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Oh My Love Hina

Chapter 3

Morning at manager's room

There Keitaro awakens from his bed.

Wow I feel so refreshed. Hum where am I? Oh yeah in bed.

He looks around and sees the huge mess that his room is in. His eyes pop out and he thought out loud in his mind. He learned enough in the past not to wake up the other tenants in the morning.

Holy moly! That is one big mess.

He starts to think immediately how in the heck this happen.

Ok, let's see. I was studying for some prep work for entrance exams. Wait a minute, I don't really remember being in bed. Come on think!

There was a pause of moment for some reflection.

I was picking messages up for the tenants while doing some studying. I called for food but got a weird reply. That was when a woman with weird markings on her forehead claiming a goddess came through a wall and said I had a wish. I wished for some ridiculous idea considering it may be a prank but she said my wish was granted.

Before he could think anything else, he smelled a scent of breakfast. Knowing the chances that he wouldn't get a decent breakfast since all the tenants were hostile at him, he took his risk. Somehow by following with his nose, he was led into the very same path that Belldandy had taken. Going through the hallway out of the opening of the garden near the small river, he noticed that the pathway made out of stone slabs was not as broken into pieces as he had seen before. It was almost as if somebody had replaced them with new stones. But again he could not remember replacing them since it was very costly to buy these stones from the store from his current financial situation.

Going out of the other end of the bridge, a few birds flocked away as Keitaro got closer. He looked down, up, left, and right. He noticed that pretty much was very new as if it was just build. He shockingly went down the path to the main building in which he thought:

Huh? I don't remember this area looking that nice. This is the place where the couples would live. The wood is brand new and everything is restored to its original place. It was almost as if I had picture this way in my sketch book. Wow the river is flowing once again, I don't remember that.

He goes into the building seeing the stunning water fountain. He goes and tastes the water which is crispy clean. After that he goes to the hot spring in which was not any running water. He is shocked to see the hot spring running up and touches the hot which is indeed hot but not enough to scald anyone. He decides to visit the temple since it is the only place he had not seen yet. Turning around the corner, he sees a woman on a rock with a bird on one hand and the other just resting on her lap.

Oh my goddess… No way is that the same woman that granted my wish?

He looks intently at the woman who than lifted her other hand which a bird perch on it.

There is the diamond shape mark on her forehead with a triangle shape on each side of the forehead. It has to be. She looks to very same woman who granted my wish. There is only once conclusion I can say. She is indeed a Megami as she claims.

As he approached her, Belldandy turned her head to give an enigmatic smile to him sensing footstep coming to her and said:

"Good morning, are you feeling better?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah…"

Keitaro nodded and looks around.

"Was this also done by your powers?"

"Yes! How do you like it?"

"It looks so much like I had dreamed of this place to be. It is faultless…"

"You are an artist?"

"Yes I love to draw."

"That's wonderful!"

"About that wish, do you plan to stay here?"

"Yes, after all I have to fulfill the wish and I must stay here."

"In that case, I have to go get the basic necessities later in the day."

"Oh no! That's not necessary; everything we need is here already."

"Really? How?"

"Well apparently they were already here but haven't been use decades ago. Didn't you smell anything? How you expect me to cook something?"

"Well now you mention, I didn't have breakfast yet…"

"Come on in, mealtime is ready."

"Alright thanks!"

At the dining table

"Wow this is good! I would say almost superior than what Shinobu can cook."

"You mean the blue hair girl we met yesterday? She seemed to be in distress yesterday night."

"I know but there isn't anything that I can do. She just runs away from every time I meet her."


"Caused she thinks that I lied to her saying that I was in Tokyo University which was a misunderstanding and that nothing is impossible if she set her heart into doing it."

"Still even though it was a misunderstanding, that's not a reason to run away from you. You mention yesterday that the tenants want to kick you out, why?"

