The Arena was starting to get restless as the long wait for the next matches took longer. Naruto was nowhere to be found while the thrid Hyuuga Elite stood in the middle of the grounds patiently waiting. Kakashi stood a few feet from the Elite , his nose buried in Icha Icha Paradise volume 28. The Hyuuga was a bit curious as to what the masked Jounin was reading and the occational chuckle that came from the Copy-nin. 'What the heck is in that book?' The Hyuuga thought as he tried to use his Byakugan to peer thru Kakahsi's shoulder.

The sound of the gentle whirlwind of leaves announce the arrival of the Last Shinigami. Kakashi took his eye off the page he was reading and raised an eyebrow at Naruto. The blonde teen was grinning as he rubbed his stomach. Kakashi sweatdropped knowing full well where Naruto had gone to. "You're Late" Kakashi simply said as he began to move towards the sides signalling the thrid match to begin. Naruto finally went back to the task at hand as the Hyuuga Elite wasted no time in attacking the still daydreaming Naruto.

Naruto was sent rolling into a wall which created a small crater that sent quakes all over the stadium. 'Ouch That Hurt' Naruto thought as he dusted himself off the rubble. he quickly brought his knee up to block a spinning kick coming from the side. he quickly took the offensive and sent the Hyuuga crashing backwards. Without hesitating Naruto quickly rushed towards the Hyuuga as the blazing flame of a Goukakyou escaped from Naruto's lips heading straight towards Hyuuga Okiyo. Okiyo had a smirk on his face as a huge tornado of chakra surrounded him shielding him from the flames.

Naruto could only watch as Okiyo stood up with the chakra tornado still surrounding him. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he observed what Okiyo was doing. Okiyo continued to stand there when the chakra tornado stopped its spin and Okiyo rushed forward , his hands stretched out in the gentle fist style. Naruto quickly blocked the attack with a arm, he felt some of the chakra surrounding his arm decrease after Okiyo's attack.

"Like my Tornado Spin?" Okiyo questioned as he charged forward again , this time pulling out a kunai from his holster and throwing the object towards Naruto. Naruto quickly caught the kunai before it was able to hit its mark but Okiyo appeared below him and sent an uppercut to his chin. Naruto flew upward as Okiyo continued to attack him, Naruto quickly focused some chakra into his feet and arms as he caught Okiyo's fist which was inches from his face. 'Ok This guy has a advance form of the Heavenly Spin..something I thought was impossible.' Naruto thought as he landed with a thud while his opponent casually stood before him.

Naruto quickly performed a handseal as images flashed through his mind. With a smirk Naruto rushed towards Okiyo , in both his hands two Rasengan started to form. Okiyo smirked as he saw Naruto start to charge him using the Rasengan. 'This is all too easy' Okiyo thought as he prepared for the Tornado Spin to defelct the attack. Naruto suddenly multiplied by 5 as two Shadow clones on each side appeared beside the blonde and disappear from the Hyuuga's view. The Hyuuga immediately performed his technique the Tornado Spin to deflect Naruto's rasengan.

Four black blurs started to run around the Tornado spin while the real Naruto continued to charge forward. The four clones materialized above Okiyo, both hands held techniques that created alot of noise and damage. On each left hand the sparks flew as the thousand chirping noise intensified , while on each right hand the sound of a thousand hurricanes joined the deafening sound. Okiyo quickly added more power to his absolute defense when to his horror Naruto plunged two Rasengans into the ground between the border where the Tornado spin started and the ground which was creating a large crater.

The erupting explosion caused a huge chunk of earth to fly up into the air. Okiyo quickly tried to stabilized his already faltering absolute defense but two hands came from underneath and sent a foot upward. Okiyo was flung higher into the air. The four descending clones met Okiyo with four Rasengans and electricuted him into paralysis. Naruto quickly took hold of the paralyze Okiyo and started to spin towards the ground intending to piledrive the Elite Hyuuga.

