Chapter Four: Homeward Bound, with delays

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"Blast," Jack growled under his breath as he peered out the window. He was forcing his noncorporative mind to suppress the flashbacks he was having to when East India barged into William's home to attempt to claim him. So many years ago and yet it still haunted him. Rebecca had never let him step foot inside that house again, but he'd warned her.

"Out the back would work the best, wouldn't it?" Richard asked as he peered over his stepson's shoulder.

"It'll 'ave to." He paused. "They'll go after you an' Marie for 'elpin' us."

Richard stared at him for a moment. "They wouldn't dare."

"Sure they would."

"Hence the reason we're coming with you."

Both men turned to see Marie standing in what her son was sure was most likely the plainest dress she owned – yet would still be amazing to most of the common folk in the Caribbean – and a bag in each hand. Her husband gawked. "What do you think you're doing, Marie?"

"We're going with them. I don't know about you, darling, but jail really isn't the most appealing place to spend our time, nor the most intelligent use of it, I should think. We'll be taking a prolonged trip to Jamaica, how does that sound? I need to make sure those to children don't disappear from where they're suppose to be again." She said it all with a smile, but Jack knew the tone. Even Richard could not stand up to the quiet demands of Marie Sparrow Bruckworth. She narrowed her eyes only slightly, but her smile remained. "Your bags are in the hall, Richard. I packed them for you. We'll have our furniture and such sent for by someone we trust."

"Where did you ever come up with this insane idea?" her husband managed.

"Ana Maria and I thought it up not twenty minutes ago. Now we're wasting time and I'm sure the Pearl is waiting on us. It's rude to make that wonderful crew wait."

Richard stared at her a moment as if she'd lost her mind, and when he'd decided that perhaps she finally had and that he himself was quickly loosing what he thought of as his sanity, he stepped into the hall to collect his bags. "Then off we go."

If there was something Jack Sparrow knew about London, it was how to get through the alley ways. He was a master of it, if he did say so himself. Not that he was arrogant about it, heavens no. He simply knew the truth.

The small group of four made it to the Black Pearl in good time, reaching the ship nearly unscathed. Richard had remained quiet the entire way, shocked into, his stepson was sure. It was only when the reached the docks that trouble arose. Policemen were stationed all around the docks, eyes open for anything that might happen. Jack frowned when he saw this. "Bloody 'ell," Jack mumbled.

"This might be a bit of a problem," Marie muttered in agreement.

"It doesn't look like they've hurt the Pearl or 'er crew, Jack. They're just there," Ana observed. "'aven't laid a 'and on 'er."

"Good thing for 'em," the pirate captain growled. "'ey'd 'ave touched me ship and..."

"Might we think of a way to board your ship instead of thinking up what might have happened?" Richard ventured.

Ana and Marie made eye contact and the two women shared a mischievous smile as they stood and left the hiding place. Richard and Jack exchanged questioning glances.

"Sir?" Marie called out to the constable that stood at the Pearl's dock where the schooner was docked. "Please, sir? Might you be of some help to me?"

"Yes, ma'am, of course. What is it?"

"Ye could not move and not make a sound for starters," Ana hissed from behind him, the barrel of her pistol digging into the man's back. "Secondly ye could pull yer weapons from yer person an' drop 'em a good distance away."

"Better yet," Marie said in her quiet manner. "Might you be so kind as to drop them in the ocean there? Yes, thank you, lad. Terribly sorry about all of this."

Jack and Richard had stepped forward to get a better view and rush to the rescue if need be, but it was apparent that it needn't be. The younger man chuckled. "Tha's just lovely," he mumbled as he moved forward. "Now, you two make a good team."

"You're the pirate!" the constable gasped.

"Give the boy a prize," Ana grumbled. "Now stay put and don' make a sudden move 'till we're fare away unless ye'd like a bullet through ye."

"He could yell once we're far enough away," Richard pointed out.

Jack grinned. "The cannons, old man. Keep up."

Richard glared a moment, but then moved to the small schooner to help his wife in. They were off and away as the young constable stared in utter shock.

"That was too easy."

Jack looked at his first mate. "Count it as a blessin' an' move along, Ana, luv."

She shook her head. "It's not over, Jack. It's never over this quickly."

Mr. Gibbs was there to haul them aboard and welcome Marie and Richard back once more, with a comment about dropping them off just to pick them right back up later on. Richard answered that that certainly hadn't been the plan in the beginning, but some circumstances were unavoidable.

"Indeed they are," Gibbs answered, attempting to follow the learned man's speech.

"We're settin' sail an' all's safe, luv. We're fine," Jack assured Ana as he embraced her from behind. "Aren't ye 'appy with tha' at least?"

She turned to look at him and her eyes focused behind him instead. "I would be if we there weren't a stowaway standn' behind ye, Cap'n."

Jack spun just before Harry's knife came at him. He shoved Ana Maria away and dove the opposite direction. Harry looked livid as he stood there, knife in hand. The pirate glared at him. "Who the bloody 'ell let 'im on board?!" he demanded to no one in particular. He managed to kick the knife away as the young man lunged again.

"No luck for you, Captain Sparrow," Harry growled out with a laugh, pulling his pistol from his jacket.

Jack pulled his own and cocked it, leaving Harry to stare at him for a moment. The gunshot rang out over the deck, sending Harry falling back onto the deck. Jack stood from where he'd met the deck a moment earlier and looked down at the dead man with his face twisted in disgust. "Somethin' I learned 'long time ago, mate, never hesitate when someone's got a gun pointed at ye as well."


The pirate grinned as his first mate landed him back on the deck. "Daft fool! Listen to me next time," she growled out from her place nearly on top of him.

He continued to grin as he tugged her down against him by the shoulders and his mouth met hers. She didn't protest.

Richard stared for a moment. "In the open... with everyone watching..."

Marie gave him a sly look that he hadn't seen in years. "Richard, darling, it's a pirate ship. Who's going to care?" She gave a sigh. "He's so much like his father..."

Her husband's shoulders sagged at this. "Some things are better left unsaid, dear..."

Jack broke the kiss with his lover and looked up at her. "By the way, luv, what did ye tell Harry back at the 'ouse?"

A sly grin crossed her face as she put her finger to her lips and then leaned down to kiss him again.

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