"Well you heard yesterday from the girls that they think I'm a pervert. It's not my fault if they didn't put a sign out on the door saying they were in the bathroom, close their door when they were changing, or simply walk in the hot spring naked when I was in the spring already. But the number one reason is that they won't want a male manager."

"You are being discriminated because you are a male?"

"I know it sounds lame but what can I do? It's like me versus a mob."

"Can't you talk to anyone?"

"I guess I can talk to my aunt but again she hits me when I call her aunt."

Belldandy just frowned. She thought that the aunt simply didn't care about her nephew situation and seemed to be more concern about her warfare than others.

"Then why not forget calling her aunt?"

"Because I think it is disrespectful."

"But still she is doing the same to you."

Keitaro thought for a while about that comment. Then he replied after finish his meal.

"You do have a point. Sometimes my morals go against me from taking correct action against them such as never hit a girl."

"Well time has change. Remember what you have wished for," said Belldandy softly.

Keitaro looked at her in the eyes.

"I guess that you are correct. I could have been tough with them if I wanted to. But the girls don't realize that they are lucky to have a manager that does care about its tenants. Eventually I will have to tell them you are living here…"

"Then let us go to get over this part of work. I have something that might calm down the situation," said Belldandy as she finished her meal and went to get the cake that was ready on the kitchen counter.

Keitaro seeing the cake just raised one of his eyebrows. He just had to ask her as they slowly walked back into the Hinata dorm from the Hinata temple. But then he realized something about yesterday with Shinobu.

"Say do you think you can do something with your outfit? I mean I don't need everybody staring at you."

"Really? Hum how do you want me to change into?"

"What about a business suit? It'll make you a VIP."

"Ok, here hold the cake though," she said as she handled the cake to him. Then, she started to glow.

Ah man not again she might make another hole again! Keitaro thought as he took cover underneath the table.

"Done!" stated Belldandy.

"How did you do that?" said Keitaro who really astonished.

"Oh, I just dismantled matter at the atomic level and rearranged a little bit. It's easy but I have to be careful… I can't do this often though."

"Where did you get the ingredients for the cake?"

"Eh, I didn't. This time was a special case so I used magic to create the cake and breakfast."

"So you can then grant more wishes with your magic right?"

"No I can't grant wishes. I'm not a genie, djinn, magician, charmer, enchantress, fortune-teller, illusionist, witch doctor or any of those performing entities. I'm just a goddess or better a messenger by the lord and I only can grant one wish to the people who deserve it. My powers are much higher than most of these wishing entities. There are no backlashes from making a wish from a goddess unlike if you had done using a monkeypaw or something."

"Wow, I would thought someone like you do much more than that."

"We goddesses are not allowed to meddle into mortal affairs until we are assigned to."

"Ah," he said not really knowing what else to say.

In the Hinata-Sou

When he arrived to the main dining room, he stopped Belldandy from proceeding any further since he heard some noises in the room.

"They are here. Please wait until I call you," he said to her. Belldandy just nodded.

He entered into the room in which everybody was having breakfast and spoke:

"A hum! I have an announcement to make."

All the girls who were eating looked up. Most of them looked somewhat alright since they did have a good night sleep but it was more of their big bumps on their head which they received yesterday. Then the shouting began.

"What were you doing with that woman yesterday?"

"What the hell happen?"

Keitaro waited hoping that all this stupid non sense would end. But the talking kept going so he had to yell: "SILENCE!"

This obviously had an effect on the girls. They never had seen their manager act like this before.

"Yesterday, I was doing business with somebody in which you had to barge in! To what happened yesterday was the result of your actions which caused you to be knock out by the client who doesn't like people barge in without knocking on the door!"

"So who is client?" asked Motoko.

"Somebody who is in need of lodging."

"What is she doing here?" asked Kitsune.

"That is for you to ask," he replied. Then he called his client. "Ok you can come!"

All the girls looked at the door in which obviously is a foreign girl.

"I present you Belldandy," he said.

"Greeting everybody," she said giving a small smile.

"So what are you doing here?" asked Kitsune who always like to butt into people's lives and being very nosy.

