The New Girl On the Beach

It was like any other day in Southern California, people surfing, playing volleyball, and hanging out at the beach. Bradin was hanging out with Derrick and Nikki and he saw someone who he'd never seen before walking down the sidewalk. She was very good looking, according to Bradin. It turned out her name is Annie Walker and she had just moved here from Chicago. Bradin that it would be nice to show her around. He saw her at the smoothie shop and decided to introduce himself. "Hi I'm Bradin" he said. "Oh hi I'm Annie." Bradin froze for a minute as she looked at him akwardly. Finally he blurted out, "Do you want me to show you around?" "Sure I'd like that" Annie replied. They walked around all day, at the end of the day Bradin made a fire and they hung out at the beach. As the night progressed Bradin felt Annie getting really close. They got closer it was a magical moment and they kissed. It was a romantic moment for both of them. "Thanks Bradin today was really special, but I should get going see ya around." "Bye" Bradin said. He then realized that Sarah still loved him.