Story Title: Heart's Desire

Author: Blair Lebeau, SocialButterfli

Summary: When Slade taps into Robin's dreams and figures out Robin's one weakness, Starfire, Slade kidnaps her and holds her hostage in hopes of blackmailing Robin and eventually tearing the Teen Titans apart. Will Robin succumb to Slade's wishes, or will the remaining Titans band together in an ultimate battle of good and evil to rescue Star? Occasional fluff scenes because we love them. Rob/Star, BB/Rae, Cy and...his car.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, but I do own this storyline, so back off!

Chapter 15 Homecoming

After a long walk home consisting of silence other than the occasional whiny complaint from Cyborg about how they wouldn't be so exhausted if they had brought the T Car, the Titans were happier than ever to see the giant T on the horizon. After entering the passcode, Cyborg ran at full-speed to the basement garage where his baby was and spent hours buffering, waxing, shining, washing, and anything else you can do to a car that you love waaay too much. Raven and Beast Boy were still holding hands, and were both wondering what would happen next. Beast Boy decided to take the first step.

"Listen, I know we're both exhausted and all, but there's a new scary movie out and I was kinda wondering'd like to go? With me?" Beast Boy stuttered shyly. Raven smiled.

"A movie sounds....nice," she said, and Beast Boy did his victory dance.

"Go Beast Boy! Go Beast Boy! You've got a date! A hot date now! Yeah yeah go Beast Boy!"

'And maybe when it gets real scary I can put my arm around her,' he thought.

'And maybe I'll pretend to be scared so you can,' Raven thought back. He blushed, then smiled wider than ever, unclasping his hand from hers only to extend his arm out to her.

"Are you ready to go, my lady?"

"Don't even," she said, pushing his arm away and instead wrapping her arm around his waist. He smiled before dipping her back and pressing his lips against hers, tongues tangling, the works, before Robin gave an awkward "ahem" that made them jump apart, laughing.

"We'll go now," Beast Boy said, giving Robin a meaningful look. "Let you guys have some alone time to, you know, sort things out." They left then, arms around each other, and if you saw them, you'd never think that days before they'd been so unable to get along.

But back to the Tower.

Robin felt awkward, unsure of what to say or where to start or if to even say anything at all. Starfire, being just who she is, was unaware of the uneasy tension and yawned unattractively. But to Robin, everything she did was adorable.

"It's been a long day," he said, finally. "I guess you'll want to get some sleep."

'Way to go, Robin,' he thought to himself. 'Let's just eliminate all possibility of talking about what happened and us."

Starfire was disappointed. She didn't want to go to bed just yet. A lot of things had happened since she had been abducted, things that needed to be clarified, loose ends that needed to be tied up. She was a little disoriented, was it possible that she had only imagined Robin claiming his love for her? The ways things were going, it was likely, as she knew Robin wasn't one for affection or love at all. But still....

"I'm not really tired," she lied, sitting down on the couch. Sleep could wait. If it had only been her imagination, she at least wanted to spend so more time with him, alone. It wasn't often they were alone. And with all that had happened, Terran manipulating her and Beast Boy and Raven finding love in each other, all of it made her want only one thing: Robin. If nothing else, there was their friendship. He was her best friend, after all.

"Oh, uh, really?" Robin asked, finding himself panicking slightly. If she didn't leave, should he? Or should he sit next to her? Should he strike up a random conversation? Or talk about all that had gone on? He decided on at least sitting next to her. He didn't want any opportunities to get away from him.

"I am sorry that I was used against you," Starfire blurted out. It had been strange knowing that she had almost been Robin's, not to mention the rest of the Titans, downfall. Robin was surprised at the comment.

"It's not your fault. It's mine, for...."

'For what? Loving you and subconsciously letting my worst enemy know it? Why won't one of us say something about love? We're both thinking it....but wait, maybe Starfire isn't. After all, after I....said something....she called me her best it nothing more? Is love not even present in our relationship? What is our relationship? Oh, Robin, say something. Anything. Bring it up, get it out, don't let her get away....'

"I'm sorry I put you in danger," he said, finally.

"I am sorry I put you in danger," she replied. "And I am sorry that you almost had to become Slade's apprentice again. And I am sorry that you had to come out to find me. And I am sorry that Terran...." She stopped. She hadn't wanted to bring him up, but she accidentally had. And now things became awkward for her even.

"I should have been there," Robin said angrily. "You were just left with him, all alone, with no one to save you. If he hadn't disappeared....if I hadn't let him get away....I should have been there."

Starfire looked at him with sad eyes.

"I wish you had been," she said quietly, and then hugged her knees, looking down. He stared at her, not totally able to believe if she'd said what he thought she'd said.

'This is is,' he thought. 'You said you weren't going to let any opportunities to get away, so this is it. Say something. Do something. This is it.'

He reached out his hand and tilted her face up and towards him. They made eye contact and the sparks flew.

"I want you to know that every word I said out there is true," he said in a hoarse whisper. "I love you, I always have, I always will. I'm sorry that all this had to happen for me to admit it to you. I don't know what really went on between you and Terran, but...."

"When he kissed me," she interrupted, blushing slightly, "I imagined it was you." Robin blinked. What did that mean? He moved closer to her, and she leaned in every so slightly....

"I can do better than that," he said, and closed the space between their lips. Starfire found it to be nothing like the burning, bruising kiss of Terran. Robin was true to his word, he did do better. She felt like she was melting, and she wanted nothing more than this moment to last forever.

Robin leaned her back on the couch, and tentatively traced the outline of her lips with his tongue. She froze; this is where Terran had grabbed her. Fear seized her. Robin felt her tense and broke the kiss, sitting back up.

"What's wrong?" he asked quickly. "Was I going to fast? I thought...." He stopped, seeing Starfire's beautiful green eyes shining with tears. What was wrong? She didn't say anything, and Robin realized that maybe it was too fast. After her traumatizing experience with Terran, she probably wasn't ready for this yet. Terran had hurt her, possibly scarring her to think that getting physical was bad. Damn him, was it possible to undo what he had done?

"Star, not all kisses are like that," he said, taking her hand and carressing it gently. "Not all guys are like that. I can show you. Do you trust me?"

"Robin," she said in a tiny voice that almost didn't sound like hers, "you are my best friend. I don't want to lose you. I don't want bad things to happen to us."

"So they won't," Robin said firmly. "I love you, Starfire, in every sense of the word, and I'll continue loving you no matter what. Nothing can ever change that." She looked at him with her big green eyes and saw nothing but love and security. He wasn't Terran. He was Robin. Her best friend. If she couldn't trust him, who could she trust?

"Let's start over," she whispered, and Robin took the lead, tenderly kissing her lips, lifting her up into his lap. Then, ever so gently, he probed her lips with his tongue, giving her opportunity to back out if she wanted to.

She didn't.

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