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Summary This isn't you typical, find a third prisoner within the walls of Marcus Honorius' dungeon that he had so cruelly sentenced Guinevere and Lucan to.

When the knights manage to find their way into the dungeon, they manage to find a third captive. However, their rage becomes even more so, when they find out that the woman isn't a woad warrior at all.... But one of their own. A knight.

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The Rogue Knight

Prologue; Female? Aye.

- - -

- Alecto, son of Marius Honorius, Speaks -

I had heard the bold tales of Arthur and his group of sarmatian knights since I was eight. I was told the great tales of their missions, their heart breaks as other knights of the fabled round table slowly ceased to exist. I was always willing to sit with my mother and listen to the tales of the eight great knights that were sent to serve for Rome, and fight for a country not their own.

I knew each of the eight knights off by heart, though my heart went out mostly to four knights. Arthur, the galliant commander, told to me by my mother as a man of giant stature, and a sword so powerful, if Arthur needed the power to beat an enemy he could will it to break the others sword into meager shards of iron. Tristan, a man that learned scouting from another Knight within the eight knights, dark and mysterious, accompanied bye a female hawk of the hue of upturned earth. Lancelot, a brave man, always on Arthur's right hand side, always armed with two swords, and explained as a man of incredible pride. The Rogue, or Rogue as many called him, a Knight that taught Tristan all he knew of scouting, clad always in black, whether armour or leather clothing, a cloak that hid his features and yet allowed a clear glimpse of his lower jaw, and always accompanied by a raven and ill tempered stallion.

The Rogue had always had my attention however. His mysterious demeanor allowed a misty illusion to surround him and cause many to think of him as a demon of sorts, after all, who allowed a bird of death to ride upon his shoulder? Or rode a steed of large proportions and ill tempered demeanor?

I would ask my mother to tell me stories of the Rogue mostly. I asked her to tell me of how he had become a knight.

When I turned ten, rumors that the Rogue had been banished from the court of Arthur's valliant Knights. Tales of how the Knight became exiled from the ranks of the Knights began to float about, floundering in all their glory as they changed, becoming more and more ridiculous in every way.

I was lucky enough however, to here the story when it first began to float about. Supposedly The Rogue had been banished due to, not following Arthur's orders to escort a group of nuns that were making their way to the Hardian Wall. In the end, the nuns had been attacked, the dozen soldiers and the nuns were slaughtered by the Woads.

My liking for the Rogue began to fade after that incident, and my idolism seemed to cling more thoroughly to the other three knights I had admired from the beginning. It was only strengthened, when, at the age of thirteen, My father journied to the Hardian wall, and I accompanied him. I was privledged a glimpse of Arthur and his six other sarmatian Knights.

When I was thirteen, tales began to linger about the country side, of a black clad figure that moved through the woods, and across the plains of the country, atop a ebony stallion that was hellish and a raven that ate the eyes of those his human companion killed. I knew it was the Rogue, and so did those who spoke of the figure and heard of the rumors from others.

But, of course, The Rogue Knight, became a fable, a myth to scare toddlers and children of eight and nine. Tales such as, 'The Rogue will unleash his raven on you, if you don't behave. ' Or, 'If you venture into the woods near the manor, you will be chased down by the Rogue and beheaded.' I would laugh when I saw the looks of horror upon the soft cherubic faces of the children as their older brothers and sisters tried to scare them.

I too, began to fade from my belief of the Rogue, for I had never set my own eyes upon him, and he seemed to only be seen by incredibley mind begotten strangers that passed through our manor for a brief moment to buy food and supplies to last them on their further travels. Of course, on my fifteenth year, near the ending of the summer time, my belief of the Rogue was renewed. Especially when the neighs of defiance and protest, of a ill tempered stallion, and the caw of a raven managed to reach my ears...

- Alecto finishes -

The black clad figure that sat before the gates of Marius Honorius' manor managed to strike questions amidst the Serfs' and Soldiers alike. They would glance at each other quizzically before glancing at the Knight who sat atop the ebony steed, perfectly still and content with his current position. Within his hand, was a bastard sword of tarnished iron and silver. Upon his shoulder sat a large raven, eyes of onyx gazed at the guards, causing one or two of Marius' men to squirm.

One of the soldiers, leaned over the ramparts of the gate and opened his mouth to speak, but alas, a hiss of air was all that was ushered forth from his throat. He coughed slightly before grinning sheepishly at the Knight that sat still below.

"What is your business here, Knight? And your name please....-" He gulped loudly as th hood of the Knight merely lifted slightly to stare back at the dumbfounded Soldier. The Knight's chapped lips cracked into a malicious crooked grin.

" I have a feeling you know who I am. Rogue Knight is what I seem to hear amidst the fires of Romans'. My business? Hmm, to come take something back that belongs to me." The Rogue's voice was crackled, from the lack of use, and seemed oddly cold and malevolent. "A woad."

The soldier gazed at the Rogue before nodding quickly and glancing over to his right towards a young boy, his master's son Alecto. "Where is your father?"

Alecto glanced over the Soldier's shoulder, and glanced quickly back to the soldier himself. "Right here." Came the chilling voice of Marius Honorius. The soldier nodded and pointed to the knight, that sat silent and staring.

"He wishes for the Woad boy."

Marius snarled at the soldier, before he cast a glance to the gate mechanism guard, giving the guard a nod, he stalked to the stairs of the ramparts and walked slowly down to the gate.