"I have some business to take of here in Tokyo. That is all you need to know," replied Belldandy.

"Where are you living?" asked Naru.

"She is not living in this part of the building here. She is living at the Hinata temple."

"What?" cried out the residents.

"That place was inhabitable from what I remember," said Naru.

"Well not anymore," said Keitaro. "It is off limits to everybody expect for the new tenant."

"I want to live in the new renovated place," said Kitsune.

"Perhaps you didn't hear? I said it's OFF LIMITS! Oh yeah that reminds me that you all need to pay rent today which I will collect later," said Keitaro.

Most of the residents grumbled since nobody like to pay up except for one who stood up and went to him. Obviously it was Kitsune who was a lazy person and like to pull prank on people. She went into one of those sultry acts and said:

"You know…"

But before she could continue, Keitaro just cut her off immediately. "Not this time. I'm sick and tired of your perverted acts in which you keep framing me for which I did not want to do willingly. I won't put up with it."

"Oh please, you don't even have the guts to stop. Besides, you just like all other guys who like touch certain parts of the female body," she said as she grabbed one his is hands. Of course Keitaro couldn't shrugged her off consider that there was everybody who was watching him. He still wasn't capable to fight anybody. He wasn't some martial artist that could just beat the snot of random person. All he had was his will to continue living. But the worst part in this situation was that nobody was going to stop her, except for one.

Before Kitsune could do anything to him such in forcing him to do indecent acts, Belldandy grabbed her wrist and twisted it causing her to let go Keitaro.

"You're giving the females here a bad name you know…" said Belldandy dangerously.

"So what? My chest nets me anything I need. At least mine is bigger than yours!" sneered Kitsune who was rubbing her wrist.

"Perhaps but at least mine is made of muscles instead of fat unlike yours. So when you lose weight, yours will shrink as well," smirked Belldandy. Of course it was known that insulting a goddess will net you a very high price to pay. But again, Belldandy was much smarter than using violence.

Kitsune just turned brilliant red and made one of those noises like a huff or so as she walked away. Well it was in a way kinda true since she did drink lots of sake which is pretty much empty calories.

Motoko who saw this, noticed the aura that Belldandy was emitting and was awed.

Her aura is very strong! Maybe it is strong as my sister. Ah I don't want this to be turning ugly after all; this explains how I was defeated yesterday. Better to be on her good side.

As she saw Naru who was about to do something at the guest, she stopped her. Naru looked at her who was shaking her head. Naru looked at her if she was nuts but didn't do anything since she had a good grip on her.

"So what will you be doing today with her?" asked Motoko to Keitaro.

"Giving her a tour around the district of Tokyo," he replied. "Shall we go?" he asked Belldandy.

"Yes, here is a present for my entrance," she said as she offered a cake onto the table.

Then they left.

"What about your breakfast?" hollered Shinobu.

"Had it already," hollered back Keitaro.

The girls looked at the cake and just dug in. After all they could use some dessert.

"Good stuff," said Naru.

"I agree," said Kitsune shoving as much cake she could in her mouth. A cake that taste like sake? Not bad!

"Yum! Banana cake!" exclaimed Su. Nobody took notice since she thinks everything tastes like banana.

Shinobu took one bite of the vanilla cake and thought.

The fluffiness of this cake, it is perfect! It tastes almost better than mine. Oh no! He has found a better chef than me, noooooooo

Out of the dorm

"Where to?" asked Belldandy.

"To Hinata's tea house since my aunt works at that place. I'm going to have a little chit chat with her."

"Since when did you have a backbone?"

"I always had. It is better to let the people to underestimate you. You can learn a lot from them. People who feel they are superior tend to do something stupid and you learn the true nature of them. But again I don't know how to fight so it's better just to follow suit. Say what kind of cake was that?"

"Ah not any particular favor, you see the cake works on the human mind. If you like lemon cake, the cake will taste like lemon. This cake will follow suit whatever your mind dreams of. So this should be suitable for anybody who likes cake, period."

