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Oh My Love Hina

The wish Chapter 1

Keitaro Urashima was a quiet, unassuming second year ronin of below-average status and slender build. He was a bit short for his age and had a tough love life in the past, causing him to be an almost complete paranoid when it came to women. As long as the women were ordinary, innocent, and friendly, Keitaro would be ok. But if they were flirtatious and not so innocent, wearing almost completely nothing, and beyond the ordinary Keitaro would become a bit edgy and nervous. Keitaro was left all alone in the Hinata dorm on a Saturday night, to answer the phone.

Living with the large and often obnoxious members of the Hina girls, Keitaro was what some people would call a round peg in a square hole. Tonight was to be a night among nights--a night of peace and quiet, free from the din and ruckus that always seemed to follow his dorm-mates around. The others were gone either to their friends' or to go to a part time job or whatever.
Tonight, Keitaro Urashima was going to sit back, relax and try to get a little homework done but he had to answer the phone as well.

"Yes, Naru and Mitsune had to go to a part time job. Yeah I'll tell them you called. Okay, Good-bye."


"This just really sucks!" said Keitaro in irritation, while putting the phone down.

"Why can't they buy an answering machine for once? I'm sick and tired of baby-sitting this phone! At least they should have left me something to eat." said the ronin with disdain.

He was peering lazily at his Chinese History textbook, when his stomach growled. It was a low, angry growl that started near the top of his intestines and made its way up into his abdomen, causing him to realize just how uncomfortably hungry he was getting. He made a show of checking the refrigerator, although deep down he already knew that all it contained was half a carton of spoiled milk, an empty jar of mayonnaise, and a pack of cold cuts that, legend had it, had been there since before the girls had moved in.

Oh well. I should order takeout.

Wearily, he reached for the telephone book and started paging through it in search of a restaurant that would deliver food to his dorm. He finally settled on Happy Ming's Chinese Wok--not that he actually liked their food--it was more the fact that they were cheap, close, and fast. He picked up the telephone and dialed.

"Happy Ming's Chinese Wok. Can I help you?"

Keitaro scratched his head and looked at the menu. "Yeah, I'd like an order of beef and a side of fried dumplings, please."

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line, accompanied by the sound of numbers being punched into a cash register.

"All right, that comes to five hundred ninety Yen. We'll have it ready for you to pick up in fifteen minutes."

"Um, can you make that a delivery?"

"I'm sorry, sir," the voice replied, "but we don't deliver until after five PM."

"All right, well, thanks anyway." For nothing, he thought to himself.

Keitaro clicked the hang-up button and searched for another restaurant. He finally chose the Mandarin Restaurant: their food was cheap, affordable and delicious. He dialed the number and ordered out.

"Hello this is the Mandarin restaurant. Can I help you?"

"Uhm, hello, I'd like to order one Beef Curry and one large coke, no ice please."

"I'm sorry but we only take deliveries up to six pm."

"Well, all right. Thanks anyway."

He put the phone down then dialed another restaurant. This time, no one answered. The next one didn't even do deliveries. Another recorded voice politely informed him that they wouldn't be open for another three hours. Further attempts yielded similar results--one place had closed down, another turned out to be the private residence of a man who was sick and tired of people calling his house and ordering ramen.

Isn't there a restaurant that delivers decent food! he thought as he slammed the phone down out of frustration.

OK, this is it. If this next one doesn't deliver food; I'm going out to eat.

So, picking up the phone again, Keitaro dialed the only other take-out place he could think of for the last time.

"Ah, hello. I..."

"Goddess Help Line," said a soft, compassionate voice at the far side of the line.

Keitaro blinked. "Say again?"

"This is the Goddess Relief office," a pleasant female voice spoke on the other end of the line. "A representative will be with you shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy this music. This has not been a recording."

"Ah, excuse me?" Keitaro asked, getting up to shake some feeling into his foot which had gone to sleep. Hopping on one leg, he passed the mirror in his room. "What office? Um. I'd like a pepperoni and WAAAGH!!"

The face staring back at him in the mirror had on makeup and a nice smile. Keitaro was reasonably sure he hadn't applied blush and lipstick today.

He dropped the phone, falling flat on his ass as the vision of loveliness in flowing colored robes floated out of the mirror. The silvery surface rippled, like a pebble tossed into a pond or the flow of simulated metallic liquid in a Cyberdyne Systems T-1000 or that mirror in the movie "Matrix" which Neo touched.

The woman ignored gravity's irresistible pull since falling out of the air wouldn't be graceful, and landed neatly to kneel in front of Keitaro and bow formally.

"Hello," she introduced herself. "My name is Belldandy, a goddess from the Goddess Relief Office. I'm here to handle your case, Keitaro-san."

"You just came out of my mirror!!" Keitaro shouted, pointing to the offending reflective surface and immediately pushing his back towards to the wall.

"Our job is to rescue people in distress, such as yourself. As per your request, I'm here to grant any one wish you may have, as per the Lord's contract with mankind in regards to minor miracles and deserving people, sub paragraph five, section twelve," Belldandy recited.

"Please make sure you ask for a receipt once--"

"Holy smoke, you just went THROUGH a mirror! And it's not broken or anything!"

"...yes, that's how I get around. Now, about your wish--"

Keitaro was too busy trying to peek through the inch of darkness between the standing mirror and the wall. "I don't see any holes back here. No tunnels or anything. Are you here for a room? I thought this was a girls only dorm not a inn--"

" Keitaro -san!!"

"...uh, yes?"

The Goddess repeated her sales pitch as she gave him one of her cards

"Whoa," Keitaro replied after shockingly reached out for the card, and read its contents.

