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The Rogue Knight

Chapter Nine: Magic Indeed.

- - -

Lancelot awoke, when the sound of a soft crooning filtered into his ears. His eyes opened, and he realized he had fallen asleep within the stables of Hadrian's wall. He sighed, and rubbed the bridge of his nose, finding comfort in the simple motion. He glanced about him, finding himself in Maximus' stall. The stallion was staring at Lancelot intently, nostrils flaring now and then as he breathed in deeply.

Lancelot smiled softly, and lifted his hand to the large equine's velvety nose. He soon frowned, and realized, that the horse was stabled next to Tristan's and Dagonet's own horses. The armour of their Knights, hanging behind them on the large oak wall. Lancelot's eyes teared up slightly, and he held Maximus' head in his hands. It was odd, for the Ill tempered stallion allowed him to do such.

"So, Fen wasn't the only to fall.. Tristan as well." The ebony stallion's eyes flickered intensely, and Lancelot blinked, finding himself staring into the occulars of a gray hue. "What the he-" He released Maximus' head, and the stallion snorted in annoyance.

The Knight quickly turned on his heel, and raced from the stables, only to bump into a glum Bors, and Arthur. "I take it you found yourself amongst the three fallen knights garb?" Arthur asked, his eyes searching Lancelot's, who in turn, merely nodded.

"Yes." He said softly.

"We burn them today, and release the horses aswell." Bors added.

- - -

The ceremony was filled with silence. Not a tear was shed. Lancelot, whom had shed enough tears earlier that day, as he sat with Maximus, found himself completely empty inside. Incapable of such, that he found himself slightly hiccuping. Bors, however, did mutter and curse Dagonet for leaving so early, and Arthur sighed heavily at the loss of two perfect scouts. The other knights, mourned for each in turn.

As the bodies burned, no one noticed as the three stallions were led from the stables of Hadrian's wall. They were untacked, unbridled, and given an apple each for their loyalty to their Knights, when their riders had stilled lived. Each Stallion, in turn, turned slightly as the scent of burning flesh and bone touched their nares. First to leave, was Dagonet's stallion, finding himself, rather, disliking the scent. Second, was Tristans stallion, who eyed Tristan's cremating area with a certain annoyance that his rider would not join him, and finally Maximus. The ebony beast, snorted, and tossed his mane once or twice, completely aware that he was to now venture the lands, with only two horses for company, rather then a raven and a woman. The ill tempered stallion turned his gaze to Lancelot, and finally Arthur, before he dipped his head downwards, and then, threw it upwards. One might call such a movement, a bow of appreciation, and it was. In it's own way. Soon, Maximus joined the other Stallions, and they rushed away, their hooves carrying them further and further, until they dissapeared into the nearby forestry.

- - -

- Alecto, Son of Marius Honorius, Speaks -

The Rogue Knight, once existed. But, no longer. The day when she died, was the day, her honorable return to Arthur, proved to everyone she was not a malicious entity, but, rather someone who had merely found joy in different aspects of life.

Over the years, King Arthur, and his round table of Five Knights, slowly died. Each Knight died before Arthur, their death more honorable then the last. Till, finally, on the day of Arthur's own death bed. No one truely expected to see a herd of equine's waiting patiently outside of the outskirts of Camelot. The herd consisted of twenty mares, and many foals, whilst, their, standing tall and proud in the front, where different Horses. Magic one would say, as they eyed the horses. For, those who had been there the day that the Seven knights stood proud at Arthur's side, might say, that the exact same stallions, stood before. Waiting. Each unchanged, and waiting eagerly for their commanders spirit to arrive in the form of his own, undying horse..

Magic indeed...

- Alecto Finishes -

- - - -

Author's Note: Weird. yup. Im done! Woot! First Fanfiction That I actually managed to finish! Yes! -dances- anyways. That was incredibley enjoyable. Sorry to all those who thought that Fenaliy shouldn't die! But, I seem to have an obsession with doing such. So if in any future rps, with female characters, that have to do with historical events and stories, then, I warn you now! She has a chance of dying.. -cough- yeah.