Up in the bleachers two Taijutsu specialist looked on as Naruto performed the Front Lotus. Their faces were filled with shock as the spinning fighters continued to descend at alarming speed. 'That's crazy! Spinning faster will cause disoreintation!' Gai thought as a huge dust cloud enveloped the whole arena..

Kakashi meanwhile had to see who won the third match. The crowd were anxious to know what happend on the arena. One minute the Hyuuga Elite Okiyo was standing there waiting for his opponent. The next he was flung into the air by some unseen force then beaten up badly while in mid-air. His opponent Uzumaki Naruto the last of the Shinigami clan had stood there while five of his clones attacked Okiyo. Clones strong enough to perform...Rasengan...Chidori...and...Front Lotus...

When the dust cleared Okiyo was found his head stuck on the ground while his body lay limped. Naruto scratched the back of his head and gave Kakashi a grin. "Hehehe I guess I over did it" Naruto said as he reached onto his pocket and popped a soldier pill into his mouth. The chakra he had used took a good amount of it , even with a soldier pill little was returned to him, Naruto shrugged as he popped two more into his mouth. The wind blowing the dust away as the last of the Hyuuga Elite stepped into the arena.

Naruto took one look at the last of the Hyuuga Elite and immediately figured out something was wrong with him. The last of the Hyuuga Elite had ebony hair that seemed to be made of silk and the face seemed familiar. The Hyuuga Elite took of the cloak covering his whole body to reveal the figure of a woman. Naruto's jaw dropped at the sight of his fourth opponent. 'A Girl?' Naruto thought as the girl slid into the gentle fist stance.

"I am Hyuuga Meeko" The last Hyuuga elite said , as she disappeared from Naruto's sight. Naruto wasn't surprised by the girl's speed since her body seemed to have been trained for speed. Naruto suddenly felt himself being thrown into a wall, Meeko's palm appearing before him. The attack came so suddenly that Naruto didn't have much time to retaliate. Shaking his head trying to let the sense of confusion pass, Naruto leaped to the right using instinct alone. Meeko's byakugan orbs intensified as she watched her opponent escape.

A soft growl escaped her lips , her vision giving her a 360 degree sight but with a tiny hole which was the blind spot of the Byakugan. She had trained herself to a point that the blind spot almost ceased to exist not like the famed Hyuuga prodigy Hyuuga Neji who had completely erased the blind spot with intense training. She gritted her teeth..oh how much she hated her brother Neji. The person who had told her destiny could be changed, she never believed him her duty was to Hanabi. Her thoughts were brought back to reality as Naruto threw a punch intended at her face.

Meeko smirked as she initiated the Kaiten which sent Naruto rolling backwards. The spinning dome that Meeko created continued to widen as the girl poured abit more of her chakra. She finally stopped spinning after creating a large perimeter around her. Naruto stood from where he had crashed minutes ago. 'Okay..I forgot Hyuuga's could do that..Now what?' Naruto thought as Meeko bit into her thumb and wipes blood on her forehead. As the blood came into contact with Meeko's forehead the cursed seal glowed a bright green.

"Hyuuga Hijutsu: Byaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu" Meeko said as she slammed her hand on the ground. Two clouds of smoke erupted from where Meeko's hand landed. A loud roar came from the smoke as Meeko stood there in the Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou stance. "This is the secret technique of the branch house. Summoning of the White Tigers" Meeko said as two large white tigerswere poised into an crouch. Naruto meanwhile was abit happy since now he could really have a challenge.

Up in the stands Hiashi had a very serious expression on his face. He had never dreamed that the branch members would figure out the curse seal was also a part of the summoning contract for the White Tigers of the Hyuuga Clan. The main house always had control over the Tigers and would sign the blood pact as soon as they reached Chuunin ranked. The contract was locked deep inside the Hyuuda Main house mansion also the key to the contract which was also the Bird in the Cage Seal. The branch members were the ones that held the key to the contract of the White Tigers.

Naruto quickly flipped backwards to avoid a swipe from one of the Tigers but he also needed to create a distance between him and Meeko. 'Okay she as tiger summons..I need to summon something too but what let's see..Fox..nope..Toad..nope...Wolf.. nope...Lion..hhmmm Okay...' Naruto thought as he quickly bit into his thumb and wiped a red smear on his arm. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Naruto exclaimed as a large cloud of smoke erupted.

