Chapter 1 What the hell were you thinking?

November 14th 1989

Independence Inn

Lorelai Gilmore, 21 is sitting in her little "house" on the property of the Independence Inn. She is watching her daughter Lorelai Leigh, also known as Rory, reading one of the mini little books she has collected throughout the 5 years. Colonel Clucker sits on her lap next to her as she reads allowed to the chicken. There's a gentle knock on the door. Curiously Lorelai stands and answers the door. Mai, Lorelai's surrogate mother is standing next to a young gentleman with light brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes.

"I found this young man wondering around looking for a Lorelai Victoria Gilmore." Mai explains.

"Christopher." Is all Lorelai manages to say before Rory comes running over and jumps into her father's arms.

"DADDY!!!" Christopher scoops Rory up and gives her a huge hug. "It's not Thanksgiving?" Rory looks at her father quizzically.

"You're right, it's not Thanksgiving."

"I'll leave you all alone." Mai turns and heads back up towards the Inn.

Rory hugs her father really tight and looks over her shoulders. Standing behind Christopher is a small dirty little girl looking up at everyone with wide eyes. She has jeans that are too big and a t-shirt that is dirty. She too has light brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes.

"Whose that?" Rory points at the little girl behind Christopher. Lorelai moves so that she can see who Rory is pointing at.

"Christopher?" Lorelai gaps as she stairs into the little girls sparkling hazel eyes. . .the same eyes that Christopher has.

"This is Lakin." Christopher puts Rory down and motions for Lakin to move forward. Lakin is hesitant looking around at all the adults. Lorelai smiles at her and Lakin gets the courage to move forward.

"Hi Lakin." Lorelai says and holds out her hand. "Would you like some juice?"

"Yes please." Lakin slowly puts her hand into Lorelai's and follows her into the little cabin.

Meanwhile, Rory takes Christopher's hand and drags him following Lorelai. Lorelai gets out two kid's cups and starts to pour some juice into them. She then gets out two large coffee cups and fills them. She hands the cups to Rory and Lakin. They take them.

"Want me to read you a story?" Rory asks Lakin. Lakin looks over at Christopher who encourages her to go with Rory.

"Okay" Lakin replies not really afraid to go with anyone.

The two little girls go over and sit on Rory's bed. Lakin lies next to Rory. Lakin's eyes get really heavy as Rory begins to read a story to her.

Christopher and Lorelai watch the two little girls for a few quiet moments. Then Lorelai breaks the silence.

"Whose the kid?" Lorelai asks already knowing the answer.

"Do I have to tell you?" Christopher looks sincerely at Lorelai.

"God, When?" Lorelai gets a really disappointed look on her face.

"I just found out a month ago." Christopher looks over at a sleeping Lakin and Rory who fell asleep while reading to her.

"How old?"

"Just turned 4 last month. October 9th."

"Rory just turned 5 last month on October 8th."

"I know. . .I couldn't make it, I was dealing with Lakin and her mother just leaving her with me."

"She is yours right?" Lorelai asks trying to bring this to a reality.

"That's what the test said."

They sit in silence for a few minutes again. Lorelai looks at Christopher whose staring longingly at the two little girls asleep on the bed.

"Why did you come here?" Lorelai spits out frustrated and upset. "You didn't just come here to show us your new daughter."

"I came here to see Rory and you."

"Bullsh. . ." Lorelai catches herself before finishing. "Remember, Christopher, I can tell when you're lying." Lorelai looks at Christopher.

"Alright." Christopher takes a deep breath and blurts out. "I'm not ready to be a father."

"Well ya should've thought about that before impregnating two women."

"I want you to take Lakin."

"What?" Lorelai nearly falls off the couch when she turns to look at Christopher.

"I'm not responsible. I can't even take care of a myself, let alone a kid." Christopher puts his hand on Lorelai's knee. "Look at her Lore, I can't even get her to take a bath. You got her to take a drink and hold her hand. She wouldn't even let me touch her."

Lorelai sits watching the girls sleeping together.

"What happened to her mother?"

