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It's my Belated Not Fade Away epi!

Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Illriya all looked at the monsters coming their way. They each were doing this for different reasons that led to the same cause, to stop the big bad.

Angel was in it, because that's what he stood for. He fought his battles, strong and valiant, always looking to help the helpless. Even if he knew he had become one of them himself long ago…

Spike did it to save the world. He knew it was the right thing to do, and he thought if he could help save the world, he'd give it a shot. Yeah, he knew this was probably his last battle, but not go out in a bang?

Gunn was there, feeling the fight screaming to him. He was here to help finish off the way he started. A warrior. Someone who always strived to make the place a little bit better, if only for a little while.

And lastly, Illriya. Theses opposing forces had taken Wesley from her, and she would make them pay. Simple as that.

"Let's get to work," Angel said, slicing his heavy sword across a random demons neck.

And that's how it was. They fought for the good, the pure, and the innocent. They fought, so that others could try to love in a world, with less evil, less unwanted and unasked for death. How long they held out for? Days? Years? Months? Maybe only a few hours?

All that is known, is that they had won. They had defeated the Circle of the Black Thorn. Stopped evil from reentering this plane of existence. Well, demons at least. But they had also lost their lives in doing it.


"Mommy?" a little girl asked her mother. "Yes Jenny?" asked the woman, brushing blonde hair from her green eyes.

"That was the best story ever, except for when they died! You make up the best tales!" the little girl hugged her mother and ran off to bed.

Buffy sighed and smiled, holding back the tears. "Yeah," she closed her eyes, and prayed that her friends were in a better place and at peace.