A lion with its mane seemed to be made of flames emerged from the smoke, the lion bared its fangs at the tigers as it stretched its large body. Naruto meanwhile was going thru a set of handseals while keeping his eyes on Meeko. 'okay this should even up the odds' Naruto thought as the last hand seal was finished. "Mokuton: Jukai Koutan" The whole arena was dumbstruck as a forest literally started to grow in the middle field. Tsunade and all of the Shinobi's present were watching a jutsu that the Shodaime had created and this new Jounin had just used a kage level jutsu..Well he could do a kage level jutsu since he was 12 - Rasengan - so Tsunade wasnt that much surpirsed..

Naruto's summon immediately bounded towards the Two tigers , flames erupting from it's trail. The Lion 'Shiro' was communicating with Naruto thru the Kyuubi Bloodline enabling the teen to fight with Meeko without worrying about his summon. The blonde teen quickly ducked down , narrowly dodging Meeko's fist. Naruto quickly spun in a 360 degree and sweeped Meeko off her feet.

Meeko gasped in shock as pain shot thru her stomach area, a spike made out of plant life had pierced her mid-section. She spat out blood as she quickly severed the chakra flow within the plant and struggled to stand up. Blood freely flowing down her wound as she gritted her teeth trying to send chakra to her midsection to close the wound. "You will Pay for that you insulent brat!" Meeko screeched as she rushed forward at outstanding speeds towards a rather serious looking Naruto.

A large roar was heard from Meeko's left causing her stop halt to a stop. Wrong decision , Naruto's summon had its claws outstretch and was leaping at her. Shiro struct sinking its burning claws into Meeko's skin. Meeko's tormented scream was heard asthe lion;s flaming mane caught onto Meeko's flesh instantly setting her whole body ablaze. Six feet away two defeated white tigers lay there as they whimpered while watching their summoner die.

"You are within my field of Hakke " A female voice came from behind Naruto as the blonde teen turned around to face a seemingly unharmed Meeko. "Hakke: Ni Hyaku Go Juu Rokushou! ( Two Hundred FiftySix Points of Divinity" Meeko announced as she launched herself at Naruto with blinding speed. Up in the stands Neji watched as his sister performed the final form of the Points of Divinity. 'Hn..She's grown rather interesting' Neji thought as he waited for Naruto to counter this attack. 'Naruto took 64 point of Divinity head on 4 years ago and still stood to beat the crap out of me.'

Naruto coughed up some blood that had filled his mouth , coating the ground with a tint of red. 'Crap I didn't know there was an even more advance move than that' He quickly tried to channel some chakra but found that he was only a little would surface. "It's useless if you try...Your chakra will return only after I have beaten you" Meeko spoke as she stood in a offensive stance ready to deal the final blow on Naruto. "Even with your reputation as Shadow Fang will be of no help here. Stand down and admit defeat."

Naruto looked at Meeko , his piercing sapphire orbs narrowed to a rather cold glare almost as if his eyes changed color to a golden color. Naruto slid his body into a fighting stance. "From this point on, this is pure Taijutsu and Speed" Naruto spoke as he continnued to stare at Meeko who waited for him to attack. Naruto placed his right foot forward while letting most of his weight fall on his torso. His right hand held parallel to his chest , while his left held loosely behind him.

Maiku watched Naruto carefully as she tried to weight the situation. She knew that Naruto would be able to withstand the final technique of the Hyuuga clan. This is what made Naruto famous within the Hyuuga clan for. The only shinobi , other than the fourth ,alive to be able to withstand a Hakkeshou Technique from a Hyuuga and still stand up and beat the hell out of the Hyuuga. Living example would be her older brother Neji. "Come.. Time for you to learn why I am called the Shadow Fang."

