Title: Heart's Desire

Author: Blair Lebeau, SocialButterfli

Summary: When Slade taps into Robin's dreams and figures out Robin's one weakness, Starfire, Slade kidnaps her and holds her hostage in hopes of blackmailing Robin and eventually tearing the Teen Titans apart. Will Robin succumb to Slade's wishes, or will the remaining Titans band together in an ultimate battle of good and evil to rescue Star? Occasional fluff scenes because we love them. Rob/Star, BB/Rae, Cy and...his car.

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On with the show! Er..story.

Chapter 1 Up On the Rooftop

It had been a while since the Teen Titans had come face to face with their greatest enemy, Slade. They all knew his absence wasn't permanent, but they enjoyed it all the same. Except for Robin. Robin was becoming restless and was in constant fear of danger. After Slade had threatened his friends' lives just to ensure Robin's agreement to be his apprentice, Robin was sure that Slade wasn't done with him and the rest of the Titans. On top of all that, while the other Titans slept peacefully, Robin's nightmares were keeping him up. Slade's presence may have been absent in Robin's daily life, but his dreams were plagued by him. It was unnerving, and they seemed so real. It almost scared him. Almost.

Robin found himself spending more and more time on the place that Starfire had introduced him to: the roof. She had told him that it was a great place to think, and he had found her to be right. So every time his recurring Slade nightmares woke him up, he made his way to the roof of Titans Tower to calm down. That, and he always had hope that maybe Starfire couldn't sleep either and was up there as well. But so far her sleep had been undisturbed. Until tonight.

"Friend Robin, what is your reason for being up at this hour?" Robin brightened considerably upon hearing the voice that haunted his dreams that weren't nightmares. Those dreams were blissful, the exact opposite of nightmares, and he wished that he had more of them, rather than his stupid Slade dreams. But he figured that recurring nightmares were the result of his asinine obsession when he was desperate to discover Slade's identity.

"Hey, Starfire, I'm just thinking. What are you doing up?"

"Couldn't sleep. I keep hearing Cyborg talking in his sleep about 'his baby'. It was, how you say, disturbing." The beautiful alien Titan sat down next to the Boy Wonder. "Besides, sitting with you is much more pleasurable." Robin smiled at her. He loved hearing that.

"Thanks. Same here." Starfire smiled and giggled. Robin felt so at ease around her. He had forgotten his nightmares completely. The thing was, he loved her. It was his biggest secret. Yet, it wasn't such a secret, as Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven had hinted at his crush many times, but that was only because they lived with him and saw those moments when he couldn't take his eyes off her. Starfire would have noticed, too, if she weren't, well, Starfire. She was naive like no other, and her ignorance of the ways of earth caused her to miss some things. Things like Robin's undying devotion.

They sat in comfortable silence as Robin gazed lovingly at her. Her sparkling emerald green eyes were marveling at the brilliance that was the stars, and her crimson hair fell carelessly over her shoulders. A stray piece had fallen into her face, and Robin longed to brush it away, letting his hand linger.

'Oh, Star, if only you knew how much I adore you,' Robin thought, but his thoughts were interrupted by a grumbling coming from Starfire's stomach. The two both looked at her stomach, and Starfire blushed with embarrassment.

"Guess you're hungry," Robin said, smiling.

"I don't think I would mind a bottle of mustard," Starfire exclaimed, her eyes shining at the mention of her favorite treat.

"How about some regular breakfast?" Robin suggested, laughing lightly. That was another thing he adored about her. Her love of strange things and her inability to understand that mustard was NOT a drink. "We can grab something normal before Beast Boy insists on feeding us tofu." The two Titans shared a knowing smile. BB never stopped trying to force his vegetarian food on the rest of the team, no matter how much they expressed their dislike for it. It was obvious of how stubborn the green changeling was when he insisting on continuing to shove tofu eggs in Raven's face, which resulted in her smashing him with Cyborg's Playstation, which resulted in Cyborg throwing his glass of soy milk in Raven's face, which resulted in a all-out vegetarian food fight. Another day of normal insanity at Titans Tower.

"I can cook!" Starfire volunteered, to Robin's horror. Beast Boy's tofu eggs may be nasty, but at least they weren't burnt, like all of Star's so-called masterpieces. But his love for her won over his distaste for indigestion, and the two walked in smiling, Star because Robin had agreed to let her cook, Robin because he was spending time one-on-one with the love of his life.

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