"I can understand you're a little surprised," Belldandy continued, although her patience was wearing thin. "It's understandable, sir. But it's the truth. I am here to grant you any one wish you desire."

"But…I was just hungry…and I wanted to order takeout…"

"Order takeout? Is that what you desire? I can grant you anything you wish for, but you only can get one wish. "

"This is a joke, right?" Keitaro asked, suspicious. "Kitsune has to be pulling my chain here... what if I wished for something really awful, like... like an death of humanity or something?"

"Oh, sir! Naturally, applicants are pre-approved not to be the sort that would wish something as atrocious upon the planet," Belldandy laughed. "It's quite an organized system. Now then, your wish...?"

(It should be noted that Keitaro almost asked for a pizza, which would have made his life very different from that point onward and made this tale considerably shorter. Both can be seen as negative things. Still, on the positive side, he wouldn't have ended up going to bed hungry.)

This is a joke, Keitaro thought. Either this is a dream or Kitsune is playing a trick on me. Besides her coming out of the mirror must been some kind of magic trick. I bet they made a big hole in the wall and step up something. They may not know everything but they do know that I'm too scared to get a girlfriend or talk to a girl for that matter. They're using her to make fun of me at my expense. She thinks that even if you dangled an 'easy catch' in front of me, I'd mumble and mess it up. Heck I bet Su's camera is in here taping the event. I get it. The girls are trying to set me up, making me think that they went out.

"No really it's true. I am a real live Goddess and I'm here to grant you your wish. And I don't understand about you being "too scared to get a girlfriend" business," said Belldandy with curiosity.

What the... How did she do... Maybe it's just a coincidence, I mean she really can't read my mind, right.

"You mean you can't tell?" asked Keitaro.


Keitaro was still in disbelief.

Either she's the real deal or just a really good actress. Keitaro looked at her again. By the way Belldandy looked, she was really serious.

But she seems so serious about this. Well, what do I have to lose?


"Then, please stand up for a moment."

Keitaro and Belldandy stood up.

"As you can see, it's because of my height." Said Keitaro

"Your height? Really? What does height got to do with anything? Why would something like that hinder you from getting a girlfriend?"

"I give up," said Keitaro, as he sat back on the floor.

Man she looked really serious when she says that. Could it be that what she said about herself and the wish is true... I wonder if...

"So can I tell you my wish now?" Might as well give it a shot?

" Have you decided on what to wish for?"

I have a strange feeling she's not kidding. Ok, here goes nothing.

He stood up, cleared his voice and said his wish out loud.

"I wish a Goddess like you..." he said as he suddenly pointed his finger at her."... to be always with me, by my side, forever."

Keitaro then put his right hand to the back of his head.

"But really now the joke's over. Besides, such a wish can't and will not be granted. It's just impossible. So you can tell Kitsune and the others the fun is over Ms. Belldandy, if...that is...your...name."

As Keitaro looked at Belldandy, a huge bright beam of light went directly to her, piercing the ceiling and causing one big hole. Her head looked high above the ceiling, her body was floating in the air and everything in the room from empty ramen cups, boxer shorts and engineering textbooks were swirling around Belldandy. As her forehead glowed and a pillar of holy light engulfed her, she started to float and everything except Keitaro swirled around her.

For the second time that night, Keitaro experienced a liquid drop of purified panic. He hit the deck and covered his head to avoid getting a serious concussion from a stray copy of the Toudai Guide. He was also screaming a great deal, not that it could be heard over the noise and the sounds of angels singing and so on.

Once the noise and the light stopped, Keitaro was very aware he was still screaming, and decided to stop screaming for awhile. He peeked out from under a small mountain of furniture since the light show was over. Everything was in a mess except for the ceiling with its one big hole in the center. Keitaro quickly recovered from the events that just happened. His line of sight was beginning to clear...

"...your wish has been approved by the Heaven and the Lord God," Belldandy spoke... smiling. If Keitaro was a more coarse kind of guy, the following statement would have involved a very unsavory word or two.

"Oh really? So it was approved... My wish...appr... . What!!! It was approved!? You mean the one about you staying here with me forever!?" He was in total shock and panicked


"What!? This is all so messed up. I was only kidding! Isn't there a way to take it back?"

"I'm sorry. Once a wish has been approved, it cannot be cancelled. The Ultimate Force that enforces approved wishes is immense. Nobody can go against it, not even me."

"And?" he said as his body was beginning to stiffen.

"I'm here now to fulfill your wish."

"But this means you need to stay here! What can I do? I'm just a manager of a female dormitory and the girls are trying to kick me out! And if they see you here, I'm doomed!"

"I see…I'm sure you can think of something and it seems that the Ultimate Force is doing something right now…"

"But… but how would you pay to live here and what do you mean Ultimate Force is doing something?" he said as he grabbed Belldandy's arm. He looked at her with such worried eyes in which Bell herself didn't know what to say to him.

But at that moment, the manager's room door was slammed opened.

"Hey Keitaro have you been house sitting like you were suppose to?" asked Kitsune. Then she stopped at the sight of Keitaro holding a foreign girl.

Normally, Kitsune usually had her eyes hidden but this time, her eyes popped out big time. She never expected some loser like Keitaro to be with an attractive girl, not only attractive but a foreigner as well.

The girls went up to see why Kitsune suddenly stopped. They all gasped at the sight. Naru had only thought one thing about Keitaro since day one at the dorm.

Naru cried out," YOU PERVERT!"

Author's notes:

I don't know if it is just me or something. Doesn't Keitaro look in a way the same as Keiichi, black hair and stuff without the glasses? You know cousins… I just wonder that… Well that's how I got my idea.
So tell me what you readers think, thanks!