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"No Jason!" Phoebe yelled chasing Jason down the stairs.

"Listen. I have a meeting in Hong Kong. I'll be gone for two weeks. You…you work whatever you need to out. I'll be back. Babe, I love you," Jason said seeing the tears in Phoebe's eyes. "Hey. Come on. I told you about this awhile ago." Jason whispered softly into Phoebe's ear giving her a bone crushing hug.

She didn't want him to let go, though she knew eventually he would. She didn't want to wave goodbye, though she knew she had to with time. She wished Piper would freeze the damn moment, just so she could feel safe. Safe in her husband's embrace. Safe in Jason's arms. Just safe.

"You're not coming back," Phoebe said with tears in her eyes.

"That's up to you," Jason said giving her a small smile. "I love you."

With that Jason picked up the last of his bags and gently closed the door behind him. He was thankful for the rain, despite the anti-climatic-ness of it all. He didn't want the taxi driver to see him crying because he knew that by closing that door he would never feel at home there ever again. He could see it in her eyes. It had been there the whole week and a half since Cole's been back. She didn't give him the same smile. The smile reserved the man of her dreams. Though now that he thought about it he never really got that smile. He had won her over as time passed by. He had gained the family's respect. But her true unbreakable love was something he had yet to earn. She had gotten his the very first time he had set his eyes on her. He knew that she was the one. But it really didn't matter if the same wasn't said about him.

"Is Uncle Jason coming back?" Chris whispered to Wyatt as they watched their aunt and uncle's interaction in the living room.

"I have no idea," Wyatt sighed.

Chris frowned. He didn't feel like being around Aunt Phoebe lately. He wasn't sure if it was the empath within him or just the way she looked. She was like a deflated balloon that just sat in the corner slowly pulling itself towards the floor. She was always moping, no longer smiling, and no longer coming to cheer him at any of the games they had. His mom and dad kept telling him to understand, though he really didn't. She had wanted to see Damian. Always kept asking how he was. Always begged Leo to explain how great a player he was, or how good a student. She never asked about him or Wyatt anymore.

Chris made his way towards the kitchen where he knew his mom was. She had been locked up in there for the past couple of days, cooking up a storm. He noticed that it was all of Aunt Phoebe's favorites too. He didn't mind because his mom's cooking was just plain delicious, but he wanted one of his favorites on the menu too.

He plopped down on a chair grabbing for some of the snickerdoodles lying on the counter. Piper looked up from her cooking to see her youngest slowly chewing one of the cookies in a somber tone. She immediately knew there was something wrong when Chris wasn't shoving three cookies at a time in his mouth. Her mother instincts took over and she turned the stove off and walked to the other side sitting down next to Chris.

"What's wrong, peanut?" Piper asked gently rubbing the boy's head affectionately.

This was how all great talks started. Whenever he was feeling down, Chris knew all he had to do was walk into the kitchen and sit down, grab whatever was lying on the counter and Piper would come to comfort him. Play with his hair affectionately, while calling him "peanut." It was simply clockwork.

"Everything's messed up," Chris stated miserably.

"With Damian and Cole?" Piper asked gently, though she had a good idea where the conversation was going.

"Wyatt didn't get to finish the game the other day. And Aunt Paige wasn't even cheering. She was just sitting there watching him play. And we are talking about Aunt Paige, the one who made a whole poster that said, "My nephews are the best. Number 6 and number 2." And then Aunt Phoebe didn't even come. Aunt Phoebe never misses any of the games. And now Uncle Jason left for Hong Kong." Chris said sadly.

Piper gave a silent sigh. She was sure something was bound to happen. Ever since the boys were born the others coodled them to the point of suffocation. They all had been there from the start, being the boys personal cheerleaders. Always giving the boys small little gifts behind her back, always offering them ice cream even when Piper told them not to. And now they were all in a frenzy trying to figure out what sick, sadistic crap Cole was planning. The elders were running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure what the shift in balance was. They (the sisters) running around trying to figure out if Damian had come into his powers yet. Piper had almost forgotten that the boys had somehow lost their cheerleaders.

"Baby, I'm sure Paige was watching you play," Piper said reassuringly.

"No she wasn't. Or else she would have jumped up and hugged me when I stole the ball and made the game winning goal," Chris said throwing the cookie down. "She was just watching him."

"Do you want me to talk to Paige?" Piper asked.

"No. It's not her fault everything's fucked up," Chris said sadly.

"Fuck is not a word used in this house mister," Piper said trying to lighten the mood.

