Author Note:

Dear Readers,

I know it has been months since I've written. 2016 was a rough year for LGBT community and LGBT characters on TV. Especially with the death of Lexa and the aftermath.

I've struggled continuing this story and wanted some time to pass from all the media and bury your gays and so on happening. Before all that happened, this was the plan. I'm gay. I have gay friends. I have friends that have been killed, gay and straight. It is real life it happens. In saying that I do understand the Taboo of being a gay character on TV and they all die and it sucks….I wanted time to pass. It will never be the same. I agree that LGBT characters need to actually live and not be the ones killed off.

Lexa's death, like Tara's death did have a huge effect on me. I was angered, confused etc. A lot of what I'm sure you were feeling. Once the shock wore off I understand where both sides are coming from. The writers and the watchers.

I hope yall continue to read and I can do these characters the justice they deserve.

Love to yall,