This is the continuation of One White Cloud

The clouds brought forth a mystery girl who she is she doesn't know? Where she from is another blank to her. Roland might find the truth is something He's been seeking his entire life or something Nightmares are based on

Roland was starring into the sun rising in the horizon, wondering what is ahead of him it frightened since it was the first time he ever left Coneria but he had a promise to keep and will keep it no matter what.

Leon and Roland walked out the front door of house, he was shortly followed by Their parents and Paine was close behind them.

There mother hugs them both, whispering "be careful you two I hope your quest guides you through calm lands," and then kissed them both on the cheek.

Roland got onto his horse and then helped Paine onto the back of it and then watched Leon get on his horse and then they started on there journey.

They traveled for mile before they reached the nearest village were they restocked their supplies and feed their horses.

Roland opened the map he found in Coneria archives and checked if there were in the right direction.

Leon walked up beside him wiping the lipstick off his face and says "girls they dig guys with large swords."

Roland ignores the crude comment by his older brother Leon and continues to look at the map

"I think we should stay here over night?" said Leon.

This is a nice enough town why not thought Roland.

Roland nodded to Leon and road back into town following Leon to the nearest in where he tied up his horse and helped Paine off

The shadows seemed to have a life of there own even the ones in the room they were staying it was unsettling to Roland who was spending his first night away from home and made it hard to sleep.

Roland lay in bed staring up at the ceiling wondering what had he gotten himself into

Paine sat up in the bed, across the room from him, and stared at the open window. Her face was illuminated by the moonlight it was a look of complete and utter confusion like waking up from a bad dream and thinking your still in it. Paine lay's back down and pulled the blanket over her again and closed her eyes, and went back to sleep.

Roland watched and wonder Who was this girl this girl that is haunted by this past she doesn't even have any Memory of but somewhere inside that mind of hers its screaming for her to Remember whatever it was it isn't very pleasant.

Later that night the window smashed open waking them all up and Roland got up and ran to the window to see what was going, In front of the window the buildings were in flames and spreading fast and people were running around in a panic trying hopelessly to put it

"Holy crap, which idiot let one rip in front of an open flame?" said Leon.

"This isn't a joking matter" Roland said.

Roland and Leon ran out and started to help the people put out the fire, but it keep spreading uncontrollably.

In spread more until engulfed almost half the town when suddenly the fire went out on it own like someone smothered it with a lid like putting out food that has caught on fire but there was no trace of what started it. Like there wasn't any fire at all, the people who were trying to put it out stared in confusion at the rooftop there were throwing water at. "This is madness there was flame now there aren't any what is going on here" said one of the villagers shouted clearly in a panic.

Roland wasn't paying attention to the scene of the villagers something caught his eye, it looked like a giant Tiger was it an Aeon it was too big to be a natural Animal or was it.

It was suddenly gone in a blink of an eye, and Roland was now looking at what the villager were talking about and it didn't sound good for them.

"It all started with them nothing ever weird has happened here before they got here let get rid of them before anything else strange happens" said an Old man who was pointing at Roland with a shaking hand

"Yes let's kill them!" said a man wearing a brown jacket, who was playing with his thick black mustache.

The crowd murmured in approval and advanced on Roland, Leon and Paine.

Leon unsheathed his sword, and got ready to fight them off if he had to.

"This is ridicules we helped you try to put it out why do you think that we had anything to do with it" said Roland.

The villager's just advance on them ignoring what Roland said, they were seething, and too angry to listen to anything at all.

"These people have completely lost it" said Leon with a worried expression on his face.

A large blast of wind struck the first villager to lung at them knocking that person through a plate glass window.

A girl jumped down from the top of the roof and created a tidal of wind that knocked the rest of the angry villagers down.

The girl grabbed Roland by the arm and dragged him into a building that she jumped off of.

"Paine follow them, and I'll hold them off" said Leon.

Paine followed Roland and the mystery girl into the building.

"Are you people ok," The girl said. As soon as Leon caught up to them, and turning back over his shoulder as he did so.

"Who are you and what is going on?" asked Roland.

I am Cobalt, Captain of the Pluto knights, I was sent here to investigate the strange energy people have been feeling around everywhere lately" said girl.

"As in the Pluto knights of Alexandria" asked Roland.

Cobalt nodded then asked" did you see anything weird during all this?"

"I didn't see anything other then the weird fire" Leon replied.

Roland remembering something said, "I saw something it looked like an Aeon"

Leon in reaction to what his brother said smacked himself in the forehead and said "not this again?"

"What are you talking about" said Cobalt.

"An animal of unnatural size and seemed to vanish in thin air" said Roland.

Cobalt turned her back on them, and looked like she was thinking it over.

Roland noticed Cobalt had a tail and Reacted by saying "Genome"

Cobalt turned and said "don't call me that" and quickly hides her tail

"I red so much about your kind I always wanted to meet one in person" Said Roland all excited about it.

"Yes I am one sheesh can a girl go any where without someone finding out" Cobalt said. She thought for a couple seconds, "When you say Aeon you mean Eidolen what did it look like"

"It looked like a Tiger" said Roland.

Cobalt turned her back like she did before and started to scratch her chin in deep thought.

"Could this creature be involved in this dark occurrence happening all around Gaia?" Cobalt said to herself.

"You haven't told us what is going on" Asked Roland.

"I'm not going to you should turn around and go home" said Cobalt.

"I'm not I am taking her to Lindblum castle to find out where she came from if she fell from some sort of air ship" said Roland pointing Paine

Cobalt looked at Paine for a couple seconds then turned and said "Why not take her to Kingdom of Alexandria maybe Queen Garnet can help you it's a quicker and safer trip and you will be going past it on your way to Lindlum" Cobalt gestured to them to hold still while she slowly made her way to the door and looked out side. "Make a run for your horse as soon as I give the signal" she said, then paused for a couple seconds then said, "Now go," Cobalt ran out the Door, she blasted the first villager in sight with a wind blast and did the same to the next one and the one after clearing a path for Roland, Leon and Paine to get to their horses

They rode safely out of the town of Little Brook unharmed.

When they were at safe distance they stopped to catch there breathe and to figure out what just happen.

"Explain to me what a Genome is?" said Leon. Finally catching his breath, and nerve.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you because I didn't believe they existed until I heard Zidane was one of them" said Roland.

"Try me" shrugged Leon.

They are a people that alternate plain called Terra it was a world run by a guy named Garland who was said to be defeated by Zidane and the place was destroyed by Kuja a genome with a grudge so I have red said Roland.

"So your telling there was another plain, and that girl with a tail is from that other plain your right I don't believe she could have been a freak of nature or something" said Leon.

"Like I said you are so closed minded it impossible how the truth will ever penetrate that skull of yours" sighed Roland.

Roland looked off into the distance and thought Aeon or Eidolen whatever it was it was scary looking I hope I don't ever see it again.

-To Be Continued-