Konohagakure no Sato. The huge gates were closed shut as guards stood on the towers. Their trained eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of the Retrieval Party sent by Tsunade. Not far from where the guards were stationed a small group of people stood waiting. Most of them were Kunoichi sitting patiently by the gates. Waiting for news of the arrival of the team. Among the group were Yamanaka Ino , Haruno Sakura , Hyuuga Hinata and Tenten. Not far from the kunoichi's their senseis were lounging around rather bored. A green clad Jounin with a bowl hair cut was bawling and crying. Crying about his precious student Rock Lee who had ran after the team. Hatake Kakashi rolled his eyes as he placed his book back in his pockets, sighing he got up from his position and knocked Gai out. The blow was swift sending Gai dropping to the ground like a ton of bricks.

The kunoichi weren't paying attention to the Jounin's actions. Sakura just stared at the gates never letting it out of her sight. Hinata was twiddling with her fingers thinking about Naruto while Tenten just looked at Sakura and Ino.

'Sasuke-kun please be alright' Sakura thought

Sakura could careless about whether the team returned safely or not as long as Sasuke was back. 'Naruto you better keep your promise to me' Sakura thought. Her thoughts were disturbed when she felt Ino tapping on her shoulder.

Ino tapped her rival/bestfriend on the shoulder trying to get her attention. "Hey Forehead Girl!" Ino said while tapping more into Sakura's shoulder trying to get a response from the Pink haired Kunoichi. "What Ino-Pig?" Sakura finally replied with a bit of anger in her tone. "You think they'll be back soon?" Ino questioned caustiosly knowing this was a delicate subject for Sakura.

"Yes I'm sure they will be back soon. Anytime now Sasuke will come thru those gates along with the others.Naruto promised me he will bring Sasuke-kun back" Sakura answered impatiently while letting her gaze settle on the huge wooden gates once again. Ino was taken aback by Sakura's reply. 'It seems all she cares about is Sasuke...She doesn't even care about the others' Ino thought as she moved away from her friend.

One of the guards from the tower suddenly yelled "THEIR BACK!!! THEIR BACK!!!" The group immediately rushed towards the gate as it opened. There just a few steps form entering Konoha were the team sent to retrieve Uchiha Sasuke. Nara Shikamaru , Uzumaki Naruto , Inuzuka Kiba , Hyuuga Neji , Akimichi Chouji , and Rock Lee. Shikamaru and Naruto were dragging two bodies behind while Kiba and Neji were placed on a sand stretcher made by Gaara. The Sand team stood back just observing while Rock Lee ran to the group and yelled "Get the Medic –nins Quickly please." His voice hinted urgency and fear. Tenten quickly snapped out of her reverie and ran towards the hospital. Naruto laid the battered body of Sasuke on the ground while Shikamaru whispering to Chouji "We're here Chouji just hang on for a few more minutes."

"Let me thru..Let me thru!!" A pink haired Kunoichi said as she moved her way passed the crowd that was forming. "Sasuke-kun!!" Sakura yelled as she ran to the fallen form of her love. "What happened to him?? Why isn't he answering??" Sakura cried as she tried to shake the Uchiha into consciousness. "Sakura-chan" Naruto said as he calmly placed a hand on her shoulder. His voice having no emotion as Naruto hid his pain. "I kept my promise!" Naruto said proudly beaming at his crush. "What did you do to him??" Sakura asked hatred completely filling her eyes. "I...I" Naruto just stammered as he tried to answer. Sakura stood up and mustering up her strength. She sent her fist flying at the Blonde genin. Her fist connected with Naruto's face sending him tumbling back a few feet away. His face filled with sadness as he willed himself not to burst into tears. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM??" Sakura roared in anger as she lifted Naruto abruptly by the scruff of his orange jacket. Sakura shook Naruto while continuingly saying those words. "Sakura!! Stop it!" Ino and Hinata pulled Sakura apart from Naruto. Naruto had just stood there looking at the ground , pain and confusion plastered on his face. He was confused What did he do wrong?? Didn't he fulfill his promise? He just stood there looking at the ground. Sakura tried to get loose from Ino and Hinata's grip.

Meanwhile the Medic-nins had arrived and were tending to the wounded. Short while later Tsunade , Fifth Hokage arrived at the scene with her medical supplies. Shizune following closely behind. Tsunade immediately told the Medic's to bring the injured to the hospital. They patched up Shikamar who had minor injuries but rushed Chouji , Neji and Kiba to the hospital. Tsunade arrived just in time to witness something that sent her heart down to the pits of hell. A mob had formed around Naruto and were attacking him. Yelling curses at him and throwing rocks and weaponry. Tsunade's eyes went wide with horror as a ninja performed a technique. "Katon: Goukayou no jutsu!" The fireball shot towards the still standing Blonde Genin. All the while Sakura watching and laughing at what was about to happen. Ino and Hinata were both disgusted by her actions. When the blaze subsided gasped and screams of protest were made. A wall of sand had protected Naruto while the angry form of the Fifth hokage and Toad Hermit Jiraiya stood over the boy. "Get out of here you Demon!!" One villager yelled while another said "Die!! Get away from here!! You did this to the last of the Uchiha!" Tsunade wrapped her arms protectively around the boy.

"Is this how you people show your gratitude to those who just saved your lives?" The voice of Gaara rang out from the yells. Silence then came over the crowd as they saw the sand swirling around them. Behind Gaara stood his sister and brother. Kakashi and Gai stood beside Tsunade , their eyes glaring at the mob. "It's alright Obaa-san I'll be alright." Naruto said his voice filled with sadness and pain. Tsunade hugged Naruto tightly. She then handed Naruto to Jiraiya and nodded to her comrade. She then sent a glare at the crowd. "How Dare You Say that to my brother!" Tsunade enraged by the way the people treated someone who just risked his life to save Uchiha Sasuke the traitor. "You people are a worthless piece of trash!" Gaara now showing a large amount of killer intent. "This is how you treat someone who had just save that sorry excuse of a weakling!" Gaara said his eyes glaring at the crowd. "Get him out of here!! Take that Demon away from here!!" The crowd yelled even louder. Tsunade then sighed and said "Jiraiya take Naruto away from this place....Train him well...Teach him of his past." Jiraiya nodded and once more glared at the crowd. He muttered "Be thankful you ungrateful pieces of shit. " A fury of Kunais came out of nowhere aimed at Naruto but it never even reached the boy. Kakashi had defelcted the kunais with his own Kunais. "If any of you even try to hurt Naruto again or even make a move towards him. I swear I will rip your hearts out and feed it to my dogs!" He roared angrily as the sound of a thousand birds suddenly filled the air. Jiraiya silently gave Kakashi a nod of thanks and left with Naruto. The crowd tried to gave chase but they were stopped by the Hyuuga Family. Hyuuga Hinata lead her family to the gates. Beside her Hiashi glared at the crowd his stance going into the traditional Hyuuga Style: Gentle Fist. "You will not take a step further" Hinata's once shy voice rang out with determination. Tsunade turned and watch as her comrade and Naruto disappeared from view. "Be Safe Naruto" Tsunade said as she shooed the crowd away. Hinata and the Hyuuga Family take one last look outside the village. "Come Back stronger Naruto-kun" Hinata whispered to herself.

Naruto and Jiraiya would not be seen in Konohagakra no Sato in 4 years.