom?" Penny questioned worriedly watching as Phoebe started taking in deep breaths.

"Honey?" Coop grabbed her hand into his two big ones kissing it reassuringly.

"Phillip…" Phoebe happened to sputter out in question.

"Phillip Turner."

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