A/n I know that I should be updating of Tkhss, but I had an urge to write a Dawn story. Ok, now in my universe (the Tkhss universe), Buffy died after season five. This is Dawn's story, and how she finds out that the world isn't what she expected.

Blood, that's what they want. Fucking blood. It's always blood. Vampire's want blood, Demons want blood, Bimbo Goddesses want blood. My blood. I should have died. Why the hell did she have to do it? Now I was alone, completely alone. I slammed the bathroom door closed, aware that no one was left to scold me for being childish. Taking a deep breath, I peeled my blood stained clothes off and threw them on the floor. I started filling the bathtub and looked at myself in the mirror. It had been two years since Buffy had died and I looked like shit. I was seventeen, my biggest problem should be that my hair wasn't cool enough or that the cute guy in gym class doesn't like me. Instead my hair was mud caked due to the pouring ran and bruises were scattered all over my body. My eyes weren't innocent anymore. They were colder. Stepping into the tub, I winced slightly as the weight was put on my left foot. Most likely sprained. For the past two years, I had taken over slaying Sunnydale's big baddies. The Scoobie's had died when Buffy jumped, and were now scattered all over the world. Willow and Tara were living in New York, both fighting for gay unions to be legalized while keeping the demon population under control. Xander had married Anya and they lived with their three children in Cleveland, the other hellmouth. Giles' had returned to golly good England and was head of the watchers council. And Spike was in L.A. with Angel, who had some drama of his own including a small daughter named Melly. I was not only the only Summers left, I was the final Scooby.

After a long shower, I stumbled my way to my room and collapsed into bed. Noticing that the clock said it was 4:00 in the morning. The alarm clock woke me up two hours later for school and I silenced it by chucking it into the wall. I hated mornings. I hated school. I hated my life. Laughing, I realized how bitter I sounded. After I got dressed, I ran downstairs and grabbed my backpack from the living room floor. I still lived in our house, in same rooms with the empty halls and the furniture untouched. Shaking my head, I walked out the front and closed the door headed toward my car. It was the ancient jeep that Mom had bought back when Buffy was still in high school, but it was the most reliable thing in my life. The drive to school was quick and uneventful as was the day that followed. Same old classes, same old life. Alone.

Nighttime fell on the ancient cemetery as I weaved through the graves, my eyes darting as I searched for vampires. A slight growl emerged from my lips as I was thrown into a headstone.

"Sorry," I muttered to the long since departed soul and turned on the vampire. She was a fledgling, still in the gown she was buried in. "It's very rude to surprise people like that,"

"I'm a very rude vampire," She growled, and I grinned. She thought of me as easy prey. I rolled my eyes and dodged her first punch, countering and sending her to the ground in a roundhouse kick. "Slayer," she hissed.

"Something like that," I grinned, plunging the stake into her heart. I hated vampire dust; it took forever to get it out of your clothes. Sliding the stake back into the sleeve of my leather jacket, a birthday present from Spike, I continued on my way.

"It's funny," A male voice stated from the shadows. I turned around, the stake in my hand and my eyes searching the area.

"What exactly is funny," I asked, taking a step forward.

"How someone so gorgeous could fight like you can,"

"Nice pick up line, now show yourself so I can stake you,"

"Stake me? Why on earth would you do that, luv," the vampire emerged from the shadows. I hated to admit it, but he was probably the most gorgeous creature I had ever laid eyes on. His high was raven black and fell seductively in his bright blue eyes, full lips that even I found myself envious of, and pale skin that hadn't seen sunlight in years.

"It's kind of my job description to stake vampires," I retorted, hoping he didn't notice the way I hesitated.

"No that would be the slayers job. You however, pet, are no slayer,"

"I don't have to be to kick your ass,"

"Oh come now, you wouldn't hurt a good friend of your boy Spike's now would you. After all you are his 'bit',"

I paused.

"How do you know Spike," I demanded, pushing him against a tree and pressing my stake to his chest.

"He's my sire,"

"Spike doesn't feed of humans,"

"When was the last time you saw him, luv,"

"That's none of your business."

"You miss him don't you,"

"What I do, who I am, my life and everything to do with it, is none of your business," I pushed him to the ground. "Get out of here,"

"Your letting me go? You really aren't your sister,"

"My sister's dead. As was the naïve little girl I used to be. Show your face in my town again and you'll be dust," I turned and walked out of the cemetery, unaware that the vampire behind me would come to save me.

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