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Van Helsing sat down happily eyeing the sandwich he'd just made hungrily. Taking a huge bite he sat back chewing contentedly. Eyes closed in bliss at the wonderful taste of ham, cheese and pickle.

The mood was shattered by a long wail that sent shivers up his spine. Standing from his chair, sandwich in one hand, tojo blade in the other (the knife he'd cut the sandwich with). He poked his head out the door, then stepped clear out into the hallway. Still chewing thoughtfully.

He heard a thump and another shriek, he turned slowly. Anna came racing down the hall and hit him in a full body tackle. He coughed and choked as the pickle he'd been enjoying was now lodged in his throat. His tojo blade went flying, Anna was sprawled on his chest, close to tears as she pointed at her hair.

Gabriel couldn't do anything but choke, gasp and point at his throat.

"Pickle, choking! Anna!!" he croaked,

"GET-IT-OFF!" she responded, her face inches from his. It was then he noticed the problem. A tiny spider was in her hair, minding it's own business, it started to crawl towards Anna's face.

You'd have thought Dracula had magically reappeared. She screamed and shook her head, trying to toss it out of her hair.

Carl chose this moment to come down the hall, cradling his new 'Garlic Gun'. His eyes couldn't possibly have been wider.

"Good Lord!" he gasped throwing his hands up to cover his eyes.

"I am fairly certain that is a sin!" he cried,

"Van Helsing in the hallway of all places!"

Gabriel choked and finally dislodged the pickle from his throat. Anna was straddling his chest, she grabbed his cheeks roughly.

"Get it out!" she growled, with a weak smile he reached up and grabbed the eight-legged menace from her hair.

She collapsed against his chest, breathing a sigh of relief.

"You could at least, I don't know, put up warning signs or something!" Carl yelped from behind his hands.

Twisting his head, Gabriel looked longingly at the sandwich that lay just out of reach. He couldn't blame the pickle for choking him, he had after all just taken a bite out of it.

"Anna?" he said softly, she looked up at him, then followed his gaze.

"Oh love, I'm sorry! Come we'll make you a new one!" she said kissing his nose then standing, somewhat awkwardly. Carl peeked from between his fingers, just in time to see Van Helsing motion him foreword.

"I'll be there in a second" Gabriel called to Anna, then turned to his friend.

"I tossed the spider back into the dining room, go get a jar from under the cabinet in my bathroom." He whispered, with a smirk he patted Carl on the shoulder. Turning and putting on the most pitiful face he had the great monster hunter headed toward the kitchen.

Carl looked down at the sandwich on the floor, still intact, then back toward the kitchen, a girlish giggle came from that direction. Shaking his head in disbelief he went and retrieved the little spider, and it finally hit him.

That's what Van Helsing was doing with Anna's hairbrush...

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