As the large gate opened, the Knight's equine moved back slightly, and whickered a protest, the raven fluttered his wings as he tried to keep his balance. In a meager trice, Marius Honorius and a group of a dozen soldiers walked out of the ajar entrance, at the plump man's side, he had a sword attached to his hip, as did every soldier aswell. The knight glanced at every Soldier with his hand firmly planted upon the hilt of his sword, and grinned.

"Your hospitality seems to surpass the Woads it seems." The cracked vocales of the Knight caused Marius to glance at the ground in a guilty manner, yet he soon shook his head and gazed maliciously at the Knight.

"About the Woad boy. I am not in the position to give him back to you-" He was interrupted as the sound of iron of a sword upon the inside of it's sheath echoed through the atmosphere. Marius was greeted with a sword leveled on his throat. A crooked grin was still upon the nearly invisible visage of the Knight.

"Oh, I think you are."

Marius stared, cross eyed at the sword. "If you are to try and kill me Rogue, my archers will have you down in a mere moment." The knight glanced about and eyed the archers which already seemed to have their crossbows aimed at the Knight. Slowly, his arm dropped and he stared at Marius.

"I want the boy."


"Then I'll fight you for him."


The Knight lept from his horse in a moment and slapped the equine's rump, causing the steed to rush away. The raven hopped from the Knight's shoulder and flew after the stallion, landing and perching himself atop the steeds head.

The Knight gripped his bastard sword in both hands, watching the Soldiers as they slowly closed in about him.

- - -

Within ten minutes, half of the soldiers lay upon the ground, either disembowled, decapitated, or cruelly pierced through the stomach to be left to bleed to death. The other half, stood around the Knight, each calling over their shoulder to have more soldiers sent out to help them with the Rogue.

The Knight raised his sword in a gleeful arch, bringing the double bladed, bloodied blade down upon the soldier nearest him. The man cried out in pain as the blade sunk into his ribcage and through to his lungs. Once again, the Rogue raised the blade, but the sound of the atmosphere being disturbed not only by cries of pain and the sound of blades, but bye something else caused the Knight to stop. Pain suddenly blossomed in the palm of the Knight, and his sword dropped to the ground. Another disturbance of the air, and yet another pain bloomed, this one in the back of the Knight's calf. Glancing down at his right hand, the Rogue observed a crossbow bolt sticking through his hand, the head poking through his palm, and the butt jutting out of the back of his hand. He didn't even have to glance at his calf, knowing that the pain there, was also a crossbow bolt.

Then another pain blossomed, in his shoulder, and the Knight gritted his teeth before sinking to his knees.

Head bowed, breathing heavily from the pain of three crossbow bolts, the Knight hardly noticed the sound of the guards scuffling feet as they parted for their employer. Marius. The round man gazed down at the Knight, and chuckled.

"You shall join the Boy, but first, let us gaze upon the Rogue Knight that was banished from Arthur's Round Table." Lifting a knarled appendage, Marius reached out to pull the hood of the Knight's cloak back. The uninjured hand of the Knight snapped up and slapped his hand away. Marius allowed his hand to retreat quickly before he reached forth again and grabbed the butt end of the crossbow bolt that protruded from the shoulder of the Knight. Yanking on it painfully, but not removing it from the puncture, he hissed into and yanked back the hood of the Knight.

Over the collective gasps, and clatter off weapons, a cry of pain issued forth from the Knight's robust chapped lips.

Marius was horrorfied and stepped back quickly, finding himself incredibley disgusted with what had been revealed. "Your.. your a.. your a..-"

The Knight glanced up and interrupted quickly. "A female? Aye.." The Rogue Knight gritted her teeth whilst she spoke.

- Alecto Speaks -

When the hood of the Rogue Knight was pulled back, I was as shocked as any other person whom had stumbled upon the event. A female! But, I thought they only took males from Sarmatia to become knights? I shook my head and stared with amazement, as did almost everyone else. I planted the woman's image within my mind.

Black hair, pulled back into a loose plait. Strands of black had escaped from her rough life, and a single russet streak marred the shadowy ebony hue, giving her a extremely odd apperance. Gray blue eyes stared out, clouded with pain she was now experienceing. She possessed two scars on her cherubic visage, one that ran from just above her right eyebrow, through her eye, to the middle of her right cheek, and another, that was probably, in the past an incredibley deep knick of a blade, for it ran over the right corner of her pouty robust lips. She was pretty, perhaps she would have been beautiful if her skin had not been marred by the scars of past battles.

There were also, probably more scars under the heavy black armour, leather and cloak, hidden from view from almost everyone, save those who must have had a intimate relation ship in the past.

I took my eyes off of the Rogue for a moment. Gazing at the bricks that created the strong wall about our manor. I tried to turn my thoughts to what my father would do with her, my mind was interrupted bye cries of pain, the neighs of protest from a equine and the cawing of denile from a raven. I glanced back and saw my father have a guard knock the Rogue over her head, causing her to collapse into an unconcious state. Two other men were chasing after the ebony stallion, that reared before he turned entirely about to face them, he then charged them, before veering off and lunging into the forest. The raven was eating away at the lips, and eyes of the dead soldiers that the Rogue had killed. I looked away quickly and ran into the manor, saving my lunch I had recently eaten, from spilling onto the cobbled court yard of our abode.

- Alecto Finishes -

Marius stared at the slumped figure of the female Knight. His lips tightened in disgust, and he glanced ominously towards the guards that stood nearbye.

"Take her to the dungeon. Take the Armour to the armoury for someone else. Oh and don't take the bolts out."

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