"She just dropped her off one day and left." Christopher tries to change the subject. "So what do you think?"

"California?" Lorelai pushes the subject.

"Connecticut." Christopher shifts in his chair looking uncomfortable.


"Do we really have to go through with this?"

"Who?" Lorelai pushes.

"You don't really know her."

"That means I do know her." Lorelai looks squarely into Christopher's eyes. "Who was it Christopher?"

"Sophia. . ." Christopher says the name quietly and turns his head away from Lorelai.

"Hitchcock?" Lorelai interrupts Christopher. "Sophie Hitchcock. . .God Christopher, she finally got you."

"You just took off with our daughter. You refused to marry me."

"So you went and slept with my nemesis, Sophia." Lorelai spits the name out like rotting fruit. "What the hell were you thinking?"

Lorelai stands and goes over towards the fridge. She pulls out a beer and pops the cap. Lakin has woken up and walked over towards Lorelai. She is holding herself as if she has to use the bathroom.

"You need to pee?" Lorelai asks the six year old. Lakin shakes her head yes. Lorelai lays her beer down and helps Lakin to the bathroom. Lakin has a hard time unbuttoning her pants and Lorelai helps her out. "Would you like to take a bath?" Lorelai asks when she sees how dirty Lakin's legs are. "I could let you where some of Rory's PJ's."

Lakin shrugs her shoulders as she finishes going. She looks at the tub with the little rubber duckies and other various toys.

"Those are mine." Lorelai says following Lakin's stare. "You want to play with them?" Lakin shakes her head yes. "Do you talk?" Lakin shrugs her shoulders. "Okay, you want bubbles?" Lakin smiles. "Let's go out and pick out some clean PJ's."

"Her suitcase is outside if you need some clothes." Christopher says. He stands and leaves the little house.

Few minutes later he walks in and lays the suitcase down on the floor and opens it. There are only a few outfits in the case. Lakin walks over, opens it and pulls out a white t-shirt and little boy boxers. She walks over and shows Lorelai the outfit.

"Is that what your want to wear to bed?"

"Yep." Lakin says proudly.

"Okay, let's get you cleaned up."

Lorelai and Lakin go back into the bathroom. Lorelai starts the bathtub water. She helps Lakin in. Lakin begins to actively play with Lorelai's bathroom toys. She is splashing so hard that she gets Lorelai wet. When Lakin realizes she got Lorelai wet, she puts the toys back and looks up at Lorelai frightened. Lorelai looks at the frightened look.

"It's okay." Lorelai comforts Lakin. As she does so, she purposely splashes water onto her. Lakin laughs and Lorelai splashes Lakin. Lakin begins to splash Lorelai.

An hour later

Rory is fast asleep in her bed; Lakin is fast asleep in Lorelai's bed. Lorelai and Christopher are sitting at her little table. Neither of them is talking, just drinking the freshly brewed coffee.

"I'll take her,"

"You will?" Christopher cuts Lorelai off.

"Under these conditions." Lorelai sits up and looks Christopher in the eyes.

"Anything." Christopher sits and meets Lorelai's stare.

"You don't stop being in their lives." Lorelai replies looking over at the two girls sleeping.

"I'll never stop." Christopher replies. "I'll never stop loving you either." Christopher says leaning in to kiss Lorelai.

"When Lakin was born, you did." Lorelai pulls away from Christopher's kiss.

"I think I better leave." Christopher says standing and pulling on his leather jacket.

"Without saying good-bye?" Lorelai replies glancing over at Lakin and then to Rory.

"It's better that way." Christopher says and opens the door. "She doesn't know me anyway."


"I don't want to be a disappointment to her."

Christopher shuts the door and pauses a minute on the outside of it. Lorelai walks up to the door. Both at the same time and with out knowing it, place their hands on the same spot of the door. Christopher then turns and walks away. Lorelai sees him out the window and a tear falls down her face. She turns and finds that Rory has crawled into her bed beside Lakin. Lorelai walks over and climbs into bed with them. Rory rolls over into Lorelai's arms hugging her tight. She falls asleep that way. Lorelai falls asleep between the two young girls.