"Why? It's the perfect word to describe everything," Chris said sliding from his chair.

-The Turner's-

"You weren't at my game the other day," Damian muttered beating the egg he was making harder.

His dad had been "away for business" more times than he can count in the last week. Dinner, which had always been a sick family tradition of eating together on the dot at 8 had been somehow diminished. Instead, Damian was forced to throw Cole's plate inside the microwave with a small note that said "missed you at dinner." Cole hadn't been home to tell him to do his homework, or to tell him to go to sleep. Damian noticed his dad had been disappearing for longer periods each time. But missing a game, was never something he imagined Cole doing.

"I'm sorry son. I was at a business meeting," Cole said.

He was too busy gathering his army. He was almost to the Book of Shadows. He was close to getting it, but now more than ever he had to be careful. He needed to make sure every demon of every known army knew their roles. He had to carefully choose his allies, his strategies. He had completely forgotten the soccer game.

"Bull shit," Damian said angrily.

"Hey don't use that tone with me," Cole said dangerously calm.

"You're never home!" Damian yelled throwing down the beater. "You move us to No-wheres-ville California, with population Happy pills and you can't even come see me in a soccer game. Now you give me some bull shit reason that you had a business meeting? I can see it in your body posture. You fucking forgot."

"Damian Phillip…" Cole started.

"Don't fucking yell at me!" Damian said angrily. "Just leave me the fuck alone!" something off to the side shattered.

Cole could feel the ground shaking with each passing word Damian yelled. By the end of the sentence it seemed the entire city was shaking.

"Damian!" Cole yelled. "Calm down," Cole ordered.

"Stop! Stop yelling at me," Damian cried out.

Suddenly the pan in front of him caught on fire. Damian yelped in surprise causing another something off to the side to shatter.

Cole knew how close Damian was to a nervous breakdown. He had seen it in some demons. Mostly those who were human and chose to become demons. He had seen them lose control of their powers because they were unable to handle them. Those breakdowns killed most of those demons. For the rest it was an indescribable traumatic experience.

"Damian!" Cole said fearfully.

Not knowing what else to do Cole let the source within him take over. When he was the source he could control his powers easier. When he was the source his eyes blackened in such a way it would instill fear in anyone, demon or not. He had gotten more powers over the years. Carefully stealing them from other demons. He was thankful for the electricity balls as he shot a low energy one at his son. It wasn't anywhere near enough to do serious damage. Just enough to knock him unconscious.

"Dad!" Damian yelled just before the ball hit him.

Cole caught Damian before he hit the floor. He whispered a string of cuss words quickly getting rid of the small grease fire in front of him. Damian had somehow unbounded his powers. And he had a lot more than Cole had bargained for. The whole ground moving, he knew that was Damian. The whole fire, he knew that was Damian. The things shattering was his son. Everything. All the damage was because of Damian.

Cole sighed and tenderly unbuttoned his son's shirt. The ball of electricity had left a small burn in the middle which Cole automatically assumed were third degree burns.

"Fuck," Cole muttered.

"Dad," Damian called out weakly.

"Hey buddy. Sh, I'm right here…" Cole said soothingly.

"No. Get away," Damian whispered pushing Cole away.

Surprised Cole dropped his son. He could see the raw emotion of fear engraved in his son's eyes. His son. The boy he raised since he was a fetus. His son. He saw the familiar fear looking into his son's eyes as he would a random demon. His son. The boy who had kept him alive was afraid of him.

"Buddy. Hey it's me," Cole tried gently.

"You're not my dad!" Damian yelled. "What'd you do with him!"

"Damian…" Cole started.

"No get out. DAD! DAD!" Damian started to panic.

Everything was shaking. The ground beneath them was starting to split. Cole looked at Damian truly at a lost. When this happened before all he had to do was vanquish the damn demon for not having the balls to face him. But how could he just vanquish his son? Damian was going to expose magic if he didn't do something. Throwing another electricity ball was not an option. Damian was already weak from the other one, and he could die.

"Damian please!" Cole yelled desperately.

"You're not my dad!" Damian cried.

He was drenched in tears. And blood. Though he never registered the blood part. It was like his worst nightmare come true. His dad or someone who looked exactly like him was at the other side of the kitchen. Only his eyes were different. There was no soul in them. There was no murderous glint. Or love. They were just black and empty. That wasn't his dad.

"Coach!" Damian yelled.

He wasn't sure why he was calling for his coach. That was the first name that just popped up. He knew Leo couldn't hear him. It was impossible. He lived some blocks away. His yell just wasn't that loud…

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