Everyone from the crowd watched anxiously when Naruto proclaimed this , they wanted to know why he was called such a name. Jiraiya meanwhile had a knowing smirk on his face as he watched the fourth fight between the Hyuugas and the sole heir to the Shinigami clan. 'That Hyuuga is screwed' Jiraiya thought as he looked at Tsunade giving her a grin before returning to the battle below.

'I know his moves from this point on will be lethal. It can probably finish a person with one blow but after he stkes he will be defenseless.' Meeko thought as she prepared to defend any of Naruto's attack. 'He's very fast almost his speed rivals that of a God. If I can dodge his attack.' She thought watching Naruto's stance trying to pin-point any weak points. 'But can it..can it be dodged?' She thought almost unsure about the possibility of dodging a direct blow from her opponent. 'Sure..Sure it can be dodge. His injuries and the sealing of most his chakra will be his handicap. I can beat this punk' She thought reassuring herself.

Meeko chose to attack first , charging forward at an amazing speed. "It's over Shadow Fang!" She roared as she thrust her right arm forward for a fatal blow. Naruto quickly dodged to the left then swung his left arm at her a tunnel of wind following the arm as Naruto called out the technique "Harken!". A shock look could be seen on her face but Naruto's fist shot past her missing her face by centimeters the winds cutting on to her upper torso, Meeko had stepped back just in time to dodge it. Seeing her chance , Meeko raised her arm to strike Naruto's exposed back. "I Win this match Uzumaki! Fate has chosen me as the victor!" She yelled when suddenly Naruto's right foot caught her arm which then proceeded to break. Meeko was then sent to a wall as Naruto planted his fist into her stomach.

The sound of bone crunching and breaking could be heard as silence engulfed the whole stadium. Meeko watched in horror as her arm limped and twisted in a odd direction, pain coursing thru her body. She then saw Naruto's position. The arm he used for his first attack was now planted on the ground for support while his right foot raised high up in the air. 'He used his first attack as a faint knowing I'll be able to dodge it then use his right foot to render my arm useless and send me into a wall' Meeko thought as the referee kakashi approached her.

"Uzumaki Naruto Kage Ryu: Ryoba no Jutsu: Fuusha ( Uzumaki Naruto Shadow Style: Double Edged Skill: Windmill). I broke the muscles in your arm to disable any movement and both your legs are paralyze from the last attack. " Naruto said Kakashi announced that he had won the match. With a foxy grin Naruto calmly waited for his final opponent. Every in the stands were waited in anticipation at the next and final match. The Hyuuga clan leader Hyuuga Hiashi vs the sole heir to the Uzumaki and Shinigami clan Uzumaki Naruto also known as the 61st Sevalle 'Shadow Fang'

Hiashi himself was excited fighting Naruto, the boy had proven himself each passing the fights. Hiashi had a smug look on his usual emotionless face as he teleported from the viewing area to the arena. Naruto meanwhile was currently unsealing his tenketsus. Blue and Red chakra swirled around the blonde teen as the process finished, the chakra quickly retreated back into his body as Hiashi and Kakashi caught the boy's attention.

"Final Match: Hyuuga Hiashi vs Uzumaki Naruto" Kakashi announced as he quickly jumped back narrowly getting hit by two large booms that were caused by Hiashi and Naruto as they traded testing blows. Naruto had a smile on his face as he quickly went into the Shadow skill stance. 'Time to use all out annihilating techniques' Naruto thought as Hyuuga Hiashi rushed towards him ,byakugan blazing with excitement and fury. Naruto quickly spun his right arm to deflect hiashi's incoming palm while trying to avoid Hiashi's foot.

"Sometimes a Hyuuga must escape the cage of the Jyuuken and learn new styles" Hiashi announced as he went into a stance similar to Maito Gai and Rock Lee. Naruto had a look of surprise at the change of stance from the Hyuuga, but it disappeared quickly as Hiashi chose to attack again this time his speed and way of fighting dramatically increased. 'Shit His fighting style change to an aggresive one' Naruto thought as he quickly ducked down to dodge Hiashi's fist then let his foot latch on to Hiashi's neck and begin to spin around him. "Boomerang!" Naruto roared out as he quickly released his foot landing on his hands.

