Title: The Past that Haunts Us

Author: Saiko

Disclaimers/author's notes: Umm.. By now you SHOULD know the drill on who I own and who I don't, though Richard might not be someone I'll take credit for. He's all his own. I don't like him, but he might end up redeemable in this one, b/c he's not REALLY a villain... he just turned out that way....

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Chapter One: Home is where the heart is... So what does that make this place?

Ana Maria's eyes grew the further she stepped into the house. She turned her wide eyes back to Jack who looked thoroughly unimpressed and he sighed. She had jumped on the idea of returning with Richard and Marie to London, which had surprised him. He'd expected her to be willing to go, but certainly not excited. Her attitude towards the little trip had been the deciding factor. Now Jack reminded himself why he didn't allow women to effect his judgment.

"This place is beautiful."

Marie smiled widely. "Thank you. Make yourself at home, please. You two are welcome here as long as you'd like."

"Did Will say 'e'd come 'long later?" Jack asked as he looked down one hall to another.

"In a week, best I remember," Richard said as he stepped in behind the small group.

Jack took a deep breath as he ventured further, followed closely by his first mate who seemed utterly enthralled by the entire place. To the pirate captain, this was a cage. He had begun to feel the suffocating claws of London coming down on him even within the first five minutes in the city. He hated it. The only time that he had been willing to go back there in years after he'd left his "family" was to visit William Turner's family and the such. He'd never expected to find himself in this house again.

He felt Ana's hand on his arm and he was sure that Marie had said something about getting settled in while he had been lost in thought. He let Ana lead him wherever she wanted to go and he followed. She was one of those very few people which had his full trust to do with him as they pleased. When he stopped to think about it, the only people who had that would be Ana Maria and the Turner family.



"You all right, Cap'n?"

"Oh yeah," he answered with fake cheer. "Just peachy, luv. You?"

She glared slightly, noting the sarcasm. "If you didn' want to come, you could 'ave said so."

Jack sighed as he closed the door behind them and leaned against it. "There are a few memories 'ere, luv. I'll be fine, but ye 'ave to give me time to sort it out, eh?"

Ana nodded as she reached forward, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I love you, you know that, right? I'll be here."

The pirate captain smiled into her dark hair and pulled her closer. "Aye, luv, I know."


"I heard an interesting rumor today."

Jack turned from his crouched position and looked at Harry Johnston. The boy was tall and lanky, too long for his own good. "An' I'd care?"

Harry grinned a menacing grin. "I heard that the pirate that was hung here nine years ago was your father. The one they tried to keep quiet but it got out, remember? We were all so young..."He paused, eyeing the smaller lad who had not risen. "So, was he?"

"'e was."

"I knew it," Harry laughed. "You've never been like anyone else, have you, Jacky?" He saw the tan boy cringe at the nickname. "Why don't you go back to where you belong, Jacky? Leave the people that belong here."

Jack stood slowly. "I'd hush tha' loud mouth of yers before ye get a black eye."

"Can't even talk properly."

"'m warnin' ya, Harry."

"Hit me. Your old man will rattle your brains into the next year."

Jack did hit him, and Richard had taken out the building anger out on him that night.


"You look absolutely lovely," a voice drifted through the house and woke Jack from his nap. He blinked and sat up from where he'd curled up on the couch, not even meaning to. That voice was familiar...

"Thanks." That was Ana Maria's voice. She sounded stand offish from whoever was in the room with her, but she tended to be that way at times. Jack finally stood and decided to saunter into the sitting room. Ana looked as uncomfortable as she sounded in the dress Marie had given her to wear and she seemed to be inching away from a man that looked as familiar as he sounded, but the pirate still could not place him. Ana noticed him then and hid a small smile. "Have a good nap?"

Jack frowned, but then a grin tugged at his lips. "Wonderful, luv. Nice dress."

"Do I know you, sir?" the unidentified man asked, looking him over carefully.

"I dunno, mate. Coniserin' I don' know you."

The man's eyes widened a bit. "That drawl... Marie, is this...?"

Marie smiled a bit. "Yes, Jack finally decided to come for a visit. Ana Maria is his lady friend that came with him."

"Meaning hands off," Jack said hiding a grin. He had always found it entertaining how his mother's crowd tried so very hard to be polite when they could always come out and say whatever was on their mind with little to no consequence. "An' who might you be?"

"Harry Johnston."

Jack flashed a very quick smile – Ana's only cue of his change in comfort – before allowing his lips to form a frown.

"What? Nothing to say, Sparrow?"

"Nothin' worth the time it'd take, Johnston," the pirate said as he turned to leave the room.

"A moment of your precious time," Harry said lowly as he followed Jack into the room adjoined to the sitting area. He moved around to the couch Jack had been dozing on a few minutes before. "She really is a beauty."

"Keep yer grimy 'ands off Ana Maria, Harry."

Harry lit a cigar that he'd pulled from his pocket nonchalantly. "What do you have to offer her, hmm?"

"Ana chose a life as I have year ago," Jack bit out.

"Ah yes, but had she seen all this?" Harry asked, motioning to the large house. "Does she know what she COULD have?"

"Get out."

"You just know that it's a possibility that that lovely girl might leave you for this."

Jack grit his teeth, willing his temper down and reminding himself that he was no long fourteen and had learned plenty of controlling his actions. "Out."

Harry gave the pirate a satisfied smile and started for the door, pausing briefly next to him. His voice was low as he spoke. "You know that I'll find some way to get you out of the way, hmm? Your stepfather and grandfather have all but raised me. You will be out of my way." That said he walked out, leaving Jack to fall back against the couch.


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