Title: The Black Rose

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Chapter: 1/1


They had found her when she was sixteen, alone and in a foster home. They had offered her the world on a silver platter and she had wanted it.

Her employers had hired her to watch him. To report every thing that he was planning or doing so that they could prepare for it. They had never given her any details, just told her that it was of the utmost importance.

They had created a history for her, they had created a problem for her. To alert them to her, so that they would take her in and make them one of their own.

She was supposed to play hesistant, not wanting to play a part in their little Mutant X team. They had easily fallen for it.

They had wanted to believe that she needed them to help her. Everything had went as planned, there had been a few hitches but everything had worked.

She had spent many of her evenings awake, going through Adam Kane's documents and computer files, copying them for her bosses.

It had disgusted her what she had found in his files. The mistakes that he had made, the failures that were going to occur within their bodies because of Adam Kane's selfishness.

She was a scientist and a medic. They had trained her in both in case she needed it, under this specific case or anything that related to this.

She had spent many hours that she had free from both her employments working on a vaccine to protect herself and the other new mutants from the ticking time bomb within them.

Adam Kane would claim that it was he that had protected them. Even though it had not been.

She had been shocked to hear someone come up behind her one of the nights that she was working on a vaccination. It had been Jesse Kilmartin, who had so early stumbled through to investigate some noises that he had heard.

She had told him not to worry, it was just a simple B-12 shot. She had told him that he should to be given this shot, for the sake of his health.

He had at first been hesistant but had initially agreed. He had been surprised that Adam had not given them it already. She had shook her head, telling him that there was a lot of things that he did not know about Adam.

Jesse had wanted to ask her about it, but had bit his tongue. It was pointless for him to ask her. It would be like talking to a brick wall.

He had left her alone. Thanking her for the vaccination shot that she had provided. She had smiled, at least he would have a little longer to live.

Her employers had phoned her later that evening, telling her that they had wanted her to put up a few cameras about Sanctuary, than they had wanted to remove her from the job.

They would sent an informant out to meet her, to tell her their plans of how they were going to remove her from the team without them going curious of her absince.

She had not been surprised when they had told her that they were going to kill the character that they had created, so that she could return with them. They had told her what was going to happen, what she was going to have to do.

She had enough information on both Mutant X and GenomeX to decide what the situation could potentially turn into if they were not careful.

It had all happened like they had told her. All of their lives had been at risk, they had wanted to eliminate the threats that were occuring from these two agencies. She had did as they told, slipping into the water.

Emma DeLauro was dead, the sweet, innocent girl that had be taken in by the Mutant X team was gone, leaving only Eden O'Brian, the Black Rose.


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