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Season 1,

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The Episode She, but not, : )

Wesley was having so much fun at the party, dancing till he dropped. Even if he did manage to knock over a few things, or randomly bump into walls, he was still very happy. He saw Angel standing over in the corner, looking as usual, morose. His handsome features twisted in what appeared to be pure agony.

"Angel, why aren't you dancing?" he asked, coming over to stand next to him. "It's stupid." he said, almost pouty. "Why's that?" Wesley asked. "I, can't dance?" Angel tried. "Yes you can! I read about you in the dairies Mister. You can dance" Wesley cocked an eyebrow. Angel's shoulders slumped. "Fine, you want the truth?" asked Angel. "Yes, I do like hearing it once and again" Wesley said, with a hint of humor. "Well, I, uh, I, uh, and, uh, do you want to, I mean, uh…" Angel was blushing and Wesley decided to take a chance.

"Angel, are you, trying to ask me to dance?" Wesley asked, not risking a smile, just in case. Angel looked up at him, and smiled sheepishly. "Uh, yeah?" he said. And that just made Wesley smile. "Well, I'd love to" Wesley smiled and offered his hand to the vampire. Angel smiled at that, and took Wesley's hand.

Just as they got towards the dance floor, a slow song started. They danced. Wesley held Angel close, as Angel leaned his head on Wesley's shoulder. They danced and it was very cute. The English man rested his hands around Angel's lower back and the vampire wrapped his arms around Wesley's neck.

Cordelia watched from the other side of the room, and smiled. Now she knew why Angel wasn't dancing with any of the pretty girls, he had his eyes set on one very sexy Englishman.

The song ended, and they locked stares. They kissed, slow and long. Wesley sighed into Angel's mouth. He'd been wanting to do this ever since he had gotten to know the often-broody vamp.

Then the music changed from slow, to a crazy song. Wesley smiled, as Angel stood rigid. He was finally going to see Angel dance.


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