At Haruka's tea house

There the two of them entered the somewhat crowd place. Keitaro gestured her to a table which they sat waiting for service. What they didn't know was that Haruka noticed that her nephew was at a table after serving a customer.

Keitaro is here? Well I have a fist ready to send the moment he mentioned "obaasan". she thought as she went to the table where he was. But she didn't know somebody was with him considering he was blocking her from Haruka's sight.

"Hey Keitaro what are you doing here?" she asked at Keitaro's side.

"Haruka-san, we need to talk," he said somewhat sternly hearing her aunt not even bothering to turn around to face her.

Wait a minute, did he just call me Haruka-san? No obaasan? thought Haruka to herself who was pretty much dumbfounded.

"Haruka-san? Are you there?" Keitaro asked with a tad bit concerned, as he turned around and waved his hand up and down to get her attention.

Haruka snapped back to reality facing him and nodding, slightly embarrassed at her temporary lapse.

"Please sit down. We need to talk," said Keitaro.

"What do you need?" asked Haruka as she sat down staring at him.

"I need you to be ashimane for a while time being."

"But I can't I need to stay and work here," she said.

"I doubt about that. You were both Kanrinin and working here when I was here. Tell me did you have to do a lot of work when you were Kanrinin?"

"Hum no. All I did was collect rent. The girls pretty much do the labor."

"Explain. I had to do the cleaning, cooking, and every darn thing in that dorm. Let me guess the rent is much cheaper than it should be correct?"

"Well that's pretty much on the spot. Without hiring a professional to do the job, the rent became much less. Pretty much the girls take care of Hinata-sou all by themselves."

"Well you see I have a client here in which will be living here. I won't have time to take care the girls and must accompany her around the city," he said as he gestured to Belldandy.

Haruka took a glance at the young woman in an expensive suit.

"How much is she paying," Haruka asked.

"None, for now. She lives at the Hinata temple."

"The temple? But that was in ruins! Not even grandma Hina would repair that damage."

"Well apparently it has been fixed. Don't ask how or why, it's just is. She paid for the repair cost for fixing the temple section. So now she is living at the place. I want you to make sure no girls go and bother my client understood?"


"You do know that grandma gave me the title deed to this Hinata-Sou right?"


"It means I can do whatever I want to this place. Since I am out of money using all my lifetime saving in fixing this inn, I made a business deal with her. So the temple that was fixed was by using her assets. So technically she owns a part of the inn. I am letting her live here as a way to pay off the debts to her. If the girls do something that displeases her, I will be stuck with a huge debt and I'll be forced to sell the inn."

"But you can't! The girls won't have a place to stay!" Haruka said as her cigarette fell out of her mouth.

"Precisely," Keitaro as he inched closer to Haruka's face. "That's why I'm just asking you to be ashimane, that's all. The girls refused to listen to me and it seems that they don't want a male manager in their premises. So I'll move to the temple to take care of my client and you just have to enforce the old rules before I came and collect the rent for me."

Haruka looked at him and she saw that he was dead serious. But again he might be just bluffing.

He doesn't act like anything like himself. Since when did he grow a spine? But again, I can't risk the closure of the inn since grandma would get really mad at me if the inn closes. Damn, I have no choice but to accept the terms. That woman looks really like a VIP. Usually those types are very hard to please.

Then Belldandy spoke with such manner with Haruka could not refuse her.

"Oh please do it for your love of your newphew!"

For a moment Haruka was stunned and said as she signed in defeat:

"Fine, I'll be your ashimane for now."

"Great thank! Later could you go and tell the girls about the news and collect the rent?"

"Yeah got to go to back to work, see you later. Bye," said Haruka as she left.

What on earth possessed me to even take a job like that? pondered Haruka.

"Now what?" asked Belldandy to Keitaro.

"We going to take a day out on a Tokyo tour!" grinned Keitaro.

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Kanrinin is manager while ashimane is assistant manager.

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