Hiash staggered backwards from Naruto's attack as the blonde teen once again launched himself towards Hiashi. Naruto's foot blazing in red energy as he closed in on the smirking Hyuuga. "Kuruda Annihilating Technique: Sword!" "Hakkeshou:Kaiten!" Both techniques fought for supremacy, the landscape around them changing with each passing second that both techniques were in contact with each other. Kakashi held his hand up to shield his face from getting hit by flying debris. .

When the sounds of debris flying stopped Kakashi lowered his hand to see the damage by both techniques. The smoke cleared revealing a still standing Hiashi and a Naruto glowing with golden aura. Kakashi could see that Hiashi was visibly panting while Naruto looked like the move he just used didn't even take his chakra. Kakashi quickly jumped back as both combatants disappeared from view. The only traces that there were combatants in the arena was the constant booms of their blows connecting to each other.

Naruto breathe heavily as he once again phased into super fast speed to match Hiashi's attacks with his own. Hyuuga Hiashi was indeed the strongest in the Hyuuga clan. The man not only learned Jyuuken but also Tekken something most Hyuugas never learn. Naruto quickly ducked as Hiashi's fist soared pass him while his hand tried to block Hiashi's foot. Naruto caught the foot but the force sent him crashing into a all burying him in earth.

In the stands all of the crowds cheered for both fighters , The fight was at another level...almost at the level of Kage's. Tsunade and Jiraiya watched with pride as Naruto fought toe in toe with Hyuuga's elite. Jiraiya was abit more worried when Hiashi's turn came. He wasn't prepared for Hiashi to be the last fighter but being Naruto the boy wasn't to disappoint.

Tsunade and Jiraiya had the same thought as the battle went on 'Naruto is a good Candidate for Rokudaime' 'In a few more years Naruto will reach Sannin Level...actually I think he has...He just to proves that he is already in that level of skill' Jiraiya thought as he watched hiashi and Naruto appear in the middle of the arena bearing numerous battle scars bruises and cuts.

'Time to end this...I'm almost out of chakra from all that high speed fighting and techniques..' Naruto thought as he formed a plan to end the match with a bang. "You truly are Yondaime's son..." Hiashi said as the Hyuuga went into a stance which almost seemed comical. His palm raised in the traditional Tekken Stance waiting position while his other hand was held in the Hyuuga Style Jyuuken stance.

Naruto straightened up and adapted the Shadow Skill Ying Style battle stance. Hiashi charged forward just as Naruto did the same a huge roaring sound could be heard as both of them struck. "Vaccuum Fang!" Naruto roared as his offensive move sent Hiashi crashing backards while he himself was sent thru several trees in the arena. Silence engulfed the whole arena as they waited anxiously for any of the two to stand up.

Minutes pass and the crowds anxiety began to sho as most decided to voice out their anticipation. "Oi is it over?" one of the audience shouted while Kakashi kept his eyes on the smoking craters. A rumbling sound soon could be heard where Hiashi fell as the Hyuuga clan head struggled to get up after throwing off the huge chunks of rock piled over him. A similar sound came from Naruto's direction as the young teen threw trees off of him.

"I am out of chakra...therefore...I forfeit this match to Young Uzumaki-sama..." Hiashi said as he dropped to the ground unconscious. Naruto meanwhile was about to follow Hiashi's example when a warcry from the VIP section alerted Naruto. The blonde teen looked up to the outraged Hyuuga elders attacking the weakened Naruto. Rage boiled inside of Naruto as he quickly let loose a large amount of chakra blast.

The chakra blast sent a wave of mixed colored chakra, first Naruto's normal chakra then followed closely by Red then black. Most of the spectators watched as 5 imprints could now be seen on the Arena wall as the Hyuuga elders were now stuck on the wall. It seemed like how Tsunade would deal with pesky messengers and a certain perverted sannin who pissed her off.

"Winner...Uzumaki Naruto" Kakashi announced after signalling ANBU to arrest the Hyuuga Elders