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Chapter Two:

Hermione walked down to the dungeons in a horrible mood. Snape had just given both Harry and Hermione detention for attacking Malfoy and Ron. She not only had to look forward to spending two whole hours cleaning potions supplies (without magic) but this was also her first detention, which didn't make the idea of it any brighter...

While she was musing about the awful detention that lay ahead, a person walked up behind her, grinning.

"So... Little Miss Perfect has finally gotten her first detention."

Hermione stepped dead in her tracks and turned to face the hideous Slytherin. "I am not in the mood for your pathetic insults, Malfoy, so I suggest you turn around and scurry back into your filthy little mouse-hole before I lose my patience-"

"Ahhh... In a temper today, are we?"

She turned around and walked brisk fully down the stairs to the next landing.

"Well, considering it's your first detention, maybe you need a little... advice."

Hermione sighed, annoyed, she had not lost him, as she had hoped. Turning around to look him directly in the eye she said, "I would be disgusted to ever take advice from you," She began moving again, "Besides, you wouldn't even know anything about Snape's detentions. I highly doubt he has ever given you detention. Oh, no, your family's too rich and influential for that!-"

"Sorry, Granger... after all, I was just trying to help out... a fellow student..."

"I didn't think mud-bloods were considered fellow students." Hermione shot back, icily.

Just then they reached the door to the dungeon. Malfoy grinned devilishly before heading back up the stairs, "Caterpillar droppings will clear up the smell in no time."

"PEW-IE!" Ron sat at the Gryffindor Table pinching his nose, "You two smell horrible!"

Harry glared at Ron, "You would too if you had just spent the past few hours cleaning up dragon innards!"

"Well...I didn't make you two hex me! It's your own fault you landed yourselves in detention!"

Harry was just about to retort when Hermione groaned. She slapped the book she had been reading down on the table. "There's nothing here! You would think they would have some anti-odor charm in here, but I simply can't find anything!"

"'Ere," Ron said, his mouth full of chicken, "'et me try."

Ron gulped as Hermione handed him the book. "Ew! You stunk up the book!"

Hermione glared at him.

The next morning Hermione was sitting in the common-room reading (A/N: what else?) when Harry and Ron hurried down the stairs, bickering.

"If you don't find a cure soon, you're sleeping outside, mate..." Ron turned and saw Hermione, "Hullo, Hermione..." Ron stopped and sniffed the air, "Hermione, you don't stink!!!!!!" Ron began to do a victory dance and he sang, "Sheeee ffffouuuuunnnnnnd a cccuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeee!"

Hermione blushed as she continued reading.

"So," Ron said eagerly, "What is it?"

Hermione looked up uneasily, "Err... caterpillar droppings..."

Harry raised an eyebrow as she said this. How had she found time to collect caterpillar droppings?

Ron, who didn't notice anything unusual, asked Hermione where they were and began to run up to the girl's dormitory, forgetting that he was not allowed.

He came back a few moments later, looking annoyed and ruffled, and Hermione had to fight back a giggle, "I'll get them."

Hermione became worried as she reached her room. Surely they would ask about where she had gotten the droppings from. She looked nervously around the dormitory and her eyes landed on Hagrid's hut out the window. Relieved, she decided on telling them that she had written to Hagrid and he had sent back the bottle. The truth, however, was making her quite disturbed. Last night she had received a bottle that contained caterpillar droppings and, knowing that it was from Malfoy, she had spent most of the night trying to decide if she should use it or not. In the end, she had decided to give it a try. What could be worse than the awful dragon smell?

Harry quickly rubbed the droppings onto his hands when Hermione brought them the bottle. Satisfied, Harry asked, "Where'd you get it?"

Shaking slightly she answered, "L-last night I wrote to Hagrid. He told me that these droppings would clear up the smell, and he sent me the bottle."

"Oh." Harry, however, did not seem fully convinced.

Ron, who was oblivious to what was going on, groaned. "We have Potions today... Crap."

Slowly, they made their way out to the Great Hall for breakfast and the start of an annoying potions lesson.

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