Chapter 1: The letter

Hermione sat back in her computer chair and stared from the letter in her hand to the worried looking snowy owl perched on her windowsill. "Something is definitely not right." Shaking her head, she read the letter again hoping she was imagining things.

Dear Mione,

Everything is fine here the Dursleys treat me, as they should mostly by leaving me alone. There is not much to talk about since I never leave the house. Sometimes I dream about Sirius falling through the veil, have to wonder what our life could have been like if only I had not messed up my training. I know I blamed Snape and Dumbledore but we all know whose fault it really was. I want to say how much I respect and love you; yours and Ron's friendship have been the most important things in my life. I never could have made it this far without you two. You have been the brains, Ron is the strategist, and I am just the guy stupid enough to jump in where fools refuse to go. I just thought you should know I made a will last year and left it with Dumbledore. I want my estate divided among a few people and there are bequests there that I know you will honour even if you think they are crazy. The Dursley are to get nothing but a letter telling them just how much money I had and that they will never see a penny of it. Petty I know but it would be justice. I sent letter to Ron and told him I would be unable to join you guys at the Burrow this year. It would be an open invitation for the Voldie to attack. I will not let anything I do put you, Ron or anyone else in danger ever again. Do me a favour and keep Hedwig with you I have been feeling a little under the weather and cannot really take care of her, as I should. She likes you and I know will be happy living with you. Sorry if I sounded creeped out but you know as well as I do that Life is uncertain and you never know when you will be saying goodbye for good.

Love you, Harry.

Hermione turned to Hedwig and asked, "Does Harry need help?"

Hedwig gave several small worried sounding hoots while bobbing her head up and down.

"Fine, please wait here while I talk to my mom and arrange some transportation since I can't Apparate yet. I will call for you as soon as possible and we will go get Harry."

Hedwig hooted again and relaxed slightly on the sill.

Taking the letter Hermione ran lightly downstairs calling for her mother; finding her in the living room, she showed her the letter. During the past two years, Mrs.Granger had done a lot of volunteer work at a local runaway shelter and received training to assist with the troubled teens. In addition, she was taking classes in stress management and counselling. When Hermione came home after 5th year, they had several long talks about what had happened at the school and the attack at the Department of Mysteries. Mrs. Granger knew that there was a war coming in the Magical World and intended to do her best to support her daughter in any way she could. Since she was friends with Harry, she would always be right in the thick of things.

After reading the letter, Mrs.Granger turned back to her daughter with a question in her eyes. Hermione asked her "Did you get the same impression from that letter that I did?"

Mrs. Granger nodded speaking quietly "after everything you told me that happened this year I would almost call this a farewell letter. We have spoken several times about Post-Traumatic Stress in regards to the attack and what you should watch your friends for when school begins but we have never really anticipated anything happening this quickly. I think we should check on him. However, from what you have told me the Dursleys could be a bit of problem. They do not have to let us see him if they don't want to you know."

"I know but if they refuse I have the communication mirror for the Order and I will get someone out there if I have to."

"Didn't you tell me that the Order members were supposed to be watching him this summer I know that they talked to the Dursleys at the train depot?"

"Yes but they would see him only if he leaves the building. They are supposed to stay out of sight unless there is danger from an imminent attack or they notice a serious problem. Look at what happened at the beginning of last summer. He was attacked by Dementors and they almost didn't notice in time."

"Hermione I know that, it's just I want you to be prepared in case they raise a fuss. Do not worry, we will not leave until we have seen him and if necessary, we will bring him home with us. You said you are allowed to do some magic this year correct."

"All students above 5th year can do small magic's at home during the summer and Professor Dumbledore got permission for the three of us to use defensive and attack spells if required. What we need is some heavy backup that they cannot ignore? What about getting Cousin Alex in on this, he knows what I am, where I go to school, and since he works with the CID there shouldn't be too many problems."

Mrs. Granger laughed, "Sometimes you are so like your father. He has that sneaky side to him too. All right, I will call him right now. Do you know the address?"

"Yes it is Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey; I'll go see to Hedwig and send a note to Ron to let him know what is going on. I'll be back down in a few minutes, Thanks mom." Hermione gave her mother a small kiss on the cheek and went to change clothes and send the note to Ron with Pigwidgeon who had arrived earlier that day. Going into her bedroom, she could see Pig bouncing off the walls like an animated tennis ball with Hedwig staring morosely from the window at him. Calming Pig down she quickly scribbled a note to Ron and tying it to Pig's leg asked him to deliver it as quick as he could. Hooting happily, he streaked out the window. Hedwig just glared at the departing fluff ball and Hermione laughed "he is a little excitable isn't he, don't worry I'm sure he will grow out of it" Hedwig just looked at her as if she was insane.

With Hedwig on her shoulder, she descended the stairs and heard her mom on the phone in the hall. "Thank you Alex I really appreciate this, about 10 minutes? Fine we will see you then." Hanging up she turned to her daughter "he will be here shortly don't worry we'll get it all straightened out and we can bring him here where we can help him."

"Thanks mom, I may be making a big deal out of nothing but you didn't see his eyes when he got off the train. They were so dead, not like him at all. I was already worried because he seemed so angry all year and then to have this happen it could be the final straw that breaks him."